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MA History Module Information

American Foreign Relations’


This course focuses on the foreign policy of the United States in the period from 1776 to the present day. It addresses the theoretical structures which underpin American foreign relations, the theories and practices which form intellectual thought on America’s foreign affairs and embraces practical case studies which examine America’s role in the world. It considers how doctrines have shaped America’s relations with its neighbours and with the international community.


  • A critical understanding of the institutions which shape foreign relations in America

  • An appreciation and constructive understanding of intellectual thought and theory on American foreign relations

  • An understanding of selected episodes which have shaped foreign relations

  • To encourage students to embrace diverse and competing interpretations on American foreign policy

  • To encourage students to communicate effectively and analytically at this level of study

Modes of Assessment

There are two assessment issues to address for this particular option, an essay and a short report. The essay will follow conventional procedures and address one question from the list stated in this guide. The short report will comprise a short analytical evaluation of documentary material and source documents. The essay is 2500 words long, and the short report 1000 words.

You must address different areas in your two assessments. While it is possible to concentrate attention on similar eras there must not be any direct overlap or repetition of work within the assessed areas. If you have any doubts then please discuss your intentions with your tutor before you begin your research into your chosen material.


  • The nature of American foreign policy & the Monroe Doctrine in theory and practice

  • The Spanish American war and America: 1898-1914

  • America: Neutrality and isolation

  • America, Truman and the atomic bomb

  • Vietnam – its precursors and its legacy

  • Contemporary America: a neo-conservative era?


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The Vietnam War
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Truman and the Bomb
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The Cuban Missile Crisis

Abel, Elie., The missiles of October : the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 (1969)

Chayes, Abram., Cuban missile crisis (1974)
Detzer, David., The brink : Cuban missile crisis, 1962 (1980)
Freedman, Lawrence., Kennedy's wars : Berlin, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam (2000)
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Griffiths, John., The Cuban missile crisis (1986)
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Nathan, James A., Anatomy of the Cuban Missile Crisis (2001)
Nathan, James A., The Cuban missile crisis revisited (1992)
Weldes, Jutta., Constructing national interests : the United States and the Cuban missile crisis (1999)
White, Mark J., Missiles in Cuba : Kennedy, Khrushchev, Castro, and the 1962 crisis (1997)

Web sources
American Foreign Policy Council

Middle East Review of International Affairs

American Foreign Policy Hub

Vietnam War Documents

Cold War Documents

Foreign Affairs

Columbia University Foreign Policy Resources

National Security Archive – Cuban Missile Crisis

National Security Archive Homepage

Avalon Document Centre – Documentary evidence in law, history and diplomacy

Woodrow Wilson Centre – the Cold War

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