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HELP US FIND THE 2009 HONOREES. LOOK OVER THE FOLLOWING LISTS AND MAKE A NOTE FOR US OF THE WHEREABOUTS, MARRIED NAMES, ETC. OF THE CONTESTANTS FROM 1949, 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989, and 1999. We have listed the top four finishers for each event for each year but all contestants, student directors, and faculty directors for those years are urged to attend.

1949—The First NIRA Finals, Cow Palace, San Francisco, California

Men’s Team-1. Sul Ross State College; 2. Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo ; 3. University of Wyoming.

There were no women contestants at the first finals.

Bareback: 1. Harley May, Sul Ross, deceased; 2. Norman McNew, U of New Mexico; 3.Dale Stiles, U of Wyoming, deceased; 4. Buster Lindley, Sul Ross.

Saddle Bronc: 1. Stiles; 2. Bill Whitney, UWY, deceased; 3.May; 4. Cotton Rosser, Cal Poly, SLO.

Tie Down Roping: 1. Eldon Dudley, Oklahoma A&M; 2. Tuffy Cooper, U of New Mexico; 3. Boog Trainham, New Mexico A&M; 4/5. Rosser, . Andrew Cruse, Colorada A&M.

Steer Wrestling:1. Tom Hadley, NM A&M,deceased; 2. Les Pyeatt, Colorado A&M; 3. Trainham; 4. Eugene Pedersen, Montana State.

Bull Riding: 1. May; 2.Bud Penland, Pierce College; 3. Billy Bashor, Colorado A&M; 4. Rosser.

Wild Cow Milking: 1. Bob Sauke, Montana State; 2. Gene Newman, Sul Ross; 3. Rosser; 4. Dick Thompson, U. of New Mexico.
Eighty four contestants took part in the First NIRA Finals. We would like to invite them to come to Casper for the Sixtieth Finals.

They are listed here by the school they attended.

Arizona State: Henry Burns, Thomas Johnson, Stuart Jones, Don Martin, Rusty Steward and Calvin Stuart.

Cal Poly/San Luis Obispo: Tom Andre, Lem Boughner, Robert Doner, Dick Hutchinson, Cotton Rosser, Henry Winter.

Colorado A&M: Billy Bashor, Andrew W. Cruse, Tommy Kuiper, Danny Marioni, Les Pyeatt, Dick Ritchey.

Fresno State: Wilton S. Bools, Tommy Gatewood, Presley Schmall, Francis Springer, Jerry Taylor, Al Veater.

Kansas State: Frederick L. Bennett, John Finley, Dick Jepsen, Darold Marlow, Bud Nace, Willard Phillips.

Montana State; Edwin Atkins, William C. Cornelius, Charlie Dunning, Perry Moore, Eugene Pedersen, Bob Saucke.

New Mexico A&M: Clyde Gossett, Tom Hadley, Punk Hennigan, Harry Hopson, Ham Scott, Boog Trainham.

Oklahoma A&M: Billy Brown, Eldon Dudley, A.T. Ferree, Garland Kelley, John Pritchett, Dale Reagan.

Pierce College: Dave Clark, Dutch Hoffman, Bud Penland, Buford”Corky” Randall, Rodney Renting, Dan Rogers.

Sul Ross College: Hank Finger, Charles Hall, Bub Hull, Buster Lindley, Harley May, Gene Newman.

Texas A&M: G.C. Damuth, Earl Guthrie, Charlie Rankin, J.E. Sauls, James P. Wood.

Texas Tech: Tommie Bell, Jim Easley, Bud Halsell, Bob Morris, John Wilson, B.F.Yeates.

University of New Mexico: Jack Cargill, Tuffy Cooper, John Daniel, Jon Frost, Norman McNew, Richard Thompson.

University of Wyoming: Pete Dalzell, John Gammon, Bob Laramore, Fran Marsh, Dale Stiles, Bill Whitney.

1949 Board of Directors: Charlie Rankin, TXA&M. Joe Forney, COA&M. Evelyn Bruce Kingsbery, Sul Ross, J. H. Foss, WA State, Perry Clay, Uof WY, R.S. “Dick” Kelley, NMA&M.

1959 Klamath Falls, Oregon

Men’s Team: McNeese State, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Bareback: 1/2. Dick, Henson, ID State;Larry O’Neill, Uof TX; 3. Jim Bausch, Sul Ross, deceased. 4. Jim Miller, McNeese.

Saddle Bronc: 1. Gary Gregg, Oregon Tech; 2. Bud Clemons, CO State; 3. Bausch; 4. E.M. Holt, Jr., Houston State.

Tie Down Roping: 1. Jack Burkholder, TXAI deceased; 2. Myrl Goodwin, ID State; 3.Tommy Flenniken, McNeese; 4. Bill Nielson, Cal Poly, SLO.

Ribbon Roping: 1. Nielson; 2. Flenniken;,3. Tom Tuell, CO State4. W.A Johnson, NM State.

Steer Wrestling: 1. Jack Roddy, CalPoly/SLO; 2. Joyd Jones, Sul Ross; 3. Gregg Bollich, McNeese; 4. Pete Lewis, Sul Ross.

Bull Riding: 1. Freddie Kist, Dickinson State; 2. Floyd Heckler, Houston 3. Jerry Moore, Houston; 4. Mickey McCarty, U of Arizona.

Barrel Race ; 1.Mike Reid Settle, West Texas; 2. Pat Dunigan Marr, NM State; 3. Margaret Milne, UWY, deceased. 4. Carol Truman Wuthier, Arizona State University, deceased.

Optional Event: 1. Dunigan Marr; 2. Merna Muller, Cal Poly/SLO;3. Milne; 4. Donna Nelson, UWY.

Men’s All Around: 1. Roddy; 2. Edd Workman,Lubbock Christian College; 3. Clemmons; 4. Jim Miller, McNeese.

Women’s All Around: 1. Dunigan Marr; 2. Milne; 3. Reid Settle; 4. Sally Shepperson, UWY.

1959 Board of Directors: Hoss Inman, Sonny Sikes, Ross Caton, Kyle McSpadden, James “Red” Heath, Jim Moore, Jerry Moore, Pete Lewis, R.C. Nunez.

1969 Deadwood, South Dakota

Men’s Team: 1. Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico

Women’s Team: Tarleton State College, Stephenville, Texas

1969 continued

Bareback: 1. Chris LeDoux, SherWy, deceased; 2. J.C. Trujillo, Arizona State; 3. Duane Sorenson, Utah State; 4. Joe Alexander,UWY.

Saddle Bronc: 1. J.C. Bonine, Eastern Montana; 2. Bill Nelson, Cal Poly/SLO; 3. Pat

Chapman, Black Hills State;, 4. Marvin Johce, MT State.

Tie-Down Roping: 1. Phil Lyne, Sam Houston State; 2. Terry Wagner, MT State; 3. Buddy Draper, Colorado State; 4. Vern K. Bastian, Ricks College.

Ribbon Roping: 1. Jim Jackson, Southwest Texas State; 2. Pow Carter, Plains; 3. Wagner; 4. Draper.

Steer Wrestling: Carl Deaton, Sam Houston State; 2. BobLeer, CalPoly/SLO; 3. Steven Lange, Colorado State; 4. Wagner.

Bull Riding: 1. Lonnie Hall, Black Hills; 2. Ben Calhoun, Eastern New Mexico; 3. Lee Eddins, Eastern Oregon; 4. Wilson Pate, Ricks College.

Barrel Race: 1. Barbara Baer, CalPoly/SLO; 2. Karen Walls, Tarleton; 3. Charlie Rains, Southwest Texas; 4. Gail Noel, LCNS.

Goat Tying: 1. Angie Watts ‘Avehoff, Tarleton; 2. Nancy Munz Peirce, Texas Tech;, 3. Marianne Munz Brunson, Texas Tech; 4. Mary Potter, Montana State.

Breakaway: 1. Sally Preston, Tarleton; 2. Sharon Yates, CalPoly/SLO;,3. Nancy Peterson, CalPoly, SLO; 4. Pam Cuthbertson, Casper College.

Men’s All Around: 1. Lyne,; 2. Pate, ; 3. Tom Miller, Black Hills, 4. Wagner.

Women’s All Around:1. Peterson; 2. Raine; 3. Nancy Munz Peirce; 4. Sandra Curlock, Utah State.

1969 Student Board of Directors: Jerry Long, Charlie Winters, Chip Whitaker, Alvin Wagner, Stuart Curtis, Carl Deaton, Craig Haythorn, Stan Harter.

1979 Lake Charles, Louisiana

Men’s team:. Southeastern Oklahoma State, Durant, Oklahoma

Women’s team: . Central Arizona College, Coolidge, Arizona

Bareback: 1. Jimmy Cleveland, SEOK; 2. Gordon B. Griffith, LAMAR; 3. Chuck Simonson, DAWSON; 4. Dennis L. Schauck, U Tenn..

Saddle Bronc: 1.David J. Griffith, Mt State; 2. Brad Gjermundson,Dickinson; 3. Jess E. Knight, Howard; 4. Hank Franzen, Casper College.

Tie Down Roping: 1. Dave P. Smith, Walla Walla; 2. Daniel H. Javergvi,HARTNI ; 3. Rick J. Lawson, U. of S. CO; 4. Mark Ivy, Texas A&M.

Team Roping: Mike Beers, Blue Mt.; 2. Casey L. Cox, Blue Mt.; 3. John R. Davis, SEOKS; 4. Tim F. Best, U. Tenn.

Steer Wrestling: 1. Lance K. Robinson, Weber State; 2. Casey G. McPeak, Lamar; 3, John W. Jones, CalPoly/SLO; 4. Best.

Bull Riding: 1. Doyle Parker, CSID; 2. Rodney K. Breech, Panhandle; 3. Lane Foltyn, W. TEX; 4. Jade Robinson, Walla Walla.

Barrel Racing: 1. Bana J. Perry, SWOKS; 2. Elaine T. Martonick, MT State; 3. Renee C. Webb, UWY; 4. Cheri M.Price, Walla Walla.

Goat tying: 1. Sabrina L. Pike, SEOKS; 2.Barrie Beach Smith, Central Arizona; 3. Phyllis J. Crouse, U.MOCL; 4. Kim S. Nogle, CENTWN.

Breakaway: 1.Kathryn L. Kennedy, Chadron ; 2.Beach Smith; 3. Pike; 4. Leann Bates, GARLND.

Men’s All Around: Joe Peabody, SFCCS’2. Parker; 3. Mitch Hutchinson, Walla Walla; 4. Lance Robinson.

Women’s All Around: 1. Beach Smith; 2. Pike; 3. Lea J. Sage, .U.CNAR.

Student Board of Directors: J.V. Young, David Griffith, Dale Hirschman, J. D Hamaker, Dean Churchill, Brent Maddox, Franklin Pope, Chris Barthlome, Gary Kersh, Charlie Burns, Pat Jones.

1989 Bozeman, Montana

Men’s Team: Odessa College, Odessa, Texas

Women’s Team: Cal Poly/San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo, California

Saddle Bronc: 1. Ty Murray, Odessa College 2. Dan Mortensen, Northwest Community College; 3. Eudell Larsen, Western Dakota Vo Tech; 4. Craig Latham, Panhandle State University.

Bareback: 1. Ken Lensegrav, Montana State U.; 2. Shawn Vant, Montana State; 3. Murray; 4. Kent Crouch, Ft. Hays State University.

Bull Riding: 1. Murray; 2. Melvin Ray Sierra, South Dakota State University: 3. David Allen Winings, Murray State University; 4. Tony Dee Tolbert, Cochise College.

Tie Down Roping: 1. Shawn McMullan, Odessa College, deceased; 2. Melvin Ross Murie, Southern Utah State; 3. Chris Mathison, Montana State; 4.Ray Robert Brown, Western Texas College.

Steer Wrestling: 1.Tim Garrison, Western Montana College; 2. Peter Michael Orradre, U. of Arizona; 3. Dean Wang, Cal Poly, SLO; 4. Brad Goodrich, Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Team Roping: 1. Chris Green, West Hills College; 2. Clayton Michael Ring,Walla Walla Community College; 3. Jay Wadhams,University of Southern Colorado; 4. Rod Easley, West Hills College.

Barrel Racing: 1. Holly Foster, Cal Poly/SLO; 2. Nicole Jeanette Wogman, Colorado State; 3. Bobbie Sue Woodbury, Dickinson State.: 4. Kim Norma Thomas, Walla Walla Community College.

Breakaway Roping: 1. Shannon Lynn Lord, Southwestern Oklahoma State; 2. Cathy Lynn Dennis, Southern Arkansas University;: 3. Julie Adair, CalPoly/SLO; 4. Karen Charlain White, National College.

Goat Tying: 1. Patty J. O’Maley, Idaho State University; 2. Adair; 3. Jimmi Jo Martin, University of Wyoming. 4. Shanna Lee Newland, Tarleton State University.

Men’s All Around: 1. Ty Murray;. 2. Lensegrav; 3. Rex Lee Phillips, CalPoly/SLO; 4. Larsen..

Women’s All Around: 1. Cathy Lynn Dennis; 2. Julie Adair; 3. Shannon Lynn Lord; 4. Julie Bellmeyer, University of Arizona.

Student Board of Directors: Rocky Patterson, Molly McAuliffe Hepper, Pat Hamilton, Joseph Jones, Troy Peterson, Steve Wallace, Daryl Livingston, Allen Stutzman, Anita Balch Hudson, HadleyReed, Jeff Fontes.

1999 Casper, Wyoming

Men’s Team: Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford, Oklahoma

Women’s Team: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Saddle Bronc: 1. Jerad McFarlane, Blue Mountain Community College; 2. Lance Adam Gaillard, West Texas A&M; 3. Shane Allen Moran, Western Montana College; 4. Jerry Angell, Idaho State University.

Bareback: 1. Jacob Hayworth, Western Montana College; 2. Davey Shields, Southwestern Oklahoma State; 3. Clark Dees, Southwestern Oklahoma 4. Joshua Duane Molnar, Blue Mountain Community College.

Bull Riding: 1. William Farrell, Chadron State College; 2. Corey Navarre, Southwestern Oklahoma State; 3. Marcus Michaelis, Treasure Valley Community College; 4. Cody Wayne Bequeath, Treasure Valley Community College.

Tie Down Roping: 1. Matthew Otto, Dickinson State; 2. Kurt Kiehne, Tarleton State:

Split 3 and 4: Charles Will Wagner, Montana State and Justin Patrick Holland, National American University.

Steer Wrestling: 1. Bryant Mikkelson, University of Montana; 2. Robert Barton, Walla Walla Community College; 3. Brady Victor Brower, Idaho State University; 4. Daniel Scott Adams, Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Team Roping: 1. Matthew Douglas Funk, Lewis-Clark State College, Kain Keith Garcia, Blue Mountain Community College; 2. Trey Thomas Miller, New Mexico Stat University, Charly B. Crawford, Central Arizona College.

Barrel Racing: 1. Jennifer Smith, Tarleton State; 2. Kimberly Green, Howard County Community College; 3. Nancy Parliament, Colby Community College; 4. Jolene Kay Thompson, South Dakota State University.

Breakaway Roping 1. Stacie Sorenson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; 2. Bryel Zancanella, University of Wyoming; 3. Kathryn Stewart, Central Washington Unversity; 4.Cally Ann Goyins, Western Montana College.

Goat Tying: 1. Jill Lynn Childers, Western Texas College; 2. Mary Ann Barrow, Southwestern Oklahoma State; 3. Karielyn Stalley, Panhandle State University; 4.:Lacey Lynn Jones, Tarleton State.

Men;s All Around: 1.Bryant Mikkelson, 2. Jacob Hayworth; 3. Justin Patrick Holland; 4. Charles Wagner.

Women;s All Around: 1. Jennifer Smith; 2. Mary Ann Barrow; 3. Stacie Sorenson,; 4. Carissa Shearer, Missouri Valley College.

Student Board of Directors: Trey Miller, Jason Harris, Karielyn Stalley, Brad Kreikemeier, Misty Williams, Diehl Hiner, Jolyn Lowry, Shane Draper, Randy Hebert, Ben Clements, Dana Marcus.,

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