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Aitkin, Max (Lord Beaverbrook)


article, Halifax Herald, June 10, 1963, by James Gowan.
Aitkin rented a cottage near the Lawson property on the NWA, on the 'three penny lot' when he was working in Halifax as a young man.
Pearson McCurdy said it was "on the hill below the yacht squadron"

Armdale Girls' Chorus


compilation of clippings on the Armdale Glee Club, Armdale Girls' Choir, Armdale Chorus and Armdale Girls' Chorus. Founded as a Rhythm band in 1934 under the direction of Mary Dee Girroir of Melville Cove, it grew into the Armdale Glee Club in 1937. They achieved national and international prominence with regular CBC broadcasts in the 1940s and a NFB film in 1953. Article, September 1994 in Canadian Home Journal.

Armdale: Akerlund interview


oral history interview with Mrs. Wilma (Tapp) Akerlund, March 18, 1999.
Mrs. Akerlund grew up in Armdale, living on Dutch Village Road in the Doull house (formerly the Downs Zoological Gardens) and later on the St. Margaret's Bay Road. She attended Miss Piers' school. Her grandmother lived at Hiddenhurst on the Edmonds Grounds.

Armdale: water mains


memo from PSC re extension of water mains in Spryfield, Armdale, Jollimore areas

Armdale: article


article from the 'Nova Scotian', May 11, 1990
Fenerty: Mayflowering in Old Armdale

Armdale: articles


Articles from the 'Nova Scotian':
Fenerty: Armdale was a Quiet Place
Fenerty: Remembering Armdale
Robertson: A Site for Industry

Armdale: bridge

monthly telephone bulletin, July-August 1955, v.XLVIII #7 and 8, p. 140
o/s TK M33

Armdale: description and history


MG100 v148 #32

growth 1935: MG1 v1767 #44

history: MG100 v104 #31

history: Kay Hill v/ms file, Armdale

Armdale: Edmonds Grounds


21 slides of the Edmonds Ground taken in 1985 just before redevelopment as Regatta Point

Armdale: newspaper photo


newspaper photo 'early morning depicting the beauty of the NWA' showing the houses along Armshore Drive from the water.

Armdale: people in wartime


clippings of various people from the Armdale area during wartime

Armdale: Raine interview


interview with Mrs. Edna (Fenton) Raine of 14 Armshore Drive

Armdale: Rotary


Lorna Inness column July 25-Aug 7, 1952

'That was the week...'

with photos of traffic jam August 1952, aerial view, Head of Arm October 6, 1955
photocopied from Spryfield Mirror 95.34

Armdale: walkway


newspaper article, May 29, 1987, regarding the proposed walkway from Regatta Point along the shoreline of the St. George Greek Orthodox church.
Also article of June 10, 1987

Atlantic Sugar House Ltd.

photo at NSARM, copy in MSHS collection
map (undated) showing refinery 95.78.9
incorporated 1882, reported to provincial secretary in '83 and '84
torn down 1926 by Pearson McCurdy (some say it was F.B. McCurdy, who first owned the property and gave it to Pearson) because it was considered dangerous. Some of the stone and beams used in P. McCurdy's new house Cottsleigh (now RNSYS clubhouse)

Avalanche: Ferguson's Cove


description of an avalanche at Ferguson's Cove from the 'Acadian Recorder' March 24,1849

bakery: The Spryfield Bakery

located on the Herring Cove Road, on the right heading out of town, just past Sussex Street. (Opposite the IGA store in the 1980s) Dickie Drake ran it, Wally Beazley owned it. Ben Slaunwhite worked there age 14. (information from Ben Slaunwhite)

Bald Rock: 2nd World War


Gow, Jean Donald, Alongside the Navy, 1910-1950: an Intimate Account. Ottawa, 1999. A reminiscense including life in wartime Halifax with mention of the submarine nets, York Redoubt, smuggling, Bald Rock, Sleepy Cove, Duncan's Cove, and the wreck of the Clare Lilley at Portuguese Cove.

banks: Royal Bank of Canada


historical material on the Royal Bank, Spryfield Branch, collected by the branch for a display on the 31st anniversary of the branch opening in 1964. Contains advertising material from 1964, 1965, 1970 and a list of managers. Also 2 photographs of the branch manager presenting the material to MSHS member Heather Watts.

barytes mill, NWA


copy prepared for the MSHS Heritage display on Industry:
Chandler Electric Light Co.

Fenerty's Skate Factory

Fenerty's Shovel Factory

Brush Factory

Barytes Mill

Coughlan Marble and Granite

Henderson & Potts Paint Works

Bauld, Henry G.


remembrances of Henry G. Bauld in the 1940s (when he was in his 80s) from Barbara Fisher. She used to accompany him to "the Camp" which was the barn of the Micmac Game & Fish Club in Harrietsfield, which he had bought after the Micmac Club burned, and turned into a summer home. Bauld had been a founder of the original club.

Bennett family, Armdale

"The Birches" on the St. Margaret's Bay Road was the home of the Bennett family from ca. 1886. Mrs. Joseph Bennett, Charles H. Bennett, Miss Jean Bennett. The house was sold in 1956 to Frank M. Leaman. MSHS member Iris Shea was a nurse at Northwood when Miss Jean Bennett was there. (information from Iris Shea)

books: 250 Years Young


250 Years Young, Our Diocesan Story 1710-1960. Published in thanksgiving for 250 years of continuous Anglican worship in the area comprising the diocese of Nova Scotia.

books: Alongside the Navy


Gow, Jean Donald, Alongside the Navy, 1910-1950: an Intimate Account. Ottawa, 1999. A reminiscense including life in wartime Halifax with mention of the submarine nets, York Redoubt, smuggling, Bald Rock, Sleepy Cove, Duncan's Cove, and the wreck of the Clare Lilley at Portuguese Cove.

books: Areas/Detailed Planning


Areas for Detailed Planning. Report prepared by the Municipal Development Plan Committee, 1977

Books: Beyond the NWA


Watts, Heather M., Beyond the North West Arm: A Local History of Williams' Lake.
Researched and written for the Williams' Lake Conservation Company, 1979, revised and updated 1994.

books: Can. Child. Own Reader


textbook: Canadian Children's Own Readers, book one, Ginn & Co.
This copy was used by Flora Nicholson in the Spryfield school in 1942.

books: cookbook (Spryfield?)


cookbook: cover missing, therefore unidentified but the advertisements and names indicate a Spryfield group.

books: cookbook, Harrietsfield


"Cooking Favorites of Harrietsfield"

cookbook of the Harrietsfield Fire Auxiliary (in poor condition)

books: cookbook, Spryfield


cookbook: Rockingstone Favourites sponsored by the Merchants Association of Spryfield Town Centre

books: Coote Cove


Wright, H. Millard, Coote Cove (Crystal Crescent) The Story of an Abandoned Community, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, 1794-1945.

books: Discovering Our Past...


Discovering Our Past from Armdale to Pennant", a compilation of articles written by Iris Shea.

books: Dun & Bradstreet 1948


reference book for credit ratings of merchants, manufacturers and traders in the Maritime Provinces.

books: Evolution/Hfx Fortress


Piers, Harry. Evolution of the Halifax Fortress 1749-1928. Halifax: PANS, 1947.

books: History of Halifax City


Akins, Thomas Beamish Akins, History of Halifax City. Originally published 1847 and 1895, reprinted 1973(?)

books: Joe


Fowke, H. Shirley, Joe or A Pair of Corduroy Breeches. self published 1971

books: Kidston genealogy (Tait)


John Kidston Tait, The Kidstons of Logie, edition 2, 1991

Definitive genealogy of the Kidston family around the world to 1991.

books: Managemnt/Sm. Hist. Mus.


Guthe, Carl E., The Management of Small History Museums. Nashville: The American Association for State and Local History, 1977.

books: NS Readers sixth book


books: NS Vital Statistics


Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1769-1812. Genealogical Committee of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, publication #5.

books: NS Vital Statistics


Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1813-1822. Genealogical Committee of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, publication #1.

books: NS Vital Statistics


Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1823-1828. Genealogical Committee of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, publication #3.

books: NS Vital Statistics


Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1829-1834. Genealogical Association of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, publication #6.

books: NSHR v3 #1 1983


Nova Scotia Historical Review, article by Barbara Shaw "There's No Life Like It: Reminiscences of Lightkeeping on Sambro Island"

books: Place Names of NS


Place Names and Places of Nova Scotia, Public Archives of Nova Scotia, 1974

books: Purcell's Cove


Millington, Elsie (Purcell), Purcell's Cove: the Little Place that Helped Build Halifax City. self published, 2000.

books: Race to Fame


Darrach, Claude, Race to Fame, the Inside Story of the Bluenose

books: Schools fm Armdale/Pennant


Shea, Iris, Schools From Armdale to Pennant: a Collecion of Historical Information and Photographs. Compiled by the Mainland South Heritage Society 1995

books: Sketches & Traditions


Regan, John W. Sketches & Traditions of the Northwest Arm. First published 1908, facsimile edition 1978.

books: The Church of Saint Paul


Harris, Reginald V., The Church of Saint Paul in Halifax, Nova Scotia: 1749-1949

Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1949

books: Land Development Distrib.


Land Development Distribution Strategy, Technical Report Transportation. Planning Department, City of Halifax, June 1976.

books: Memories of Harrietsfield


A compilation of articles on Harrietsfield written by Eric Salmonson

Boutilier's Ferry: 1945


good photocopy of newspaper photograph of the line-up for Boutilier's ferry on a warm day in 1945. The ferry landing was at the foot of Oakland Road on the peninsula and in The Dingle on the western shore. Since few people had cars, the ferry gave people access to the beaches and park across the NWA.

Brookfield, S.M.: quarry


photocopied pages from Wm. A. Parks, "Report on the Building and Ornamental Stones of Canada, Vol.2, Maritime Provinces", 1914.
text refers to quarries worked by John Cline, Isaac, Andrew and Amos Yeadon, Francis Coughlan; S.M. Brookfield at Terence Bay, and to quarries formerly worked by the government (Queens Quarry) at Purcell's Cove.

Brown, George


poor quality photocopies of photos of George Brown and The Fisherman's Crew, 1876 (97.1.5)
newspaper articles about the memorial service and dedication of memorial pulpit at St. James Church, Herring Cove in 1926 (97.1.6)

brush factory, NWA


copy prepared for the MSHS Heritage display on Industry:
Chandler Electric Light Co.

Fenerty's Skate Factory

Fenerty's Shovel Factory

Brush Factory

Barytes Mill

Coughlan Marble and Granite

Henderson & Potts Paint Works

calendar: MSHS heritage 1992


Iceboating, Williams' Lake

Melville Island Prison, 1928

Herring Cove Road, 1943

Barns at Kidston Farm, 1923

Cows at Drysdale Farm, Herring Cove Road

the Atlantic Sugar House, ca. 1900

Boultilier's Boat Rental 1937

Herring Cove, 1895; Cunard School, 1922

the Rockingstone

Thomas Hosterman House, Armdale, 1936

Arm Bridge, ca. 1870

calendar: MSHS heritage 1993


Emmanuel Church, Spryfield

Sleigh on Church St. Spryfield

Moving a Boulder, Jollimore

York Redoubt Tramway; Sambro Light 1926

Umlah Farm, ca. 1930

Toll gate at Kidston farm, 1937

Pilot Boats at Purcell's Cove

ARP Group in Spryfield, ca. 1943

Head of NWA from Chebucto Road, ca. 1940

the Mont Blanc anchor Edmonds' Grounds

Jollimore from the NWA, before 1908

calendar: MSHS heritage 1995


Kidston farm, Spryfield, ca. 1930

St. Paul's Church & Glebe, Herring Cove

Herring Cove Road, Spryfield, 1952

view of Ketch Harbour, 1879

St. Augustine's Church, Jollimore, c1930

the Lear family at Fairmount 1898

Explosion cloud over Melville Cove 1945

Herring Cove Rd. at Old Sambro Rd

Schooner Monica A. Thomas;

Pinegrove Hotel; Stella Maris Church FC.

Storage Sheds, Portuguese Cove

calendar: MSHS heritage 1996


Cutting wood at Sambro, 1932

Parsons Ocean Power Plant, Herring Cove

St. John the Baptist Chapel, 1920

Queen's Quarry, Purcell's Cove 1916

Spring Concert, Spryfield School ca.1927

Students, Harrietsfield School, 1939

Regatta, NWA, 1920; Dart Farm Spryfield;

Shady Side Canteen Melville Cove 1933

Dredging for Gold Melville Cove 1930s

Ferne and Chesley Knowlton, PC, 1943

Coot Cove near Sambro, ca. 1935

calendar: MSHS heritage 1997


Drysdale's Hyland Dairy Milkwagon 1950

Head of NWA early 1950s

Sambro ca. 1948; Portuguese Cove, 1950s

Blades Lumber Mill, 1926

Rev. A.F. Dentith

Dentith Road Fire Station 1949

Westhaver's Store, Herring Cove 1941

Ketch Harbour Schoolchildren, ca. 1896

Fraser Farm Harrietsfield, 1960

Art Gilfoy and his mother Harrietsfield

St. Augustine's Ladies' Guild 1944

calendar: MSHS heritage 2000


Melville Cove Hockey Team 1938

Kline Heights Aces, 1930s

John W. O'Neill, 1909

Spryfield School 1939; Cunard class Jollimore 1923; PC Ladies Softball 1925,

Frasers of Harrietsfield 1910

Nickersons of Sambro Creek 1910

Rodgers of Bald Rock 1915

Margaret (Reyno) Morgan with bicycle

Visitors at the Dart Farm, 1930

Amos Yeadon, ca. 1924

calendar: MSHS heritage 2001


SS Clare Lilley; Ferguson's Cove 1940s

Nickerson family East Pennant

Greenwood house, Sambro

Building of Long Lake Dam Road (Dentith)

Armdale Girl's Chorus, 1945

the Barge Hellenall 1933

Kidston family, 1921

Ketch Harbour class of 1921

Jollimore Brownies, ca. 1936

John A. Keddy farm Harrietsfield c.1908

Ketch Harbour Lighthouse, ca. 1938

calendar: MSHS heritage 2003

SS Unranium on rocks Chebucto Head 1913

Central Spryfield grade 9, 1950

The Hebridean, Herring Cove, ca 1939

Leitch cabin Colpitt Lake, ca. 1950

Ketch Harbour ca. 1948

Emma Brunt & Myrtle Forbes, Harrietsfld

Melville Island, ca. 1948

Trolly track, Pur.Cove Quarry ca. 1915

Jollimore shoreline, 1890s

Spryfld Fire Dept. ca. 1948

View fm Long Cove//St John the Baptist

calendars: MSHS heritage

photos, descriptions, correspondence

calendars are in open calendar file

calendar 1992


calendar 1993


calendar 1995


calendar 1996


calendar 1997


calendar 2000


calendar 2001


Camp 12, Harrietsfield

Fishing club near the Rod and Gun Club, Harrietsfield. Story that Mayor MacIlraith arranged for the grant of land at Harry's Lake for Sam Jollimore and Sam lived there until he died. Later Sam Boutilier lived there. Many Jollimore people used the camp. (information from Eric Salmonson)

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