Louisiana Purchase WebQuest Introduction

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Louisiana Purchase WebQuest

Introduction: For the next two days you will be working in the computer lab to complete a webquest on the Louisiana Purchase. This is a major event in the history of our country, which took place in the early 1800s. At the time of this major land purchase Thomas Jefferson was the President of the United States. This event is named for the piece of land that France sold to the U.S.

Directions: You will work independently to complete this assignment. While answering the questions about the Louisiana Purchase be sure to record your answers on the answer sheet. This is designed to increase your knowledge of this topic using your reading, thinking and map skills. You will learn the answers to these questions by exploring and investigating the different websites provided. Keep in mind that you may need to use more than one website to find a certain answer.
Websites for you to explore about the Louisiana Purchase:
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WebQuest Question and Answer Sheet

Directions- Be sure to answer all of the questions in complete sentences. Also, be sure to answer all parts of a question if there is more than one part to it.

1.) How much land did the United States buy from France?

2.) When did the purchase take place?

3.) What was the total cost?

4.) How did the purchase of this land affect the size of the United States?

5.) How did the President violate the Constitution by making the Louisiana Purchase?

6.) Which two major geographic features provided the east and west boundaries of this piece of land?

7.) What were Napoleon Bonaparte's plans for the land that he ended up selling? Why did he give up this plan? What are the main reasons he decided to sell the land to the United States?

8.) What are seven (7) states that were a part of the Louisiana Territory?

9.) How did the U.S pay the French the total amount owed?

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