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A Second Attempt at the Throne, 1814-1815 (Station 6)

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A Second Attempt at the Throne, 1814-1815 (Station 6)

During Napoleon’s stayed on Elba in 1814, he was not content. His thoughts kept wandering back to his ambitions of a grand empire.

In February 1815, Napoleon escaped from the island with 1,000 or so followers. He landed on March 1 and marched toward Paris, gathering supporters along the way. The French army sent to stop him, joined him instead. The Bourbons fled as Napoleon entered Paris on March 20, beginning the Hundred Days. The people welcomed back their hero, but not his dictatorship. Napoleon proclaimed a new constitution that limited his power. Napoleon was determined to change that constitution later as he prepared to engage the allies.

After a few victories, Napoleon lost at the Battle of Waterloo to an allied coalition led by the Duke of Wellington. Napoleon fled to Paris and gave up power again on June 22, ending the Hundred Days.

This time, the allies weren’t so generous toward him. In August, they imprisoned Napoleon on the island of St. Helena, off the southern coast of Africa. On the island, there was nothing for Napoleon to do but write his memoirs.

Napoleon died on May 5, 1821. Interestingly enough, his death is a mystery. The initial autopsy ruled that he died of stomach cancer, a condition that killed his father. However, a later autopsy of Napoleon’s body revealed signs that he might have been poisoned using arsenic.

Napoleon on St. Helena Home on St. Helena

Napoleon on his Death Bed

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