Lled 360 Unit Plan: Industrial Revolution

Cost and Benefits of the industrial revolution/ significant to today

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Cost and Benefits of the industrial revolution/ significant to today.

(April 14)

- Summarize information from primary and secondary print and non-print sources, including electronic sources

-Plan, revise, and deliver formal oral and written presentations

-Analyse roots of present-day social issues

A5 select and use a range of strategies to prepare oral communications, including; interpreting a task and setting a purpose, considering audience, generating ideas, making connections among relevant knowledge and experiences, planning and rehearsing presentations

A6 select and use a range of strategies to express ideas and information in oral communications, including;

vocal techniques, style and tone, nonverbal techniques, visual aids, organizational and memory aids.

-Students will present or be watching other students present. After presentations presenters will ask for questions from peers/ led a discussion with the class.

-5 groups are scheduled to present

-Teacher will assess presentations using a rubric.

-Peers will assess each other’s presentations

-Student will fill in a self-evaluation once they have completed their presentation.

-Groups will let the teacher know ahead of time what sort of resources/ technology they will need.

17. How has the environment changed since the revolution?

(April 16)

-Discuss how industrialization has created problems for the environment

-Analyse roots of present-day issues within Canada.

-Plan a course of action that addresses the problem of environmental impacts.

A2 express ideas and information in a variety of situations and forms to explore and respond, recall and describe, narrate and explain persuade and support.

-Teacher led discussion-using graphs show how pollution has impacted the environment since the industrial revolution

-Class Discussion: How does this challenge our notions of progress?

-Students will fill out a worksheet to see what their ecological footprint is.

-Class brainstorm on how we can lower on environmental impact as a class? As individuals? Teacher will write up all the responses on the board in a big class mind map.

-Get into groups of 4 and create a Venn diagram using chart paper on all the costs and benefits of the industrial revolution (teacher numbering off students will create groups). Post posters up in the room.

-Pollution maps and information from http://www.eh-resources.org/timeline/timeline_industrial.html and http://rainforests.mongabay.com/09-carbon_emissions.htm

-Worksheets for students to calculate their ecological footprint

-Chart paper



  1. Unit test- 10 multiple choice; 5 Vocabulary terms with one sentence each to states significance; 3 short questions; 1 paragraph question on cost/ benefits/ of the steam engine to the industrial revolution and people’s lives. Total 40 marks

  2. Summative Presentations- Total 40 marks

  3. Cost/ Benefit/Significance Charts- Total 20 marks

  4. Reflections from workers on the line game- Total 5 marks

  5. In class writing exercise- 5 marks

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