Location…Location…Location Age Group- 12-18 Number of Students: 40 Time Frame: 2 Hours Objectives

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A learning unit constructed by The Columbus Council on World Affairs for use at summer culture camps but transferable to mainstream classroom use. We appreciate all feedback.


Age Group- 12-18

Number of Students: 40

Time Frame: 2 Hours


  • To analyze the importance of location in the location of a business.

  • To realize the large number of businesses from other countries that prefer Ohio due to its location.

  • To discover location as a reason for interdependence.

Materials needed:

  • Maps of Ohio for student use.

  • Maps of Germany or Japan for student use.

  • Internet for secondary students

  • Lists of companies and their location for upper elementary students

  • Colored pencils or markers

  • List of photocopied questions ( optional)



  1. Secondary level students should research the names of companies in Ohio from another country or specify Germany or Japan because of the large number of companies from these countries.

  2. Each student or small group of students should map the location of each company both in Ohio and their home country.

  3. If students are working in small groups, some students can act as the internet research specialist and the other students can work with maps to pin point cities.

Upper Elementary

  1. This lesson lends itself well to small groups of 2-4 students

  2. Each group is given a list of names of Ohio companies in another country.

  3. Each group is assigned specific tasks to locate on a map the various home cities for these companies.

  4. Groups can be asked to share and or check each other’s maps for accuracy.

Questions for Discussion or Individual/ Group Work

  1. What geographic features are present in Ohio that would make an attractive location for a business?

  2. Why would a company choose Ohio rather than Montana (etc.)

  3. Why would an Ohio company choose Germany or Japan rather than Russia?

  4. Why did more companies originally choose Cleveland or Cincinnati over Columbus?

Teacher Notes:

Costs of Business:

The following list must be subdivided to fit the appropriate grade level.

Many of these questions can be eliminated and the focus of the lesson can be on the geographical features only.

  1. Emphasize the cost of transportation for distribution of materials and finished goods.

  2. Emphasize Ohio’s numerous waterways un-interrupted by mountains.

  3. Geography features: Lake Erie, Ohio River, Flat, numerous fall line rivers

  4. Moderate climate

  5. Centrally located in the USA

The following questions can serve as enrichment for upper level secondary students.

  1. Emphasize the need to train labor and Ohio’s large number of post-secondary schools.

  2. Proximity to resources

  3. Size of work force

  4. Size of consumer base

  5. Are taxes business friendly- low tax base, abatements available

  6. Infrastructure- number of interstate highways

  7. Poverty level of citizens- can they afford to be consumers

Special thanks to Bobbie Mucha and Stephanie Calondis Geiger for development of this lesson.

Download 7.98 Kb.

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