Llamas are larger than frogs

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2002 Beltway Bandits

Round 9

Questions written by Michigan
"Llamas are larger than frogs."
1. They set the record for most losses in a season with 67 in their expansion season of 1967-68, but soon improved after drafting Elvin Hayes and moving from California in 1971. The last team to make it to the NBA finals with a losing regular-season record, they lost four games to two to the Celtics in 1981. For 10 points, identify this franchise, whose stars of the late 1970s included Rudy Tomjanovich and Moses Malone and current stars include Glen Rice and Steve Francis.

Answer: Houston Rockets
2. He entered Christ Church College at Oxford over the objections of his mother, and while at Oxford he became friends with Lewis Carroll and may have fallen in love with Alice Liddell. Subject to severe bruising from when he was as young as two, he was the first known hemophilia sufferer in the English royal family. For 10 points - identify this 19th century prince, who didn’t really travel forward in time to 2001 and meet some girl named Kate.

Answer: Prince Leopold George Duncan Albert, Duke of Albany
3. This company’s name was repeated 12 times in the Literary Review’s 2000 Bad Sex in Fiction award winner. Established in 1951 and expanding to the U.S. in 1963, it was responsible for the first Japanese cassette recorder and was the first company to make digital audiotape products. Makers of a full line of relatively cheap home electronics products, identify - for 10 points - this consumer electronics company owned by Sony.

Answer: Aiwa
4. The Google Usenet archive indicates that on April 29, 1992, Mike Burger was looking for the sheet music to this song. The last verse mentions Rob Dickins and Ross Cullum, the executive producer and engineer of the album Watermark. The other verses mention a plethora of tropical places, including Khartoum, Bissau, and the title river. For 10 points - identify this song by Enya.

Answer: Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)
5. They were summoned to combat Hoggish Greedly in the first episode, and later episodes pitted them against Duke Nukem, Verminous Skumm, and Looten Plunder. There were five in total: Kwame, Wheeler, Gi (ghee), Linka, and Ma-Ti (mah-tee), and each had magic rings representing earth, air, fire, water, and heart, respectively. For 10 points - identify these animated environmental crusaders, whose magic rings could be used to summon Captain Planet.

Answer: The Planeteers
6. The first international event for this sport was held in Davos, Switzerland in 1883, while the first Olympic competition was held in 1964. After five events in the 2001-2002 season, the current men’s points leader in Italy’s Armin Zoeggler, but much of the leaderboard is composed of Austrians and Germans, including three-time Olympic gold medalist Georg Hackl. Headfirst, it's called "skeleton." For 10 points - identify this type of sledding.

Answer: luge
7.A psychology graduate from the University of Arizona, his only credited acting role is as himself in 1999’s Frankie Goes to Hollywood. His first work behind the camera was in 1972’s The Culpepper Cattle Company. He has been quoted as saying, “"We are in the transport business. We transport audiences from one place to another." to describe his work. For 10 points - identify this producer and former partner of Don Simpson best known for films where stuff blows up a lot like Days of Thunder, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor.

Answer: Jerry Bruckheimer

8. The novel ends when Lord Agelmar’s army wins a massive victory at Tarwin’s Gap while the deaths of Aginor, Balthemel, and the Green Man occur at the title location. The action starts when Trollocs raid three farms near the village of Emond’s Field, which prompts Moiraine to take Mat, Perrin, and Rand from the village to begin the quest of defeating the Dark One. For 10 points - identify this novel, the first book of The Wheel of Time.

Answer: The Eye of the World
9. We see her lying on a bed listening to the music playing in her head. Her week is nothing but problems, including arriving without a suitcase on Friday night, a never ending Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning papers never coming, and stockings needing mending on Thursday night. For 10 points - identify this overworked mother, whose story forms the theme song for "Grace Under Fire."

Answer: Lady Madonna
10.This race spawned controversy in 2000 when the village where it was held legalized an open-air brothel for tourists visiting the event, and in 2001 when it achieved an advertising restriction exception on its title sponsor Marlboro. The 13th race of the season in 2001, it was one of nine races won by Michael Schumacher, and the one where he clinched the driver’s championship. For 10 points - identify this Formula one race held in Mogyorod, near Budapest.

Answer: Hungarian Grand Prix
11. Donovan McNabb’s favorite movie, the choreography for the film was done by Debbie Allen. The plot involves Harvey Tilson hiring Mona Mondieu, a psychic who used to chart dog-racing, and replaces his team with players who sign is the same as star player Moses Guthrie, Pisces. For 10 points - identify this film, staring Julius Erving as the star player of the NBA team in the title city.

Answer: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
12. Along with her sisters Louise and Irlene, she had a variety show on NBC from 1980 until 1982, when doctors advised her to end the show to reduce strain on her vocal chords. Her family had a minor hit in 1963 with “Queen for a Day”, while she first his the top five in 1975 with “Standing Room Only”. For 10 points - identify this country singer whose number one hits included “Sleeping Single in a Double Bed” and “If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right”.

Answer: Barbara Mandrell
13. A mysterious codename: "Phoenix." Stuart Wyland's old mansion. A tropical island where he once tried to lure all his enemies. A private dungeon beneath Paris, complete with working guillotine. The owner of all these things counts among his capers the murder Curtis Reed, efforts to steal Mayan treasures and mystical prisms, efforts to brainwash Laura Horton with mind-control lasers, and the kidnapping of damn near everyone. FTP, name this archvillain of Salem, famed for his obsession with Marlena, played by Joseph Mascolo on Days of Our Lives.

Answer: Stefano DiMera

14.In December 2001, he left his job as head coach of the Savannah College of Art and Design to become the pitching coach for the single A Lowell Spinners. Like a lot of pitchers, his best season was 1968, when he went 21-9 with a 1.60 ERA with the Indians, the first of four twenty-win seasons in his 19-year career. For 10 points - identify this pitcher who did not make the Hall of Fame after 15 tries in 2002, a long-time member of Boston Red Sox.

Answer: Luis Tiant
15. Co-written by Dan Schneider and Brian Robbins, it is the story of Jason Shepherd and his best friend Kaylee, who head to Los Angeles in a convoluted revenge plot against Marty Wolf, the man who stole Jason's class assignment and made it into a hit movie, one which shares its name with this film. Starring former baseball commissioner's son Paul Giamatti and Nick's Amanda Byrnes--for 10 points--name this 2002 film, starring Frankie Muniz.

Answer: Big Fat Liar
16. Accidentally set to a German hymn in a Las Vegas football game in the late 1990s, the character of ­Richard Jeni on Platypus Man would become sexually aroused by heard this song. On an episode of TV Nation, a man on the street, when given its first word, guessed that the rest of the first line was “say can you see.” For 10 points - identify this song, for which both English and French lyrics exist, a hymn of "our home and native land."

Answer: O Canada
17. Its original three members had previously played in Eleanor, City Limits, and the Cherry Boys before forming the band in 1980, their name comes from a short story by Frederick Pohl. Their first U.K. hit was 1982’s “Love is a Wonderful Colour”, and they lasted until 1990, when lead singer Ian McNabb disbanded the band after the album Permanent Damage. For 10 points - identify this band best known for “Whisper to a Scream”.

Answer: Icicle Works
18. Debuting in September 1995, its male is the author of “Tim the Die-Hard Packer Fan” while its female host wrote “Getting in Touch With Your Inner Bimbo.” Super-Hero Sandwiches, An Éclair to Remember, and Arnold Schwarteneggs Benedict are among the recipes produced in its cooking segment. For 10 points - identify this show starring Paul Gilmartin and Annabelle Gurwitch, a TBS Friday night staple.

Answer: Dinner and a Movie
19. Selected 31st overall in 1987, he became the highest-drafted UNLV player in NFL history overall after leading division I-A in rushing that year. He led his team with 15 touchdowns in his rookie season, but his last three years in the NFL were unproductive after a knee injury in September 1989, eight months after a close loss in Super Bowl XXIII. For 10 points - identify this former Cincinnati Bengals running back, best known for his eponymous “shuffle.”

Answer: Elbert “Ickey” Woods
20. She replaced Claudia Wells as Jennifer Parker in the second and third movies in the Back to the Future series. Playing characters named Parker was nothing new to her, as she played Chris Parker in 1987's Adventures in Babysitting. Prior to that, she had been seen as Daniel-san's girlfriend Ali in The Karate Kid. Also featured in The Saint and Hollow Man--for 10 points--name this actress, best known for her Oscar nominated turn in Leaving Las Vegas.

Answer: Elisabeth Shue
21. They're boxy but they're good. Simon Templar drove one. Sponsors of the Whitbred Around The World race, they also provide scholarship money and a new car to the winner of the Jeopardy! College Championship. Taking their name from the Latin meaning "I roll"--for 10 points--name this brand of Swedish automobile now owned by Ford.

Answer: Volvo

22. On June 22, 1990, he became the first artist ever to perform at Yankee Stadium. Three years earlier, he had engaged on a major tour of the Soviet Union, which included an onstage temper tantrum that saw him kick a piano off stage and record the Leningrad show for stateside release. That Russian trip also inspired the tune "Leningrad" on his 1989 Storm Front album. For 10 points--name this New Yorker, known as "The Piano Man."

Answer: Billy Joel
23. The conductor on 1969's The Andy Williams Show, he scored his first hit with the catchy theme to The Rockford Files. Then, believe it or not, he penned the theme to The Greatest American Hero, along with co-writing themes to The A-Team, L.A. Law, Quantum Leap, and Magnum, PI. Best known for themes like instrumental themes to Law and Order, Hill Street Blues, and Doogie Howser, MD--for 10 points--name this composer.

Answer: Mike Post
2002 Beltway Bandits

Round 9

Questions written by Michigan
"Llamas are larger than frogs."
1. Identify the following Eastern Europeans played by British actor Tom Courtenay for 10 points each.

(10) Courtenay’s most famous role is probably this Bolshevik general in Dr. Zhivago.

Answer: Strelnikov (also accept Pasha Antipov)

(10) He played the title character in a film adaptation of this Solzhenitsyn work.

Answer: Ivan Denisovich

(10) In Young Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Peacock’s Eye, he plays this anthropologist who rescues Indy somewhere near the Trobriand Islands.

Answer: Bronislaw Malinowski
2. Identify these actors from their guest appearance as a guy named Carl on Law and Order for 15 points each, or from a regular role on another series for 5.

(15) He plays Carl Braddock, a partner in a New York brokerage house whose involvement with the Mafia causes the murder of Sean Alvarez.

(5) Steven Keaton on Family Ties

Answer: Michael Gross

(15) He appeared in three episodes as Carl Anderton. In the first episode, he was a friend of Adam Schiff who tried to use his influence to hide his grandson’s involvement in a two-year old arson case and his own manic-depression.

(5) Napoleon Solo on The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Answer: Robert Vaughn
3. Given a year, give the team who won the Stanley Cup for 5 points each and the player who scored the series-winning overtime goal for 10 more.

(5/10) 1999

Answer: Dallas Stars and Brett Hull

(5/10) 1996

Answer: Colorado Avalanche and Uwe Krupp
4. Identify the characters from Dr. Strangelove for the stated number of points.

(5) George C. Scott would later say that the role of this Air Force Chief of Staff was his favorite of all the roles he ever played.

Answer: "Buck" Turgedson

(5) Slim Pickens turned in a classic performance as this pilot who rides a hydrogen bomb to his death in one of the most classic scenes in cinema.

Answer: Major "King" Kong

(10) In the only role in his native accent, Peter Sellers plays this R. A. F. officer and assistant of General Ripper who spends most of the film trying to recall the 843rd Bomb Wing.

Answer: Group Captain Lionel Mandrake

(10) Tracy Reed plays this secretary and mistress of Buck Turgedson, the only female character in the film.

Answer: Miss Scott
5. For 5 points each and a bonus 5 for all, given a band from a country’s version of Popstars, identify the country.

(5) Eden’s Crush Answer: United States of America

(5) HearSay Answer: Great Britain or United Kingdom

(5) TrueBliss Answer: New Zealand

(5) No Angels Answer: Germany

(5) Bardot Answer: Australia
6. Identify these people associated with the Pepsi-Cola company around 1950 for 10 points each.

(5) Accused of taking bribes from Pepsi, he distracted attentions from those allegations by staring a hunt for Commies.

Answer: Joseph McCarthy

(15) This actress received a spot on the Pepsi board of directors after marrying Alfred Steele.

Answer: Joan Crawford (or Lucille Le Sueur)

(10) In 1949, he was the first African-American to appear in a national ad campaign, 44 years before becoming Commerce Secretary.

Answer: Ron Brown
7. 30-20-10-5. Actor from roles.

(30) He’s signed to play Stan Bobbins in Baby Geniuses 2: Superbabies. God have mercy on us all.

(20) James Halbrook on Baby Talk and Anthony DeLuca on Blansky’s Beauties

(10) Dr. Jack Stewart on Diagnosis: Murder

(5) Chachi on Happy Days and Charles on Charles in Charge

Answer: Scott Baio
8. Identify these early leaders in the 2002 Jerk of the Year race at www.jerkoftheweek.com FTSNOP.

(5) Leading the way with seven points is this man who visited Cuba in violation of U.S. law and fought with some journalists.

Answer: Mike Tyson

(5) This basketball team is tied for the lead in the team standings with five points due to Tim Thomas’ criticism of officials and Darvin Ham’s spousal-abuse allegations.

Answer: Milwaukee Bucks

(10) The only hockey player to earn a jerk point in the first week of 2002 was this recipient of a Marty McSorley how-do-you-do with the Canucks, now a member of the Flyers.

Answer: Donald Brashear

(10) Surprisingly, Bud Selig is not leading the baseball jerk standings. This outfielder leads the way after accusing GM Dave Evans of misleading him.

Answer: Gary Sheffield

9. Identify the characters who speak these quotes from either Ghostbusters movie for 10 points each.

(10) "He is Vigo! You are like the buzzing of flies to him."

Answer: Janos (YA-nowsh) Poha

(10) Gozer the Gozerian: good evening. As a duly designated representative of the City, County and State of New York, I order you to cease any and all supernatural activities and return forthwith to your place of origin or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension.

Answer: Ray Stantz

(10) Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES!

Answer: Winston Zeddemore
10. Identify these independent record labels for 10 points each.

(10) Founded in 1989 in New York, well known artists on this label included Pavement and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

Answer: Matador

(10) The best selling independent record ever in the U.S. was the Offspring’s Smash, marketed on this label that was also home to Rancid and SNFU.

Answer: Epitaph

(10) Founded in southwest London at the dawn of the punk era and taking its name from the title of a Rolling Stones album, their first major success was Gary Numan. More recent successes on the label include Badly Drawn Boy and The Prodigy.

Answer: Beggar’s Banquet or Beggars Group [Do not accept: XL (a subsidiary of Beggars Group)]
11. Answer the following about the rules of cribbage for 10 points each.

(10) A full-length, or “twice around,” cribbage game ends when one of the players reaches this many points.

Answer: 121

(10) A player receives this point if that player holds the jack of the suit that is turned up.

Answer: nobs

(10) The highest scoring possible cribbage hand, worth 29 points, had these five cards in it.

Answer: a jack and four fives (accept equivalents)
12. Some programming is a train wreck, and some programming is a train wreck. FTPE:

a. This 1995 Woody Harrelson-Wesley Snipes-J.Lo masterpiece concerns a plot by rogue NYC transit police to hijack the payroll which is, convenitently, being carried in cash.

A: Money Train

b. Rob Lowe and Mena Suvari play a father and daughter -- in real life they're 14 years apart, making Mena a little old for his tastes -- in this 1999 made-for-NBC movie.

A: Atomic Train

c. This midseason-replacement anthology adventure series, set aboard an atomic luxury locomotive, lasted for less than a month on NBC in early 1979 before being pulled for retooling, adding Mr. Belvedere wife Ilene Graff as Social Director Penny Whitaker. After returning to the air, its ratings plummetted and it was cancelled in July 1979. Basically Love Boat on a railroad, sets cost millions of dollars, making it one of the most expensive failures in television history.

A: Supertrain
13. Answer the following about recent events in Oklahoma State basketball that don’t involve beating up visiting players for 10 points each.

(10) On January 27, 2001, two OSU players died in a plane crash returning home after a game against this Big XII opponent.

Answer: University of Colorado

(10) Despite the crash, this coach led OSU to its eleventh straight season of 17 or more victories.

Answer: Eddie Sutton

(10) This senior guard is leading the Cowboys in scoring this year, averaging around 17 ppg.

Answer: Maurice Baker
14. Monkees songs from lyrics, for 10 points each.

(10) "You once thought of me/as a white knight on a steed."

Answer: Daydream Believer

(10) "You’re trying to make your mark in society/Using all the tricks you used on me."

Answer: (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone

(10) "A hot bowl of soup is waiting/A hot bowl of soup and a shave"

Answer: D. W. Washburn
15. Given a bizarre concept that never happened from the ABC crossover hosting of its "Bond Picture Show," name which Bond film would have been playing that night, for 10 points each.

(10) Regis puts Francisco Scaramanga in "The Hot Seat" so that he may attempt to win the money needed to buy his own contract killing services.

Answer: The Man With The Golden Gun

(10) John Stossel corners Hugo Drax about possible design flaws in the designs of his aerospace engineering firm.

Answer: Moonraker

(10) Wayne and Colin have to use a series of Faberge eggs in a Props sketch while not busting a gut saying the name of Lois Chiles' character.

Answer: Octopussy
16. Answer these questions about currently running daytime game show jackpots for 10 each.

(10) What is the maximum bank possible on the American daytime version of The Weakest Link.

Answer: $75,000 (if you care, the U.K. version is ?10,000)

(10) On Family Feud, if you get 200 points in Fast Money, and survive 30 minutes of Louie Anderson choking on a beaver, how much money would you win?

Answer: $20,000

(10) On the John O'Hurley-hosted To Tell the Truth, how much money would the group of the contestant and the 2 imposters receive if they stumped the entire panel.

Answer: $5,000
17. Given a bowl game and a string of consecutive years, identify the team that played in that bowl game in each of those years for the stated number of points.

(5) Holiday Bowl, 1978-1984

Answer: Brigham Young University or BYU

(5) Motor City Bowl, 1997-2000

Answer: Marshall University

(10) Liberty Bowl, 1989-1992

Answer: United States Air Force Academy

(10) Cotton Bowl, 1969-1974

Answer: University of Texas
18. 30-20-10. Actress from roles.

(30) Lillian de Haven in G.I. Jane

(20) Mother Miriam Ruth in Agnes of God, Kathy Lupo in New York Confidential

(10) Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate

Answer: Anne Bancroft
19. Given two members of a rap supergroup, name the group FTPE.

a. DMX and Eve A: The Ruff Ryders

b. Naz (nawz) and Foxy Brown A: The Firm

c. Ice Cube, MAK10, WC A: The West Side Connection
20. For 10 points each--given a standard definition of a coffee bar beverage, name what you would be drinking, and by the way, knowledge of Italian could help.
(10) An espresso that has been run short, meaning that it has less water run through the grinds, meaning a smaller, slightly stronger shot.

Answer: Ristretto (Wrist-retto)
(10) A shot of espresso with steamed milk and lightly topped with foamed milk, but less foamed milk than a cappuccino.

Answer: caffe latte (Café Lah-tay)
(10) A shot of espresso with chocolate syrup steamed milk and topped with foamed milk or whipped cream.

Answer: caffe mocha (Café Moe-cah)

21. Given previous screen roles, name The West Wing cast member who would list them on their resume, for 10 points each.

(10) Ms. Perky in Ten Things I Hate About You, Barbara Fitts in American Beauty

Answer: Allison Janney

(10) Captain Loomis Birkhead in 1941, Eric 'Otter' Stratton, Delta Rush Chairman in National Lampoon's Animal House.

Answer: Tm Matheson

(10) Robert E. Lee in Gettysburg, Chief of Staff A. J. MacInerney in The American President

Answer: Martin Sheen
22. Given the annoying stat, identify the 2001 major league leader in that stat for 15 points each. If you need the player’s team and position, you’ll get 10 points.

(15) Doubles

(10) Left Fielder, Houston Astros

Answer: Lance Berkman

(15) Games Pitched

(10) Middle Reliever and part-time closer, St. Louis Cardinals

Answer: Steve Kline
23. Given lyrics to a song nominated for a 2002 Grammy Award, name the song for five and the artist for five.

(5/5) "All that you fashion, All that you make, All that you build, All that you break, All that you measure, All that you steal, All that you can't leave behind."

Answer: "Walk On" by U2

(5/5) "And love won’t play any games with me anymore if you don't want it to, the world won’t wait, and I watched you shake. But, honey, I don't blame you, hell, I still love you…"

Answer: "New York, New York" by Ryan Adams

(5/5) "Fa shizzle my nizzle used to dribble down in V-A, Was herbin' 'em in the home of the turbans,
Got it dirt cheap for them, plus if they was short wit cheese I would work wit 'em."

Answer: "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" by Jay-Z
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