Ltpoa meeting Minutes November 10, 2009

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Finance Committee

Nothing to report.

Web Site & Newsletter 

Janet Hirsch reported that the minutes of the last meeting are on the website and the website was updated with the color version of the newsletter. The newsletter was mailed on November 2 and the next issue deadline is December 20, 2009.

Community Coordinator

Renee Kittel reported that the Angler’s Association has an invitation for the St. Louis Skeet and Trap in Pacific at 11:00 a.m. on December 5 for one round of sporting plays. Bring a gun and 4 boxes of shells for $35. Contact John Johnston for information.

Parent's Club
Nothing to report.

Garden Club
Nothing to report.

Sewer Committee

Janet Hirsch reported on the sewer project. Janet stated that we are still waiting for approval of plans by USDA-RD and the district is working on administrative items such as writing ordinances for sewer use and sewer charge and setting up bookkeeping systems and hiring a CPA for audits. If there is anyone who would like to help the district with any of these items, they would really appreciate it.


Russ Wilner reported on the gate function. Four vehicles were struck by the ingate or the outgate arm in the last month. Two of the vehicles will need repairs, paid for by the Lake and the Lake’s insurance. The last person whose vehicle was struck by the gate arm was able to remove the yellow paint left on his vehicle. The gates have intermittently gone into “dance” mode and have reached a point of being unreliable. So the Gate Committee decided that it would be best to leave the gate arms up until the equipment can be updated. Even if the current problem with the gates could be fixed, there are enough other problems (difficulty in accessing the gate computer via telephone, gate occasionally locks up for no reason, gate real-time clock doesn’t work), that the system really does need to be updated.

Janet Hirsch stated that the Gate Committee looked at the software for one updated gate system and it was not as flexible and easy to use as the current software. More research needs to be done on the different gate systems and software that’s available. All systems seem to be competitively priced at approximately $12,000. We have money in the budget to pay for the gate upgrades.

Rich Hirsch stated that the limit switches were most likely causing the gate to go into “dance” mode. Dance mode is when the gate cycles up and down continuously.

In the interim, it was decided that an insulated round PVC pipe would be used as a gate arm to cushion it and prevent any problems that might arise out of the gate striking a vehicle. Gate Committee member Mike Leiweke volunteered to sketch the new bracket that needs to be made and send it out to a shop for construction.

Rick Hannick read aloud his November Security Report:

Just a couple of items to report this month.

There have been no security-related incidents that I am aware of with the exceptions of the gate problems that I know you are already dealing with.

I cut the guard’s hours to 12 per week, effective the weekend of October 17-18, so the lower hours should be reflected in the October billing cycle from Stryker. I contacted seven security companies by phone, and two more by e-mail regarding our need to replace Stryker Security at the beginning of next year. That was two weeks ago, and not one of them has responded with a bid. I guess no one wants to provide part-time security for us. Any suggestions?

Respectfully submitted

Rick Hannick
It was suggested to call Raintree and Wauwanoka to see what company they are using for their community’s security.
New Business (Floor)

Rich Hirsch reported that the portable toilet has not been picked up yet. It was supposed to be gone on October 24 and we should not have to pay for the extra time it has been here.

New Business (Board)

Janet Hirsch reported that in A-13 there is a submerged motor boat which is a hazard for boaters and an environmental hazard that is sticking out of the water. The owner of the lot is in a nursing home. President Townsend stated that he would call the owner’s children to check the status and see what the board could do to help remove the boat from the water.

There being no further business, a motion was made by Marilyn Meyer and seconded by Joe Hejnal to adjourn.  Motion passed.  The meeting concluded at 8:01 P.M.   

Respectfully submitted,   

Ann Schatzman   








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