Lucy Seven releases album on Christmas eve

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Lucy Seven releases album on Christmas eve
To release an album on Christmas eve and do the release party on Christmas day is wrong.

There’s no one in the western world who does that.

Well, except for LUCY SEVEN from Sweden that is.
LUCY SEVEN, the hard electro rocking Swedes, are a touring band. In 2009 they played both Sweden Rock Festival and Rockweekend. In 2010 they returned to Rockweekend for an explosive gig, but they also found time to head down to Germany on four different occasions, one of which was Dithmarscher Rock Festival. This just to mention a few highlights in their busy schedule.

However, now it’s time to release some recorded music. This happens on Christmas eve 2010 itself. The album, “Best Of Lucy Seven” contains 10 tracks of hard driven energy pushed forward by eager drums, metallic guitars, story telling synthesizers, frustrated basses but maybe foremost – totally off telling vocals.
Singer and lyrics composer, RUBY, comments on the album title:

Best Of Lucy Seven was written with the working title The Quest for Neverland and finding of Anthrax Island and is an interpretation of J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan. The protagonist finds himself home- and masterless and seeks during the 39 minutes of the album after a place – Neverland – to find someone to love and be loved by. In his quest he looses his way and is flushed ashore Anthrax Island. At the end of the day the album title felt way to pretentious for music this ingenious. The more appropriate title Best Of was chosen instead just because the 10 tracks are the best Lucy Seven and any other band has ever written.”

BEST OF LUCY SEVEN is released through record label READY FOR MORE RECORDS.

General Manager, Nicklas Hovberg:

Of course, we’re damn proud to be able to present LUCY SEVEN’s full length album! I saw them the first time on Sweden Rock Festival in 2009 and found myself not being able to stop grining for their entire show. That kind of energy and delivery, you don’t get that a lot (or ever!) from non established bands. LUCY SEVEN knows what it’s all about, they work hard and get their nails dirty, they really bust their balls for their product and their message. They want to and are ready to fight fists up and that’s what made us interested in them. When they wanted to release the album on Christmas eve, haha, well, then it was just like I’ve won a medal of some sort, this is going to be much fun!”


Ruby – vocals, lyrics

Richie – Guitar

Fox – Bass

Jonta – Drums
Best Of Lucy Seven:

The recording of the album was made on different locations. Most parts of the arrangements and music was recorded in the living room while the vocals were recorded where space and acoustics was.

(Tracks 1,2,3,7,8,9 recorded at Vialon Studios).”
Track list

01. Liberation

02. Liar/Advertiser

03. The Guide

04. Only One

05. Zombie Porn

06. Rabbit Rabbit

07. Space Monkeys

08. With Lanterns Lit

09. Syllables (Big Words)

10. Start The Fire
Ready for More Records

c/o Hovberg

Bryggerigatan 2A

733 34 Sala

+46 (0)224-38 18 91

+46 (0)70-759 03 99
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