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Interpreted and created by Dr. Launius with careful consideration of Rotter’s Locus of Control Scale

Answer the following questions the way you feel. There are no right or wrong answers. Don't take too much time answering any one questions, but do try to answer them all. One of your concerns during the test may be, "What should I do if I can answer both yes and no to a ques­tion?" It's not unusual for that to happen. If it does, think about whether your answer is just a little more open way than the other. For example, if you'd assign a weighting of 51 percent to "yes" and assign 49 percent to "no," mark the answer "yes." Try to pick one or the other response for all questions and not leave any blank. Mark your response to the question in the space provided on the left.

1. Do you believe that most problems will solve themselves if you just don't fool with them?
2. Do you believe that you can stop yourself from catching a cold?
3. Are some people just born lucky?
4. Most of the time, do you feel that getting good grades meant a great deal to you?
5. Are you often blamed for things that just aren't your fault?
6. Do you believe that if somebody studies hard enough he or she can pass any subject?
7. Do you feel that most of the time it doesn't pay to try hard because things never turn out right anyway?
8. Do you feel that if things start out well in the morning that it's going to be a good day no matter what you do?
9. Do you feel that most of the time parents listen to what their children have to say?
10. Do you believe that wishing can make good things happen?
11. When you get punished does it usually seems it's for no good reason at all?
12. Most of the time, do you find it hard to change a friend's (mind) opinion?
13. Do you think that cheering, more than luck, helps a team to win?
14. Did you feel that it was nearly impossible to change your parent's mind about any­thing?
15. Do you believe that parents should allow children to make most of their own deci­sions?
16. Do you feel that when you do something wrong there's very little you can do to make it right?
17. Do you believe that most people are just born good at sports?
18. Are most of the other people your age stronger than you are?
19. Do you feel that one of the best ways to handle most problems is just not to think about them?
20. Do you feel that you have a lot of choice in deciding whom your friends are?
21. If you find a four leaf clover, do you believe that it might bring you good luck?
22. Did you often feel that whether or not you did your homework had much to do with what kind of grades you got?
23. Do you feel that when a person your age is angry at you, there's little you can do to stop him or her?
24. Have you ever had a good luck charm?
25. Do you believe that whether or not people like you depends on how you act?
26. Did your parents usually help you if you asked them to?
27. Have you felt that when people were angry with you it was usually for no reason at all?
28. Most of the time, do you feel that you can change what might happen tomorrow by what you do today?
29. Do you believe that when bad things are going to happen they just are going to happen no matter what you try to do to stop them?
30. Do you think that people can get their own way if they just keep trying?
31. Most of the time, do you find it useless to try to get your own way at home?
32. Do you feel that when good things happen they happen because of hard work?
33. Do you feel that when somebody your age wants to be your enemy there's little you can do to change matters?
34. Do you feel that it's easy to get friends to do what you want them to do?
35. Do you usually feel that you have little to say about what you get to eat at home?
36. Do you feel that when someone doesn't like you there's little you can do about it?
37. Did you usually feel that it was almost useless to try in school because most other children were just plain smarter than you were?
38. Are you the kind of person who believes that planning ahead makes things turn out better?
39. Most of the time do you feel that you have little to say about what your family decides to do?
40. Do you think it's better to be smart than to be lucky?

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