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April 22, 2004

TO: City and County Superintendents of Education
FROM: Joseph B. Morton

Interim State Superintendent of Education

RE: Summer Institute in Early American History
I am very pleased to endorse the Summer Institute in Early American History for Fifth Grade Teachers at Colonial Williamsburg as described in the enclosed* materials. This institute provides unique opportunities for teachers to study American history in the very cradle of our nation's beginnings. The week's schedule is filled with exciting and varied activities.
All expenses, including transportation, room, and board, are provided by the Hall Thompson Family.
To be considered for the institute, teachers must mail the completed set of application materials (postmarked by Friday, May 14, 2004) to:
Susan R. DuBose

Alabama State Department of Education

Gordon Persons Building, Room 3345

P.O. Box 302101

Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2101
*Enclosures (will be mailed with a copy of this memo and are not a part of this fax)


Summer Institute in Early American History for Fifth Grade Teachers

One Session in Williamsburg, Virginia, for Alabama Teachers

July12-19, 2004
Designed to prepare fifth grade teachers to teach American history under the guidelines of the State of Alabama K-12 Social Studies Program, the intensive one-week workshop immerses participants in early American history where some of its most important events took placeat Williamsburg, the restored capital city of eighteenth-century Virginia, and at nearby Jamestown. Instruction and interpretation will be provided by resident historians and by educators from the staff of Colonial Williamsburg and other states.

The Institute accommodates 14 teachers. All expenses, including transportation, room in the Colonial Williamsburg Guest Houses, and board, are provided by a grant to Colonial Williamsburg from Alabama Power.

Instructional materials in a variety of media are provided to participants for use in their classrooms. In addition to the materials provided during the workshops, each participant receives a stipend to purchase supplementary educational materials.

Participating teachers are expected to (1) participate fully in the Institute and attend all sessions; (2) develop and utilize lesson plans created and designed from the experience in Williamsburg; (3) forward copies of lesson plans and programs utilized in the classroom during the 2004-2005 school year to the education staff at Colonial Williamsburg; (4) share materials, skills, experiences, and lesson plans with fellow teachers at a presentation in their respective school/school systems; and (5) participate in the American Village/Colonial Williamsburg Workshop to be held at the American Village (tentative date set for Saturday, January 29, 2005).

Applications must include: (1) the General Application Form provided (the application MUST be signed); (2) a resume; and (3) two letters of recommendationone from the principal of your school and one from the superintendent of your school system. The recommendation from the superintendent must include a statement authorizing you to provide at minimum of one in-service day required by the terms of this program.

Teachers are encouraged to join with another fifth grade teacher in the same school system or school district in submitting an application. When possible, please submit both team applications in the same envelope. Individual participants who do not submit a team application will be matched with another participant for the program activities.

Completed applications must be signed and postmarked on or before May 14, 2004, in order to be considered. All applicants will be notified by May 21, 2004, of the results of the selection process. One alternate will be chosen for the Institute.

The Summer Institute in Early American History for Alabama Fifth Grade Teachers is made possible by a grant from the Hall Thompson Family.

Mail completed application, together with resume and recommendations, to:
Susan R. DuBose

Alabama State Department of Education

Gordon Persons Building, Room 3345

P.O. Box 302101

Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2101


Summer Institute in Early American History for Fifth Grade Teachers

Draft Schedule

Day 1

Arrive late afternoon at the Richmond Airport. Attend dinner and reception at the

Williamsburg Lodge. Colonial Williamsburg staff will introduce the week's schedule and

assignments. Take an orientation tour of Colonial Williamsburgan introduction to the

eighteenth-century community.
Day 2

Travel to Jamestown Settlement. Visit Indian Village, Ships, and Fort. Discuss life of

Powhatan Indians and colonists, and navigation. Participate in Native American rope making,

colonial military drill, and "Cultures in Contact." Observe demonstration lesson by past participants.

Day 3

Use primary sources including maps, prints, travel accounts, and reproduction period

clothing and artifacts to interpret colonial history and geography. Visit an archaeological

site under current excavation. Explore eighteenth-century domestic life and education

at the Powell House, the home of a house carpenter. Participate in dancing, cooking,

and penmanship. Attend "Remember Me," a dramatization of Old Paris' remembrances

of Africa.
Day 4

Travel to Carter's Grove plantation. Tour slave quarters and mansion. Explore lessons

on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Eighteenth-Century African-American Life.

Experience the survival techniques used by African Americans, including storytelling, dance, and music. Review instructional video, "The Runaway." Attend "Dance, Our

Dearest Diversion."
Day 5

Tour public institutions in the Historic Area, including the Courthouse, Capitol, Gaol,

Church, Governor's Palace, and Wren Building. Participate in a court trial and a

revolutionary debate. Attend an eighteenth-century theatrical production.

Day 6

Investigate the eighteenth-century economy. Learn about the labor force, tobacco trade, and monetary system. Tour selected trade shops and experience the technology of the

Day 7

Visit Yorktown Victory Center. Explore the family perspectives on war and the significant

events surrounding the battle of Yorktown. Explore the Historic Area during free time.

Attend "Cry Witch," an eighteenth-century court trial.

Day 8

Participate in group discussion and Graduation. Depart for airport.


Summer Institute in Early American History, Williamsburg, Virginia
Completed forms must be postmarked by May 14, 2004, to be considered.

(Note: Application form and survey questions may be obtained by contacting

Susan R. DuBose at sdubose@alsde.edu)

Please Type
Team with (if applicable):

(NOTE: Each teacher should fill out a separate cover sheet, but the application may be written jointly or separately. Please mail team applications in the same envelope.)

School: School Phone: ( )
School Address:
School District: SS#:
Home Address:
Home Phone: ( )

Are you a previous winner? Yes No If yes, when

I agree that, if selected to participate in the Institute, I will make available to the education staff of Colonial Williamsburg a copy of all teaching materials that I develop as a result of my participation in the Institute. I also agree that I will provide, during the period August 2004 through August 2005, a minimum of one inservice day for the purpose of sharing my experience with the Alabama teachers either in or out of my school system.

This application must be signed to be considered.

Please complete answers to all questions beginning on the next page.

Mail this completed application, together with resume and a minimum

of two recommendations (principal and superintendent) to:

Susan R. DuBose

Alabama State Department of Education

Gordon Persons Building, Room 3345

P.O. Box 302101

Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2101


Summer Institute in Early American History for Fifth Grade Teachers


  1. As you teach Colonial American History, what additional information or materials do you need to accomplish your teaching goals? Are these materials available to you?

  1. Describe the teaching techniques used most frequently in your classroom. Be sure to include specific examples.

  1. Of the fifth grade history lessons you have taught, which was the most effective? Why? (Discuss a specific lesson.)

  1. Do you use interdisciplinary teaching techniques in your classroom? If so, describe and give specific examples.

  1. Describe any relevant prior educational activities (teacher inservice programs, special projects, instructional units) in which you have participated outside of your classroom. List any inservice you have presented.


  1. (A) If this application is a single application, describe how you expect to use your experience in Williamsburg to enhance your classroom history teaching.

(B) If this application is a team application, describe how your team expects to use its experience in Williamsburg to enhance your classroom history teaching.

7. Indicate the areas in the Alabama Course of Study: Social Studies that correlate with the fifth grade curriculum relating to the Colonial era in American History. (Provide response on the back of this sheet.)

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