Main Idea: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s – “f d r” New Deal tried to combat the effects of the Great Depression

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Texas History

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17.3 - The New Deal

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Main Idea:

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s – “F D R”

New Deal tried to combat the effects of the Great Depression.

32nd President of the United States

In office 4 terms
March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945

Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Hoovervilles - camps of cardboard boxes where the homeless lived
New Deal - President Roosevelt’s plan to use the U.S. government to

reform the nation’s economy during the Great Depression

Setting the Scene:
The Great Depression grew worse. More and more people lost jobs and began to lose hope, Emma Tiller, an African American sharecropper who lived in Texas, remembered how new federal programs gave people renewed hope…

“When the WPA came in, we soon got to work. The people, their own selves, as they would get jobs on the WPA, they quit goin’ to the relief station. They just didn’t want the food. They’d go in and say, “You know, this is my last week, ‘cause I go to work next week.’ … I remember in this Texas place, they had twenty-five people come in that day saying they wouldn’t be back any more ‘cause they signed up and they gonna work on the WPA next week. But they didn’t go back after any more help.”

Herbert Hoover was President when the Great Depression began. He tried to revive the economy. He offered loans to businesses and farmers. He did not want to provide too much aid, though. He feared that people would stop looking for work. He thought private charities should meet people’s needs. Soon those charities ran out of $$ money $$. People lost their homes. They lived in 'cardboard’ shanties. Many people blamed Hoover.

In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, was elected President. He promised to take steps to end the Depression. When he took office, he first had to halt the banking crisis. Then he launched many new programs aimed at helping people and fixin’ the economy. Together, these programs are called the New Deal.

The Federal Government gave aid to people who were hungry. It also tried to create jobs for people who needed work. Texans in the government supported this plan. They made sure that Texas got a share of government help. Four Texans played important roles in the New Deal.

The economy did improve, but, the Great Depression did not end. Roosevelt won re-election as President. In his 2nd term, the New Deal lost some support. Critics thought the New Deal had gone too far. They feared that FDR had become too powerful. They worried that the Federal Government had grown too large and would take away people’s FREEDOM.

Early Relief Efforts ( not much )

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