Magna carta, common law values and the constitution

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19. He has said that the origin of Magna Carta lies "too deep to be determined by any purely contingent phenomena"20.

Plainly enough, in 1215, Magna Carta was not a conscious attempt to write a constitutional document of wide application. In its own terms, the Magna Carta of 1215 was a political failure because King John promptly persuaded the Pope to annul it. Magna Carta was reissued on King John's death in 1216, reissued again in 1217, and reissued again in 1225 on the coming of age of King Henry III. As the "Great Charter of liberties" (as it was referred to by King Edward I), it was absorbed into statute law during his reign in 1297. As mentioned earlier, the version of 1297 is the "authoritative text"

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