Lled 360 Unit Plan: Industrial Revolution

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Participation- 5 marks

1867- Seth Taylor unveils and drives his Steam Buggy, Canada's first automobile, at the Stanstead Fair, Quebec.
============================== BELOW: Summative Presentation Assessment and Lesson 1 with Resources =======================

Summative Presentation Assessment:

Were the gains of ***** during the Industrial Revolution worth the costs? What is the significance of **** to current day?
Create a presentation in a creative way! Can be in the form of a game show, a TV talk show, a journalist report, a news report, a poster board presentation …You can do a standard presentation to if you like too. Remember- Your project needs to relate to modern day- you need to draw connections from the past to current society.
Your group will need to create a detailed outline of your presentation- your outline should state your thesis statement, a bibliography of all your sources (minimum of 4 reliable sources), and presenting materials i.e. PowerPoint’s, poster boards, handouts…
***All outlines, bibliographies, and presenting materials are due April 8. Presentations will be held in class on April 10 and April 14
General Details:

  • Give your presentation a name.

  • Each presentation will be 7-8 minutes in length. Afterward your group will field questions from your peers for 2-3 minutes.

  • There are 9 topics: (7 groups of 3/ 2 groups of 4) you will draw a number out of the hat, this number will correspond with the numbers listed below- this will be your topic and will form your groups!

  1. Women and Children

  2. Technological Advancements – Pick 2 or 3 innovations

  3. New industries

  4. Capitalism and the lassie faire policy

  5. Britain

  6. Labour Reforms

  7. Transportation

  8. Mass production

  9. Middle Class

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