Lled 360 Unit Plan: Industrial Revolution

Participation in creating mind maps

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Participation in creating mind maps

  • Participation in Think/pair/share

  • Exit slip: 5 minute timed write.

    • Modifications:

    • -Students who cannot copy down the notes will be given a copy of them- but will have to copy them down at home and bring the teacher copy back.

    • -Students who do no finish their timed write can finish it for homework.

    • Adaptions:

    • -Students will be given a vocabulary list of all the new/challenging words for the unit.

    • -Students will get graphic organizers to take notes

    • -Students will work in groups so that they can participate without having to take in front of the whole class.

    • Extensions:

    • -Students can use their devices to get more information on the terms we are brainstorming

    • -Students can go through the chapter in the textbook to find and add key terms that are not on the vocabulary list but are confusing or challenging.

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