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Below is an annotated bibliography of titles that are located in the Local History Collection at South Windsor Public Library. The designation for this collection is LHC. This collection includes titles of South Windsor, Hartford County and the State of Connecticut. The titles that are listed under South Windsor sometimes include the towns of Windsor, East Windsor, and South Windsor. This is due to the historical development of this geographical area.

In 1633, the first English settlement was discovered in what is now Windsor. The geographical area included what is now East Windsor, parts of Windsor Locks and Bloomfield, and South Windsor. This is mentioned only because sometimes there are listings in this bibliography that include these other towns. Here are several titles that should be included in this list of the local history of South Windsor. These title are in the regular Reference collection, with the exception of A Country Mile, which circulates.

R352.72 V65C

Cemeteries of South Windsor, prepared by Edith M. Vibert, 1976

This is a list of town cemeteries and their approximate dates of being laid out. As South Windsor was not incorporateduntil 1845, there are locations in other towns (East Windsor, Windsor, etc.). Each cemetery has a history.


Connecticut’s Old Timbered Crossings by Michael C. DeVito,1964. Published by DeVito Enterprises, Warehouse Point, Connecticut. (#542 of 1500 copies)

Here is a chronological list and descriptions of Connecticut’s covered bridges. Table of Contents is by subject, highway bridges, and railways bridges. An included index is by County And Township.

R254.058 C76 l

List of Congregational Ecclesiastical Societies, established in CT before 1818 with their changes.c. 1913. Hartford, publ. By CT Historical Society.

This is an alphabetical list with brief descriptions

R352.009 So

Plan of Appropriateness and protection for the South Windsor Historic District. c. 1972

This is a typed plan for the South Windsor Historic District, attaching administrative regulations and procedures, which intend to provide a standard for town buildings



William Foster Genealogy c.1948, rev.ed. 1984. Committee appointed in 1982 includes Lois F. Watson et al. Spiralbound. William Foster was a farmer in Wapping. He built a house in 1822 there

. This is his family’s genealogy

332.12 So1P

Passbook to a proud past and a promising future: 1819-1969. 150th Anniversary of Society for Savings. 1969 by Ellsworth S. and Marion H. Grant.

This is a history of the bank Society of Savings in Hartford and a brief history of Hartford, CT itself

338.74 G76S

Stanadyne: a history, by Ellsworth S. Grant, ed. By Grace Martin and designed by Wondriska Associates, Windsor,CT. Stanadyne, 1985.

This is a history of the Stanadyne Corporation, which manufactures automotive fuel pumps and filters. Innovations are listed from 1900-1985, as are the founding companies from 1872- 1955.

342.46 B63c

Crusaders & Criminals, victims and visionaries: historic encounters between Connecticut citizens and the U.S. Supreme Court. Written by David Bollier, published by The Office of Attorney Gneneral Joseph Lieberman, c.1986

This is a fascinating book which describes cases against the U.S. Supreme Court by Connecticut citizens. For example, take the Estate of Thornton vs. Caldor. David Thornton of Litchfield did not think he would have to choose between his job and his religion. A devout Presbyterian, David felt that he shouldn’t have to work on Sundays. Caldor’s felt otherwise. As a dept. manager, Caldor felt it obvious for David to work one Sunday per month. David felt otherwise. It’s a great description of, loosely, Church vs. State.

R362.18 C49

Citizens of South Windsor: Did you know that this is the only Town in the area without an ambulance service?

Here is a bound pamphlet which is basically a plug to get the town a volunteer ambulance corporation. Obviously it worked.



“Thank you Mr. Edwards”: A Bicentennial History of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut. Written by James Royal Case & Merle P. Tapley. C.1989

This is a history of Freemasonry in Connecticut from 1733- 1988. Freemasonry is the name of one of the oldest & largest fraternal organizations in the world. It is dedicated to the ideals of charity, equality, morality & service to God. Each state has its own Grand Lodge

630.1 L

The Grange in Connecticut, by Lida Skilton Ives. Published by Dowd Printing Co, Winsted, CT, 1953

This paperbound title is a history of granges in the state. A grange is a farm and rural community service organization. The book is an amazing history of minutae of the state’s granges from 1875 to 1952. One would think it’s more than you ever want to know about the state’s granges. But it certainly is complete.

641.815 So8Y

Yeast feast breadbook. Edited by Rita Hyman. Published in 1975 by South Windsor Public Library

The “Yeast Feast” was a breadmaking program presented by the library on 4/17/75. The book is a collection of recipes for breads and other yeasty goodies that were served then, located at St. Margaret Mary’s Church

797.122 D61V

Voyage of the Ant, by James Dina. Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, PA, 1989 (signed by the author)

A true story of building a birchbark canoe with stone tools, paddling up the Connecticut River, to rediscover the lost world of the Indians.



South Windsor Manufacturing Directory, 1985. Published by the Town of South Windsor

641.865 C77

Cookie Capers Cookie Book. Edited by Linda Gates, published by the Friends of the South Windsor Public Library, 1978. Ill

This is a collection of cookie recipes made by the Kookie Kulinaries of the South Windsor Public Library

R725.16 F18P

Post Office on the Hill. By Linda Falcinelli

This is a history of the East Windsor Hill post office. It was written as an American Studies 501 paper by the author in December 1979 for Trinity College.

R728.37 M51

Memories of Main Street (South Windsor). July 3, 1976

Here is a description of historic houses on “Old” Main Street, South Windsor, CT, between the Scantic River travelling south to Strong Road. Map is included, as this was a historic site walking tour put together by the South Windsor Historical Society. Envelope



The Grant Family, 1601-1899. “Stand Fast” Edited by Arthur Hastings Grant,; published in Poughkeepsie, NY, 1899 A Report of the First Reunion of the Grant Family Association at Windsor & Hartford, Connecticut on October 27, 1899

This was the celebration of the 298th anniversary of the birth of Matthew Grant.

R917.62 P94

Profile of South Windsor, 1985. Published & prepared by the Town of South Windsor

An interesting, albeit older profile of the town. This report includes population , housing, labor characteristics, a list of services, civic organizations & clubs. A continuation of the characteristics and statistics is found through www.census.gov



An illustrated catalogue of known portraits by Jared B. Flagg, 1820-1899. Compiled by Miss Helen D. Perkins, sponsored & published by the Stowe-Day Foundation, 1972. Jared B. Flagg was a genre and portrait painter who was born in New Haven , CT in 1820.

This is a selected catalogue of his portraits for a 3 month exhibit at Nook Farm in Hartford. The portraits are copied in black & white.

974.6C76t no.36

Connecticut Newspapers in the Eighteenth Century. Published for the Tercentenary Commission of the State of Connecticut by the Yale University Press, 1935

Here is a 30 page essay written by Jarvis Means Morse. It includes short descriptions of various 18th century state newspapers, including the Connecticut Gazette(1755), Hartford Courant and The Connecticut Journal and New haven Post Boy.

974.6C76t no.37

Slavery in Connecticut. Published for the Tercentenary Commission by the Yale University Press, 1935.

Written by Ralph Foster Weld



Connecticut poets: an anthology of 88 contemporaries. Henry Harrison, NY,NY, 1932

This is an anthology of poems written by Connecticut poets in the 19th & early 20th centuries. The list of poets is alphabetical and the book is forwarded by two of the poets, Lucia Trent, and Ralph Cheyney



The Connecticut Guide: what to see and where to find it. Compiled by Edgar L. Heermance. Published by the Emergency Relief Commission, Hartford CT, 1935

This is a description of the state, town by town, with an alphabetical and geographical index. Under South Windsor, for example, are descriptions of the Samuel Webster House, followed by other buildings, which are located on U.S. Route 5. One unusual listing is “R.15 runs northeast to the village of Wapping, passing an Active Sand Dune, one of the largest in the state…” Interesting because I wonder where this sand dune is located.


South Windsor: historical brief and town facts. Reprint 1992 by South Windsor Public Library. Originally published by League Of Women Voters.

This pamphlet contains a brief history of the town, with discussion Of wars, tobacco growing, the people, types of work, & education


Encyclopedia of Connecticut Biography, 4v.; comp. By Samuel Hart, et al. American Historical Society, 1917

This set is a wonderful compilation of short biographies of “Representative Citizens” of Connecticut. Most have a portrait of the person. The biographies include persons from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, and include such luminaries as Harriet Beecher Stowe. One limitation is that the indicies are for each volume only, So no cumulative index exists. Still, a fine set.



Legislative History and Souvenir of Connecticut- Vol.VIII, 1911-12. Published 1912 by William Harrison Taylor of Hartford.

A very limited and specific document, it entails biographical portraits of the Connecticut Legislature of 1911.



Connecticut circa 1625, its Indian trails, villages, and sachemdoms, Published by the Connecticut Society of the Colonial Dames of America, Inc. 1934. Compiled by Mathias Spiess.

A description of territorial areas, Indian traps and maps.



God’s Acre, by Barney E. Daley. Published by author, 1985, in South Windsor, CT

He has written and published several books on local history. God’s Acre is a history of Ye Old Burial Ground in South Windsor. Photographs of the burial stones make Up a large part of this book. Also, there is a list of epitaphs on the Stones.

970.446 D15f

Five Thousand Years at Podunk, by Barney E. Daley. Published by the author in South Windsor, CT in 1984

Mr. Daley has written a fascinating history of the Podunk Indian, who lived along the banks of the Connecticut River

R973.73 C76c

Connecticut Civil War Centennial: Connecticut Military and Naval Leaders in the Civil War. Bound pamphlet compiled by E.P.Leddy And E.J. Lonergan, c. 1965?

This is a listing of short biographies with portraits of state born military and naval leaders. This pamphlet is a good supplement To Croffut (see below)

974.62 G53w

Wadsworth, or the Charter Oak, written and published by W.H. Gocher. Hartford, CT, 1904

This is the story of how the state charter came to be hidden in an Oak tree by Wadsworth, and the history surrounding the charter.



Military and Civil History of Connecticut during the War of 1861-65, by W.A.Croffut and John M. Morris, 3rd edition rev., 1869, published by Ledyard Bill, New York.

A history of Connecticut linking up to the Civil War is the Fascinating subject of this book.


Cascades and Courage: the history of the Town of Vernon and The City of Rockville, Connecticut, compiled by George S. Brookes, published by T.F.Rady & Co., Rockville, CT, 1955

This is a history of Vernon & Rockville, Connecticut, its local industries, church history, education, and other interesting facts.

974.6 B

Hartford State House of 1796, by Newton C. Brainard, Connecticut Historical Society, 1964

An illustrated history of the most identifiable building in Hartford (next to the Travelers Tower, City Place and the Colt Dome) is the ‘Old State House’.



Great Hartford Picture Book, by Wilson H. Faude. Published by Donning company, Norfolk, VA, 1985.

This hardbound book is a wonderful pictorial collection of Photographs of Hartford, arranged alphabetically by place Or subject. It was published as a celebration of the founding of Connecticut at its 350th anniversary and the settlement of Hartford. This book is a very good representation of Hartford history

974.6 2v

Guide to the History and Historic Sites Of Connecticut, by Florence S. Marcy Crofut. Yale University Press, 1937

This two volume set is a collective history of Connecticut’s 169 towns, arranged by county. Importance of towns was inherent in the conditions under which this state was settled and developed. Included in the text is a political history of Connecticut



Connecticut Historical Collections, by John Warner Barber, 1836 Publ. By B.L. Hamlen, New Haven, CT

This is a good companion piece to Crofut (see above)



A History of Connecticut: It’s People and Institutions, by George L. Clark. Putnam, 1914, 2nd edition

Here is a history of Connecticut Indians, the state’s wars, how People lived in the early days-including religious life, education, Manufacturing, government, art, music, and agriculture



Highways and Byways of Connecticut. Written and published by G.Fox & Co., 1947(commemorating it’s 100th year in Hartford (1847-1947).

This is a really oddball collection of historical information of the State. It includes description of cities and towns, mountains, Governors, industries. In looking up South Windsor, I discovered A rather weird description of John Fitch, the 18th century Wandering clockmaker and steam boat inventor.



Memorial History of Hartford County, Connecticut, 1633-1884 2v., edited by J. Hammond Trumbull, published by Edward L. Osgood, Boston, Ma, 1886.



Story of Connecticut. 3v. authored & illustrated by Robert N. Holcomb, 1935-36, published by the Hartford Times, Hartford, CT

Here is a black & white illustrated history of Connecticut, in comic book format. A great source for kids and adults alike.



Connecticut: a study of a Commonwealth-Democracy by Alexander Johnston. Riverside Press, Cambridge MA, 1887.

The purpose of this book is to present certain features in the development of Connecticut, which have influenced the general development of the state system in this country. Features are as followed: 1.Connecticut’s town system 2.Constitution of 1639 (first on record) 3.Convention of 1787 4.Western Colonization 5.Survival of State people during the Industrial Revolution



South Windsor, by Reverend Increase N. Tarbox., c.? This is part of a memorial history of Hartford County. East Windsor Heritage: Two Hundred Years of Church and Community History 1752-1952, by G. Stephen Potwin. Published By the Journal Publishing Co., Rockville, CT, for the First Congregational Church of East Windsor, 1952



East Windsor Through the Years, by Michael C. DeVito. Published by the East Windsor Historical Society, Warehouse Point, CT, 1968.

This book contains good photographs of buildings, and maps. Sections of its contents include Indians, early settlers, town government, churches, schools, etc.

974.62 K88h

History of South Windsor, Connecticut: Settlement to Incorporation, 1634-1845, by Lori Jean Kremidas.

This is a typed paper with illustrations, written in 1981.



A Short History of South Windsor, Connecticut. Written by Cynthia Partridge, South Windsor Planning Dept., 1985. Includes maps.

This is a great introduction to the history of our town.

R974.62 D62

Directory of Descendants of the Founders of Windsor, Connecticut. Compiled for the Windsor 350th Anniversary Committee by Stephen E. Simon & Kent C.L. Avery, 1983

This directory is an alphabetical list of descendants; a good source for genealogical research.

R974.62 G41l

“Letters” on the history of South Windsor published in the Hartford Times in 1857 and 1858, written by Horace Gillette.

This is a very esoteric collection of the history of South Windsor of the mid 1850’s. This might have been put together for some history or school project.

R974.62 G76e

Excerpts from the History of the Town of South Windsor by Judge Ralph M. Grant, 1951.



Long Hill: South Windsor Connecticut; “Reminiscences” a family record of Early American life by Mary Janette Elmore, published by the South Windsor Historical Society, Inc, c.1976

This book bridges the gap between the founding of our nation and Its Bicentennial Celebration. The author, when 80 years old, wrote this in 1911, and was discovered only some 30 years ago



Tobacco Parish: A Collection of South Windsor Memories, Written by Barney E. Daley, 1998. Published by the author

Mr. Daley is a colorful local author, who worked in the Tobacco fields. He has a good sense of humor. The book was written in a conversational style.

Corner Stone of Colonial Commerce, written by John A. Stoughton. Published by Little, Brown in Boston, 1911

This is a description of the “seed leaf” tobacco region of Connecticut, which includes the areas of Windsor, Hartford, Wethersfield, and South Windsor.

R974.62 Av3s

Settlement of Windsor Connecticut. Written by Kent C.L. Avery and Donna L. Siemiatkoski of the Windsor 350th Anniversary Committee. Published by Aetna Life & Casualty, Hartford, CT, 1983.

974.62 G76C

The City of Hartford: 1784-1984, an illustrated history. Written by Ellsworth Strong Grant & Marion Hepburn Grant. Published by The Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, CT, c. 1986

R974.62 So8S

South Windsor: a historical brief and town facts. Compiled by the South Windsor League of Women Voters, c. 19__.

Here is an informational pamphlet on the Town of South Windsor. It starts off by describing the first people of the area, the Podunk Indians. Other facts include the first settlers, the way they worked and lived, and the town government. There is a short history of the growth and use of tobacco; and a brief biography of Eli terry, who was known as “a cheap Yankee clock maker”.

R B Fitch

John Fitch: The first in the World’s History to Invent and apply Steam Propulsion of Vessels through water, compiled for the Admiral Bunce Section, Hartford, CT, No.42, of the National Navy League of the United States; published by R.S.Peck & Co., Hartford, CT, c.1912.

Here is a short biographical sketch of John Fitch, a native of Windsor, Connecticut. He is known primarily for producing serviceable steamboats before Robert Fulton.

R920 R

Record of South Windsor Men in the War of the Rebellion (known as the Civil War).

This is a bound handwritten list of names furnished by the Veteran’s Association in accordance with vote of Town at Annual Meeting October 1, 1984. The first few pages of text list sources where the information was culled. A very good historical secondary source

Service Records Connecticut: Men and women in the Armed Forces of the United States during World war 1917-1920. 3 vols. Published by United Printing Services, New Haven, CT, for the Office of The Adjutant General, State Armory, Hartford, CT

This amazing source lists CT men & women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War I. Towns are listed first, then alphabetically by name. Information includes Which service the person was in, address, when & where enlisted and when discharged

White 3-ring Notebook

Wood memorial Library. C. 1993.

This is a directory of Wood Memorial Library, 783 Main Street, South Windsor, Connecticut. (860) 289-1783.The contents include regulations of the library; there are no restrictions to the collections, but access to the archives themselves is by appointment only. Below is a list of annotated archives listed by contents: Individual family papers/collections Organizations & clubs Libraries Schools Business Town Records Subjects Calling card collection Album Collection Postcard collection Photograph collection Map collection Architectural drawings Journals & periodicals Miscellaneous publications on Connecticut/ Special Collections This is a very organized index of the Wood memorial Library, which in essence is the South Windsor Historical Collection, although there is also a South Windsor Historical Society, located at 771 Ellington Road, South Windsor.

Tel: 291-9958


L87 vol.4

Looking back: Historic Images of North Central Connecticut, foreword by Richard Tambling, c. 2002 Pediment Publishing.

This is a collection of pre-1950 photographs from the communities of East Windsor, South Windsor, Windsor, and Windsor Locks. The historical societies of each of these towns, along with South Windsor’s Wood Memorial Library, participated in this book. Also readers of the Journal Inquirer of Manchester Connecticut contributed to this work


St5h vol.1

History of Ancient Windsor: Volume 1 : the History by Henry R. Stiles. Published by the New Hampshire Publishing Company, Somersworth, NH c. 1976.

This is a facsimile of the 1892 edition.


St5h vol.2

History of Ancient Windsor: Volume 2: Genealogy



A Country Mile, by Doris Burgdorf, South Windsor Historical Society, Inc., South Windsor, CT, 1995

Here is a descriptive book with photographs of buildings/homes on Main Street in South Windsor. The CT State statue in 1970 established the town’s Historic District, which includes these buildings.

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