Little Book of Roman Architecture

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Little Book of Roman Architecture

You will demonstrate your understanding of basic Roman architecture by making a booklet. This is meant to be a hands-on project. Limitations of space and time are

intentional. All illustrations must be drawn by hand. Even if you don’t like to draw or you think you don’t draw well, your efforts will be repaid because the exercise will help you remember this important information about Roman culture. Deficiencies you may feel as an artist will not impact your grade. Just follow the directions and rubric carefully. Text must also be handwritten and please use your own words! You may not use pictures or text taken verbatim (word for word) from the internet or any other source. Please identify the sources you choose!

How to make your book:

-- Fold a blank sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper lengthwise (hotdog style). Make sure that

the edges are even. Get good creases!

-- Fold the paper in half again from top to bottom.

-- Fold it one more time from top to bottom.

-- Unfold the whole paper and fold widthwise (hamburger style).

-- Cut the paper straight down from the middle of the folded edge down the crease

until you hit the next crease.

-- Unfold the paper and fold it lengthwise. Hold each end of the 'hotdog' and slowly

push your hands together until the middle forms a diamond. Keep pushing until

the edges come together.

-- Fold the pages in one direction until they form a little book.
Illustrations and text:
Page 1 (the cover): draw a basilica. Accompanying text should explain the purpose of the building and the architectural highlights. Label the page. Make sure that your name is in the lower right hand corner. 9 points
Page 2-3: Draw the 3 main types of classical columns. Label the page and identify the columns by type with a brief explanation of each. 9 points
Pages 4-5: Draw the Pantheon. These pages should explain the dome. Label as needed. 9 points

Pages 6-7: Draw an aqueduct and a bridge. Accompanying text should explain the arch. Label as needed. Make sure you include and label the keystone! 9 points
Page 8: Draw the Roman Colosseum. Accompanying text should explain the use of concrete by the Romans. Label as needed. 9 points

This project is worth 50 points total. In addition to the above 45 points, there will be 5 points for overall neatness / appearance / ability to follow directions / finding

and using additional sources as cited in your bibliography.




Suggested internet sources..


Our school and public libraries are also wonderful sources of information.




N.B. These projects will NOT be accepted late.  

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