Magic Carpet Ride to Lost Worlds

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Magic Carpet Ride to Lost Worlds

(Target Audience: All Ages)

This can be a weekly theme program that highlights seven or eight Lost Worlds or you can run it as a one-time program that highlights several Lost Worlds in one session.
Find or make a magic carpet using an old rug or some fabric and have the children sit on the carpet for storytime. Tell them to close their eyes and imagine they are travelling to another world that existed long ago. (Turn off the light if appropriate.)
The story leader can wear a special magical robe that he/she puts on to become the genie after rubbing a bottle for the genie to appear – (other props can also be used – wand/magic chest/puppet)
Chant the following:
Abracadabra – Alakazoom

Let magic take us out of the room!

Abracadabra - Alakazoh

To Ancient China – away we go!

(Arabia, Japan, Egypt, South America)
Have the children repeat the chant with you and turn back on the lights.
Now, it’s time to transport the children to a different world through stories, crafts, music and fun!

  1. Tell stories and legends from the Lost World(s) you have chosen to visit. You can use the book list to find an appropriate story or you may have one in your library that suits your target age group.

  2. Provide a craft or colouring sheet that links to the theme. (Chinese lanterns, African drums, pyramids, Viking boats, Matryushka Dolls, shields from Camelot, masks of the Pharaohs, hanging mobiles of fish)

  3. Have a trivia contest using facts about Lost Worlds that you have found in a book or on the Internet.

  4. Try to include a snack from a Lost World. There are many recipes on the Internet or in books. (Egyptian candy from the Logbook/activity booklet, Chinese fortune cookies, Dinosaur eggs can be peppermint or chocolate candies, Viking dessert -fresh fruit and a little honey on buttered bread.)

  5. Find music that fits the theme or make musical instruments and have the children join in the music-making.

When the program is over, have the children sit on the magic carpet and repeat the rhyme.

Abracadabra - Alakazoh

From Ancient China – it’s time to go

Abracadabra – Alakazoom

Let magic take us back to the room!

Below is a list of some of the many Lost Worlds you may choose to visit:

Arabian Nights

Ancient China

Ancient Japan


African Empires

South America - Mayan or Aztec Empire


Middle Ages – Camelot

Undersea – Atlantis
Craft Websites
Chinese Lanterns
Paper Pyramids
Crafts around the world

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