Llm 2008-2009 international regulation of companies 1

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Electronic Sources

Westlaw is an excellent tool and gives access to a very wide range of UK EU and US sources – both primary e.g. statutes and cases and secondary e.g. Law Journals (full text on line) and Palmer’s Company Law (a very authoritative UK Text). These can be searched electronically and also accessed if you know a title or reference.

The Europa Site (http://europa.eu.int/) gives full access to all EU institutions and materials. http://www.berr.gov.uk/ gets you the relevant UK Government Department for company law matters www.fsa.gov.uk is the UK Financial services Authority Site – dealing with all financial services regulation, stock exchange listing rules, banking and insurance regulation and http://www.law.cam.ac.uk/ is an excellent academic law site for UK and USA. Starting with these sites you should spend many happy hours on the internet researching relevant material and being swamped with information!

The University library will provide much helpful information and instruction on using electronic sources (on paper on their web pages and in person) as well as advising on books and journals held as hard copy. Blackboard has web links designed for this module in the pages for this module.


The library has copies of the following specialist journals:

  • Company Lawyer (a good journal for keeping up to date with latest developments, often has articles dealing with latest developments in European company law) on Westlaw

  • Company, Financial and Insolvency, Law Review (primarily useful for academic articles)

  • Journal of Business Law (some useful articles on company law)

  • Company Law Newsletter (the best publication for keeping track of recent developments)

  • Palmer’s In Company (again useful for keeping up to date, but less so than Company Law Newsletter)

  • International Company and Commercial Law Review (has a ‘recent developments’ section; articles tend not to be academically demanding)

  • International and Comparative Law Quarterly (has an occasional section on company law developments)


  • The module is assessed by a paper on a title agreed between each student and the course tutor. The paper must be no more than 5000 words long. Titles from which you can choose will be issued in the second or third Seminar.

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