Longing for the Day”* Isaiah 64: 1-9; Mark 13: 24-37

For today, let us be still. Let us wait for a second . . . or a season

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For today, let us be still. Let us wait for a second . . . or a season.

Having said this, we all must admit that waiting is not a very popular attitude. Being still is not in our collective consciousness or social DNA. In fact, most people consider waiting a waste of time. We associate waiting with losing time, losing focus, losing money. Simply said, we associate waiting with losing.

In our world today, waiting and stillness are closely associated with fear. We are afraid of inner feelings, afraid of other people, afraid of our own shadows and afraid of our future. Waiting means not knowing, not acting, not seizing the moment. In a world of fear, people who are unable to wait, to watch, to be still, are more likely to make aggressive, hostile, and destructive responses than people who are not frightened and those who are able to be still and wait upon God. Our “first strike” approach to life and faith often comes out of our inability to wait. It is often a dangerous approach, one that leaves spiritual carnage and real pain in its path. I believe the more afraid we are, the harder waiting becomes.

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