Lord of the Flies – Chapter Questions

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Lord of the Flies – Chapter Questions

Chapter 4


Vocab: opalescence (63), diarrhea (64), belligerence (65), chastisement (65), preposterous (67), misinterpreted (70), ravenously (72), somber (76).

1. What were the "strange things [that] happened at midday"? What was Piggy's reaction to these strange things? (2)

2. William Golding describes the rhythm of island life early in chapter four. Explain this. What northern European tradition made it impossible for the boys to adjust to this new rhythm? (2)

3. Describe the daily lives of the "littluns". (2)

4. Who were the two smallest boys on the island? (2)

5. Comment on the following statement from the novel: "At the back of his mind formed the uncertain outlines of an excuse" (65). Is Golding trying to make a statement about the manifestation of violence on the island? Explain. (Hint: consider what Maurice and Roger do to the littluns) (2)

6) Comment on the following statement from the novel: "Roger's arm was conditioned by a civilization that knew nothing of him and was in ruins" (66). (2)

7. What are four reasons given for Piggy being seen as an "outsider" by the biguns? (2).

8. What does Ralph spot as he gazes out on the horizon? Why does he run to the signal fire on the mountaintop? (2)

9. Explain how Jack reacts to Ralph when Jack and the hunters are told about their "could-have-been" possible rescue. How does Jack react to Piggy's accusation that it was Jack's fault for letting the signal fire go out? (2)

10. Why do you think Jack refuses to give Piggy meat to eat but when Simon gives Piggy his portion, Jack gives Simon another portion? (1)

11. What, if anything, does the pig dance at the end of the chapter symbolize? Explain. (2)

Other Questions:

Why doesn't Roger hit Henry with the stones?

Discuss the significance of the following passage: "[T]he mask was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness…"

What is the significance of the feast and the chanting?

Discuss the emergence of Jack as a leader.

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