Major accident analysis

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University: MSTU Date: March 2012


From Refining to Polymers and Plastics


Imagine that you work for a petrochemical company.

Through a recent discussion with colleagues, your big boss has learned about a catastrophe that occurred some years ago in a different company and he would like to know more about it.

He has asked his assistant to search the literature for some pieces of information about:


However, after looking at what his assistant has quickly gathered from Internet, he realizes that he does not have the time necessary to go through all this information (you can also find other pieces of information by yourself), eliminate the non-relevant documents, find out what occurred, sort out the most significant facts, analyze the root causes of the accident, and draw the major lessons which could be useful for his own company.

So, because he is the boss, he simply asked your group to do the job for him. And because he is the big boss, you had better do that, and do it well!
Please, jointly prepare a PowerPoint document which will summarize the results of your work and be ready to collectively present it to your boss, with some complementary oral comments.
You know that your big boss is always in a hurry. So your PowerPoint document should be short: maximum 5 slides. You should strive to give only the most important pieces of information and not to bother your boss with non-significant details. If you have to present in front of him, do not read the slides: this makes your boss very, very nervous and unhappy! He is a fast reader and goes through your slide much faster than you can read it aloud.

Also, he has the disagreeable habit of asking surprise questions to anyone in the group; so all members of your group should be prepared to give a collective answer at anytime during the presentation, on any part of it.

If you have diverging views within the group, no problem! You simply need to "agree to disagree". But your boss should clearly feel that you have worked collectively.
Please, hand out a paper copy + an electronic version (on a clean USB key!) of your group's PowerPoint presentation for Thursday March 15. Selected teams will make a 15 minute oral presentation on Friday March 16 morning.

Good luck!


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