Locus of control scale

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External Score 16-40 (more than 1.50 standard deviations above the mean)
Intermediate Score: 7-15 (from 0.75 standard deviations below the mean up to 1.50 standard devia­tions above the mean)
Internal Score: 0- 6 (more than 0.75 standard deviations below the mean)
External Scorers: A score above 15 suggests that you have a fairly strong belief that events are beyond your control. In other words, you do not feel that there is much of a connection between your behavior and your outcomes. As discussed in your text, this means that you are relatively less likely than others to take credit for your successes or to take the blame for your failures. Instead, you tend to believe that success and failure are primarily a matter of luck and chance breaks.
Intermediate Scorers: A score in this range means that you have inconsistent views about the degree to which you control your own fate. You probably believe that you do control your own fate in some areas of your life, while believing that you have little control in other areas.
Internal Scorers: A score below 7 indicates that you have a firm belief in your ability to influence your outcomes. Your relatively internal score means that you generally do not attribute your successes and failures to good and bad luck or chance factors. Instead, you feel that you can influence the course of what happens to you. As mentioned in Chapter 3 of your text, an internal locus of control is associated with relatively great stress tolerance.

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