Ma 15400 Lesson 10 Section 7 Applied Problems

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MA 15400 Lesson 10 Section 6.7

Applied Problems

From the base of the Eiffel Tower, 80 ft. from the center of its base, the angle of elevation to its top is 85.361. How tall is the Eiffel Tower?


80 ft.

A ship, offshore from a vertical cliff known to be 100 feet in height, takes a sighting of the top of the cliff. If the angle of elevation is found to be 25, how far offshore is the ship?

A 22-foot extension ladder leaning against a building makes a 70 angle with the ground. How far up the building does the ladder touch?

To measure the height of a building, two sightings are taken a distance of 50 feet apart. If the first angle of elevation is 40 and the second is 32, what is height of the building?




50 ft


A building 300 feet high casts a shadow 50 feet long. What is the angle of elevation of the Sun?

Convert 1500 ft/min to miles/hour

A radio transmission tower is 200 feet high. How long should a guy wire be if it is to be attached to the tower 10 feet from the top and is to make an angle of 21 with the ground?




To measure the height of Lincoln’s caricature on Mr. Rushmore, two sightings 800 feet from the base of the mountain are taken. If the angle of elevation to the bottom of Lincoln’s face is 32 and the angle of elevation to the top is 35, what is the height of Lincoln’s face?

Lincoln’s Face

A builder wishes to construct a ramp 24 feet long that rises to a height of 5.0 feet above level ground. Approximate the angle that the ramp should make with the horizontal.

A regular pentagon is inscribed in a circle of radius 15 centimeters. Approximate the perimeter of the pentagon.

Let x = each side perimeter = 5x

Each central angle =






A motorist, traveling along a level highway at a speed of 60 km/hr toward a mountain, observes that between 1:00 PM and 1:10 PM the angle of elevation of the top of the mountain changes from 10 to 70. Approximate the height of the mountain.

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