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Department of Cultural Resources

State Library of North Carolina

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

1841 Capital Boulevard

Raleigh, North Carolina 27635-0001

Telephone: 919-733-4376 Telefacsimile: 919-733-6910

TDD: 919-733-1462 Toll Free: 1-888-388-2460
Please check the magazine titles you wish to receive.
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MAGAZINES AVAILABLE ON LOAN – Each of these magazines circulates through the North Carolina Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and must be returned. Please read and return promptly. The loan period is 2 weeks.
Braille Monitor (M) – Activities of the National Federation of Blind;

reports on current issues. (BMO3

Capper’s (M) –Rural life, crop reports, recipes, fiction, patterns, garden

and medical columns, jokes, and serialized novels. (CAP3)

Choice Magazine Listening (B) – Selections from various magazines.


Diabetes Self-Management (B) – Developments in treatment and

management of diabetes. (DSM3)

Dialogue (B) – A magazine for visually impaired persons featuring

reports on current legislation, information about vocation, recreational

and travel opportunities, home and gardening hints, and fiction by

visually impaired authors. (DWB3)

Guideposts (M) Interfaith inspirational stories (GUI3)

Humpty Dumpty (8/Yr) – Stories for ages 4-7; jokes, poems, games,

activities. (HDM3)

Living Power (B) – The newsletter covers items of interest and keeps

members of state and local government employees’ retirement

systems informed of changes. (LIP3)

Modern Maturity (B) – Covers subjects of interest to older people;

Publication of the American Association of Retired Person. (MMT3)

National Geographic Traveler (8/Yr) –World travel and cultures;

Information about events, where to stay and eat. (NGT3)

Parent’s Magazine (M) –Child rearing from infancy through the mid-

Teens. (PTM3)

Retirement Life (M) – Subjects of interest to retired federal workers.

Official journal of the NARFE. (RTL3)

Smithsonian (M) – Wide variety of articles about science, natural

history, art, archaeology, history, and ecology; events at the Smithsonian

Institution. (SMT3)

Southern Living (M) – Gardening. Foods, decorating, and travel in

the South. (SOL3)

Yankee (M) – Travel, history, recipes, articles on topics of local

Interest and local events in the New England states. (YKN3)
NORTH CAROLINA MAGAZINES (Available on 2 week loan)

Carolina Country (M) – Features articles on conservation, travel,

cooking, hobbies, book reviews, history, farming and other items of

interest to N.C. citizens. (CCM3)

Consumer Advocacy and Advisory Committee (Q) – Minutes from

the meetings of representatives from consumer organizations, advocacy

groups, association of workers in the blindness field, and state

legislators. Minutes of the N.C. Blind Commission meetings are

included. (CAM3)

North Carolina Historical Review (Q) - Scholarly articles about North

Carolina history; reviews of books of regional interest. (NCH3)

Our State Down Home in North Carolina (M) – North Carolina

history, folklore, and current events. (STT3)

Tar Heel Junior Historian (2/Yr) – North Carolina history, folklore,

poetry, and portraits of historical persons and places. For ages 13-17.


Wildlife in North Carolina (M) – Hunting, fishing, and wildlife

preservation. (WNC3)

DIRECT MAIL MAGAZINES (Yours to keep) – The following magazines are mailed to you directly from the producer and do not have to be returned.
American Heritage (8/yr) - Scholarly history journal for general

audience; gives particular attention to social, educational, and cultural

trends in America’s past. (AMH3)

Analog Science Fiction and Fact (11/yr) – Short stories, novelettes, and

features with science-fiction themes. (ANA3)

Asimov’s Science Fiction and Fact (11 yr) – Short stories, novelettes,

and features with science fiction themes. (IAM3)

The Atlantic (11/yr) – Articles on politics and current issues; fiction by

contemporary American writers. (AMO3)

Bon Appetit (M) – Cooking, entertaining and travel; recipes from well-

known restaurants. (EAT3)

Buenhogar (M) – In Spanish. Articles on home management, beauty,

fashions, and decorating. (BUE3)

Consumer Reports (M) – In-depth articles that rate consumer products

tested for quality, durability, and safety, contains articles on topics such

as health and money management. (CRP3)

Contemporary Soundtrack: A Review of Pop, Jazz, Rock, and

Country (B) – A sampler of articles from national magazines concerned

With jazz, rock, country, and pop music. (XST3)

Cricket: The Magazine for Children (M) – Stories, poems, and

articles by internationally known authors; songs, jokes, and crafts. For

ages 6-12; on one cassette with National Geographic World. (NGW3)

Das Bestse aus Reader’s Digest (M) – German edition of Reader’s

Digest. First-person articles, profiles, opinion pieces, and other general-

interest articles. Selections come from German-language magazines as

well as the American edition of Reader’s Digest. (BRD3)

Diabetes Forecast (M) – Diabetes, nutrition, and health care; research

findings. Published by the American Diabetes Association (DBF3)

Discover: The World of Science (M) – Articles on ecology, natural

history, science and technology; news on breakthroughs in science,

technology, and medicine; book reviews; brain bogglers, (puzzles), and

awards on technological innovations. (DIS3)

Ebony (M) – Articles on food, dress, leisure, travel, personalities, with

Emphasis on achievements of African Americans. (EBN3)

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine (11yr) – Mystery stories by top

writers and by new, previously unpublished writers. (EQM3)

Foreign Affairs (B) –Statesmen, diplomats, scholars analyze issues

and trends in international politics, law, and economics. (FAF3)

Good Housekeeping (M) – Articles on family and home management,

With features on food and decorating. (GHK3)

Health and Nutrition Newsletters (M) – Articles on medical conditions

Of special interest to older adults; nutritional information, and ways to

Maintain good health from Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing, Healthline,

The Johns Hopkins Medical Letter—Health after Fifty, and Nutrition

Action Health Letter. (HNN3)

Horticulture (B) – Gardening trends, products, and projects for the

amateur gardener. (HOR3)

Journal Francais D’Amerique (M) – In French. Articles on Franco-

American culture, current events, religion, business, and history of

Interest to French-speaking Americans and students of the French

Language. (JFA3)

Magazine of the Month (M) – Special NLS program designed to

provide a limited substitute for newsstand browsing; sample magazine

sent each month. (MOM3)

Money (M)Articles on money management, consumer and family

Issues; includes regular columns with news and advice on jobs, taxes,

Social Security, investments, products, and services. (MNY3)

The Musical Mainstream (Q) – Selected articles from national

magazines about classical music criticism, and music teaching; lists

new NLS music acquisitions. (XMM3)

The Nation (47/yr) - Covers foreign affairs, local and national politics,

education and law. Also reviews of books, theater, films, and the arts.


National Geographic (M) – Articles on world geography and cultures;

features on plant and animal life, space exploration, and ancient history.


National Review (25/yr) – Conservative viewpoint on business, politics,

Economics, education and other subjects; edited by William F. Buckley,

Jr. (NRV3)

The New York Times Book Review (W) – Literary articles and book

Reviews from the Sunday New York Times. (NYB3)

Outdoor Life (10/yr) – Adventures and experiences in hunting and

fishing; information on conservation and game laws; reports on sporting

equipment and techniques. (OTL3)

People Weekly (W) – News, articles, and interviews of celebrities.


Playboy (M) – Spotlights current controversies and fashions; includes

interviews with celebrities, fiction, reviews, letters, grooming and advice

on etiquette. (PBY3)

QST (M) – Official publication of the American Radio Relay League.

Contains project-building ideas and news on all aspects of ham radio.


Quarterly Music Magazine (Q) – Features specialized magazines on a

variety of aspects and types of music such as opera, jazz, country,

teaching, keyboard and guitar. (QMM3)

Selecciones del Reader’s Digest (M) – Spanish edition of Reader’s

Digest. First-person articles, profiles, opinion pieces, and other general-

interest articles. Selections come from Spanish-language magazines as

well as the American Edition of Reader’s Digest. (SRD3)

Se’lections du Reader’s Digest (M) – French edition of Reader’s

Digest. First-person articles, profiles, opinion pieces, and other general-

interest articles. Selections come from French-language magazines as

well as the American Edition of Reader’s Digest. (SDR3)

Smart Computing (M)- Articles on home computing and reviews of

computer software and hardware. (CPZ3)

Sound & Vision (10/yr) – Reports on new sound equipment and album

Reviews. (STR3)

Spider, the Magazine for Children (M) –Stories, poems, jokes, and

Crafts for beginning readers ages 6-9. (SPD3)

Sports Illustrated (W)- Articles feature sports personalities, sports

events, and outdoor activities. (SPI3)

Sports Illustrated for Kids (M) – Sports news and articles for ages

8-13; features sports personalities, events, and sports cards; youth who

Are excelling in sports; regular column by youth discussing a contro-

versial sport-related issue. (SPK3)

Teen People (10/yr) – Features on beauty and fashion for young

women; articles on careers, celebrities, entertainment, education, and

real life issues. (TNP3)

Travel+Leisure (M) – Travel articles vacation sites, food and

photography. (TAL3)

True West (M) – Nonfiction articles about the Old West, written by

historians and western buffs. (TWT3)

U.S. News and World Reports (W)News and commentary on

world events; abridged version. (UNW3)

Writer (M) – New and established writers discuss their craft and

work experiences; regular columns feature trade news, contest

information, and names and addresses of manuscript markets. (WRT3)

Young Adult Magazine of the Month (M) – Special Library of

Congress program designed to provide a limited substitute for newsstand

browsing for young adults; readers are sent a different sample magazine

each month. (YAM3)
Frequency Key – The letters following a magazine title indicate publishing


(W) Weekly (BW) Biweekly (M) Monthly

(B) Bimonthly (Q) Quarterly

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