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Literature of Theology and Church History in the United States and Canada

Author Index

Abbot, Abiel.

A discourse delivered at Plymouth December 22, 1809, at the celebration of the 188th anniversary of the landing of our forefathers in that place.

Boston: Greenough and Stebbins. 1810

pastor of the First church in Beverly; LC# 25-3660.

Fiche: 40,028
Abbot, Abiel.

Reply to Mr. Abbot's statement of proceedings in the First Society in Coventry, Conn.

Hartford: B. Gleason. 1812

Church History

by the Association in Tolland County.

Fiche: 4,871
Abbot, Abiel.

A statement of proceedings in the First Society in Coventry, Conn.: which terminated in the removal of the pastor.

Boston: J. Eliot. 1811

Practical Theology

Fiche: 4,848
Abbott, John Stevens Cabot.

History of King Philip, sovereign chief of the Wampanoags.

New York, Harper & brothers. 1857

Including the early history of the settlers of New England; LC# 2-16812.

Fiche: 41,649
Abbott, Lyman.

Laicus; or, The experiences of a layman in a country parish.

New York, Dodd & Mead. 1872

LC# 5-42608.

Fiche: 63,411
Abbott, Lyman, 1835-1922.

Henry Ward Beecher: a sketch of his career, with analyses of his power as a preacher, lecturer.

Hartford, Conn.: American Publishing Co. 1887


assisted by S.B. Halliday.

Fiche: 2,304-2,311
Abercrombie, James.

A sermon, occasioned by the death of Major Gen. Alexander Hamilton, who was killed by Aaron Burr, esq. vice president of the United States, in a duel, July 11, 1804.

Philadelphia: H. Maxwell, North second-street, opposite Christ-church. 1804

Preached, in Christ-church and St. Peter's, Philadelphia, on Sunday, July 22d, 1804, one of the assistant ministers of Christ-church and St. Peter's ...; LC# 5-18221.

Fiche: 48,869
Abercrombie, James.

A sermon, preached in Christ church and St. Peter's, Philadelphia: on Wednesday, May 9, 1798.

Philadelphia: John Ormrod, no. 41, Chestnut-street. [1798]

Being the day appointed by the President, as a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer, throughout the United States of North America; LC# 20-12779.

Fiche: 40,027
An Account of the reasons why a considerable number... belonging to the New North congregation in Boston, could not consent to Mr. Peter Thacher's ordination there.

[Boston: s.n.]. 1720

Dogmatic Theology

Fiche: 4,962
Ackerman, A. W.

The price of peace. A story of the times of Ahab, king of Israel.

Chicago, A. C. McClurg and company. 1894

LC# 5-42990.

Fiche: A-37,222
Adams, Amos.

Religious liberty an invaluable blessing.

Boston: Kneeland and Adams. 1768

Practical Theology

illustrated in two discourses, preached at Roxbury, Dec. 3, 1767.

Fiche: 4,836
Adams, Amos.

Songs of victory directed by human compassion, and qualified with Christian benevolence; in a sermon delivered at Roxbury, October 25, 1759.

Boston, Edes and Gill. 1759

On the general thanksgiving, for the success of His Majesty's arms, "more particularly, in the reduction of Quebec, the capital of Canada."; LC# 16-14560.

Fiche: 40,396
Adams, Edwin G.

An historical discourse in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the formation of the First Congregational Church in Templeton, Massachusetts.

Boston: Crosby, Nichols. 1857

Church History

with an appendix, embracing a survey of the municipal affairs of the town.

Fiche: 4,201-4,203
Adams, Hannah.

A dictionary of all religions and religious denominations, Jewish, heathen, Mahometan and Christian, ancient and modern.

James Eastburn and company, at the Literary rooms, corner of Broadway and Pine street, N. York; and by Cummings and Hilliard, no. 1, Cornhill, Boston. 1817

With an appendix, containing a sketch of the present state of the world, as to population, religion, toleration, missions, etc., and the articles in which all Christian denominations agree. Fourth ed., with corrections and large additions. Published by; LC# 30-11332.

Fiche: 40,140
Adams, Hannah.

A narrative of the controversy between the Rev. Jedidiah Morse, D. D. and the author.

Boston: Cummings and Hilliard, Bradford and Read, and Isaiah Thomas, jun. Marlboro' street. John Eliot. 1814

LC# 5-11355.

Fiche: 40,148
Adams, Hannah.

A summary history of New-England, from the first settlement at Plymouth, to the acceptance of the federal Constitution.

Dedham [Mass.] H. Mann and J. H. Adams. 1799

Comprehending a general sketch of the American war; LC# 1-7555.

Fiche: 40,005
Adams, Hannah.

A view of religions, in two parts: Pt. I. Containing an alphabetical compendium of the various religious denominations, which have appeared in the world, from the beginning of the Christian era to the present day. Pt. II. Containing a brief account of the different schemes of religion now embraced among mankind.

Boston, Manning & Loring, proprietors, No. 2, Cornhill, Boston. 1801

The whole collected from the best authors, ancient and modern. The 3d ed., with large additions ... Published according to act of Congress; LC# A 31-593.

Fiche: 40,029
Adams, Hannah, 1755-1831.

An alphabetical compendium of the various sects which have appeared in the world from the beginning of the Christian Era to the present day.

Boston: B. Edes & Sons. 1784

Church History

Fiche: 4,867-4,870
Adams, Harriet A., "Mrs. J.S. Adams".

Allegories of life.

Boston, Lee & Shepard; New York, Lee, Shepard, & Dillingham. 1872

LC# 5-42967.

Fiche: 67,885
Adams, Herbert Baxter.

The life and writings of Jared Sparks, comprising selections from his journals and correspondence.

Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company. 1893

2 v.; LC# 14-14056.

Fiche: 16,558
Adams, John.

Poems on several occasions, original and translated.

Boston, D. Gookin, in Marlborough-street, over against the Old South meeting house. 1745

LC# 11-31659.

Fiche: 40,012
Adams, John Greenleaf.

Our country, and its claims upon us.

Providence, Knowles, Anthony & co. 1863

An oration delivered before the municipal authorities and citizens of Providence, July 4, 1863; LC# 19-20276.

Fiche: 40,149
Adams, John Quincy, pres. U. S.

An oration, delivered at Plymouth, December 22, 1802.

Boston, Russell and Cutler. 1802

At the anniversary commemoration of the first landing of our ancestors, at that place. [Pub. at the request of ... the Committee of the town of Plymouth ...]; LC# 18-2978.

Fiche: 40,040
[Adams, Nehemiah].

Bertha and her baptism.

Boston, S. K. Whipple and company. 1857

By the author of Agnes and the little key; or, Bereaved parents instructed and comforted; LC# 6-29161.

Fiche: 63,356
Adams, Nehemiah, 1806-1878.

The friends of Christ in the New Testament: thirteen discourses.

Boston: J.P. Jewett. 1855


5th ed.

Fiche: 2,934-2,937
Adams, Oscar Fay.

The archbishop's unguarded moment and other stories.

Boston, L. C. Page and company (incorporated). 1899

LC# 99-3438.

Fiche: 22,570
Adams, Zabdiel.

The nature, pleasure, and advantages of church-musick: a sermon preached at a lecture.

Boston: R. Draper. 1771

Practical Theology

Fiche: 4,861
Additon, Lucia H. Faxon.

Twenty eventful years of the Oregon Woman's Christian temperance union, 1880-1900.

Portland, Or., Gotshall printing company. 1904

Statistical, historical and biographical. Portraits of prominent pioneer workers; LC# 33-6090.

Fiche: 72,881
Address to Christians throughout the world.

[London, Strangeways and Walden]. [1862?]

By the clergy of the Confederate states of America; LC# 2-15731.

Fiche: 40,671
An address to the members of the Protestant Episcopal church, in the United States of America.

New York. 1792

LC# 25-18761.

Fiche: A-102,034-A-102,035
An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison, the Rev. Mr. Ewing, and others, trustees of the Corporation for the Relief of Presbyterian Ministers, their Widows and Children: being a vindication of the Quakers from the aspersions of the said trustees in their letter published in the London Chronicle, no. 1223.

[Philadelphia]: [by W. Dunlap]. 1765


by a Lover of Truth.

Fiche: 5,038
Adlam, Samuel.

The First church in Providence, not the oldest of the Baptists in America, attempted to be shown.

Newport, Cranston & Norman's power press. 1850

LC# 28-25234.

Fiche: 40,666
Agnew, John Holmes.

Reply to Professor Tayler Lewis' review of Rev. Henry J. Van Dyke's sermon on Biblical slavery; also, to his other articles on the same subject, published in "The World".

New York, D. Appleton and company. 1861

LC# 11-11590.

Fiche: 40,667
Aiken, Solomon.

An address to federal clergymen, on the subject of the war proclaimed by the Congress of the United States, June 18, 1812, against the United Kingdom of Great-Britain and Ireland.

Boston. 1813

LC# 26-12082.

Fiche: 40,190
Aikman, William.

The future of the colored race in America: being an article in the Presbyterian quarterly review of July, 1862.

New York, A. D. F. Randolph. 1862

LC# 12-3259.

Fiche: 40,184
Aikman, William.

Government and administration: a sermon preached on the Sabbath succeeding the secession riots in New York city, July 19, 1863.

Wilmington [Del.] H. Eckel. 1863

LC# 15-3863.

Fiche: 40,185
The alarm bell, no 1.

New York, Baker & Godwin. 1863

By a constitutionalist; LC# 11-20249.

Fiche: 40,712
Albro, John Adams.

The life of Thomas Shepard.

Boston, Massachusetts Sabbath school society. 1847

LC# 5-39204.

Fiche: 40,281
Alden, Timothy.

An account of sundry missions performed among the Senecas and Munsees; in a series of letters.

New-York, J. Seymour. 1827

With an appendix; LC# 17-10094.

Fiche: 41,699
Alden, Timothy.

An account of the several religious societies in Portsmouth, New-Hampshire, from their first establishment and of the ministers of each, to the first of January, 1805.

Boston: Munroe, Francis, & Parker, Shakespeare's Head, no. 4 Cornhill. 1808

LC# 6-13955.

Fiche: 40,234
Alden, Timothy.

A collection of American epitaphs and inscriptions, with occasioned notes.

New-York [S. Marks]. 1814

Pentade I ...; 5 v.: v.1-40,357-359a; v.2-40,360-362; v.3-40,363-365; v.4-40,366-368; v.5-40,369-371; LC# 16-5365.

Fiche: 40,357-40,-371
Alden, Timothy.

The glory of America.

Portsmouth, W. Treadwell and co. 1801

A century sermon delivered at the South church, in Portsmouth, Newhampshire, IV January, MDCCCI. Together with a number of historical notes, and an appendix, containing an account of the newspapers printed in the state; LC# 2-5308.

Fiche: 40,751
Alden, Timothy.

A sermon, delivered at the South church in Portsmouth, on the V January, M,DCCC.

Portsmouth, (New-Hampshire,) the United States oracle-office, by Charles Peirce. 1800

Occasioned by the sudden and universally lamented death of George Washington ...; LC# 2-9565.

Fiche: 40,253
Alegre, Francisco Javier.

Historia de la Compania de Jesus en Nueva-Espana, que estaba escribiendo el p. Francisco Javier Alegre al tiempo de su expulsion.

Mexico, Impr. de J. M. Lara. 1841-42

Publicala para probar la utilidad que prestara a la America mexicana la solicitada reposicion de dicha Compania, Carlos Maria de Bustamante ...; 3 v.; LC# A21-115.

Fiche: 40,685
Alexander, Arabel Wilbur.

The life and work of Lucinda B. Helm, founder of the Woman's parsonage and Home mission society of the M. E. church, South.

Nashville, Tenn., Publishing house of the Methodist Episcopal church, South. 1898

LC# C 98-298.

Fiche: 21,056
Alexander, Archibald.

Biographical sketches of the founder, and principal alumni of the Log college.

Princeton, NJ, J. T. Robinson. 1845

Together with an account of the revivals of religion, under their ministry; LC# 7-34849.

Fiche: 40,334
Alexander, Archibald.

A discourse occasioned by the burning of the theatre in the city of Richmond, Virginia, on the twenty-sixth of December, 1811.

Philadelphia, John Weldwood Scott, No. 147 Chestnut-street, for Daniel Wilson, M. D. 1812

By which awful calamity a large number of lives were lost. Delivered in the Third Presbyterian church, Philadelphia, on the eighth day of January, 1812, at the request of the Virginia students attached to the medical class, in the University of Pennsylvania.

Fiche: 40,235
Alexander, Archibald, 1772-1851.

Outlines of moral science.

New York: C. Scribner. 1866

Dogmatic Theology

Fiche: 365-367
Alexander, Caleb.

A sermon; occasioned by the death of His Excellency George Washington, lieutenant general of the American army, and late president of the United States.

Samuel Hall, no. 53, Cornhill, Boston. 1800

Who departed this life, December 14, 1799, aet. 68 ...; pastor of the church in Mendon ...; LC# 15-28217.

Fiche: 40,254
Alexander, James W. (James Waddel), 1804-1859.

The American Sunday-school and its adjuncts.

Philadelphia: American Sunday-school Union. [1856]

Practical Theology

Fiche: 3,725-3,728
Alexander, James W. (James Waddel), 1804-1859.

Faith: Treated in a series of discourses.

New York: C. Scribner. 1862

Dogmatic Theology

Fiche: 1,491-1,495
Alexander, James Waddel.

Forty years' familiar letters.

New York, C. Scribner; London, Sampson, Low, son & company. 1860

constituting with the notes, a memoir of his life; Edited by the surviving correspondent, John Hall; 2 v.; LC# 36-15846.

Fiche: 16,909
Alexander, James Waddel.

The life of Archibald Alexander, D. D., first professor in the Theological seminary, at Princeton, New Jersey.

New-York, C. Scribner. 1854

LC# 25-18751.

Fiche: 40,676
Alexander, Joseph Addison, 1809-1860.

The Gospel according to Matthew.

New York: C. Scribner. 1861


Fiche: 575-579
Alexander, Joseph Addison, 1809-1860.

The prophecies of Isaiah.

New York: C. Scribner. 1870


translated; New and rev. ed.

Fiche: 682-693
Alger, William Rounseville.

Inferences from the pestilence and the fast: a discourse preached in the Mount Pleasant Congregational church, Roxbury, Mass., August 3, 1849.

Boston, W. Crosby and H. P. Nichols. 1849

Published by request; LC# 27-10014.

Fiche: 40,631
Alger, William Rounseville.

Public morals: or, The true glory of a state.

Boston, W. White. 1862

A discourse delivered before the executive and legislative departments of the government of Massachusetts, at the annual election, Wednesday, Jan. 1, 1862; LC# 40-19169.

Fiche: 40,380
Alger, William Rounseville, 1822-1905.

A critical history of the doctrine of a future life: with a complete bibliography of the subject.

New York: W.J. Widdleton. 1866

Dogmatic Theology

Fiche: 1,975-1,984
Allen, Alexander V. G. (Alexander Viets Griswold), 1841-1908.

Jonathan Edwards.

Boston; New York: Houghton, Mifflin. 1891


Fiche: 2,236-2,240
Allen, Benjamin, 1789-1829.

Miscellaneous poems, on moral and religious subjects.

Hudson: W.E. Norman. 1811

Dogmatic Theology

by Osander.

Fiche: 5,244-5,246
Allen, Ethan.

Clergy in Maryland of the Protestant Episcopal church since the independence of 1783.

Baltimore, J. S. Waters. 1860

LC# 34-24951.

Fiche: 41,732
Allen, Ethan.

A discourse prepared for the national fast day June 1st, 1865, on account of the murder of our late president, and preached at St. Thomas' church, Homestead, Baltimore county, Md.

Baltimore, Wm. K. Boyle. 1865

LC# 5-32188.

Fiche: 40,722
Allen, Ethan.

Historical notices of St. Ann's parish in Ann Arundel County, Maryland, extending from 1649 to 1857.

Baltimore, J. P. Des Forges. 1857

LC# 6-38481.

Fiche: 40,723
Allen, Ethan.

Maryland toleration; or, Sketches of the early history of Maryland, to the year 1650.

Baltimore, J. S. Waters. 1855

LC# rc 1-3411.

Fiche: 40,725
Allen, Ethan.

Who were the early settlers of Maryland: a paper read before the "Maryland historical society," at its meeting held Thursday evening, October 5, 1865.

Baltimore, the office of the Am. quar. church review, New Haven, Conn. 1866

LC# 3-31525.

Fiche: 48,867
Allen, Joseph.

The day of small things.

Boston, W. Crosby and H. P. Nichols. 1846

A centennial discourse, delivered in Northborough, June 1, 1846, in commemoration of the organization of the First Congregational church in that place, and the ordination of their first minister, one hundred years ago. With an appendix; the third minister in succession of said church ...; LC# 8-25417.

Fiche: 40,799
Allen, Joseph Henry.

A reign of terror.

Bangor, S. S. Smith. 1856

A sermon preached in Union street church, Bangor, on Sunday evening, June 1, 1856; LC# 15-2170.

Fiche: A-47,009
Allen, Lewis Leonidas.

Pencillings of scenes upon the Rio Grande; originally pub. bu [!] the Saint Louis American.

New York. 1848

Late chaplain to the La. volunteers, in the United States service, upon the Rio Grande. [2d ed., enl. and improved]; LC# 2-15452.

Fiche: 40,764
Allen, Myron Oliver.

The history of Wenham, civil and ecclesiastical, from its settlement in 1639, to 1860.

Boston, Bazin & Chandler. 1860

LC# 1-11674.

Fiche: 40,818
Allen, Paul.

An oration, on the necessity of political union at the present day: delivered at the Baptist meeting-house, in Providence, at the commencement of Rhode-Island college, A. D. 1797.

Providence: Carter and Wilkinson, thier Book-Store, opposite the Market. 1797

LC# 24-15741.

Fiche: 40,851
Allen, Wilkes.

The history of Chelmsford, from its origin in 1653, to the year 1820 - together with an historical sketch of the church, and biographical notices of the four first pastors.

Haverhill: P. N. Green. 1820

To which is added a memoir of the Pawtuckett tribe of Indians. With a large appendix; LC# 1-11298.

Fiche: 42,312
[Allen, William].

Accounts of shipwreck and of other disasters at sea, designed to be interesting and useful to mariners, with an appendix, containing Dr. Payson's address to seamen and a few prayers for their use.

Brunswick, Me., Joseph Griffin. 1823

Comp. by a friend of seamen; LC# A18-1012.

Fiche: A-42,103-A-42,111
Allen, William.

The history of Norridgewock: comprising memorials of the aboriginal inhabitants and Jesuit missionaries, hardships of the pioneers, biographical notices of the early settlers, and ecclesiastical sketches.

Norridgewock [Me.] E. J. Peet. 1849

LC# 1-8987.

Fiche: 40,920
Allen, William, 1784-1868.

Memoir of John Codman.

Boston: T.R. Marvin and S.K. Whipple. 1853


With Reminiscences by Joshua Bates.

Fiche: 2,332-2,336
Allin, John.

The spouse of Christ coming out of affliction, leaning upon her Beloved: or, A sermon preached by Mr. John Allin the late reverend pastor to the Church of Christ at Dedham, at the administration of the Lord's supper.

Cambridge [Mass.] Samuel Green: John Tappin of Boston. 1672

August 6, 1671. And may be useful to any Church of Christ, or true believer in a state of affliction ...; LC# A 31-1258.

Fiche: 48,865
Allison, Patrick.

A discourse, delivered in the Presbyterian church, in the city of Baltimore, the 22d of February, 1800 - the day dedicated to the memory of Gen. George Washington.

Baltimore, W. Pechin - for the Editor of the American. [1800]

LC# 2-9557.

Fiche: 42,087
Allyn, John.

A sermon, delivered at Plimouth, December 22, 1801, commemorative of the pious ancestry who first imigrated [!] to that place, 1620.

Boston: Munroe & Francis, Half-court square, back of the Post-office. 1802

LC# 20-12786.

Fiche: 40,928
Allyn, John.

A sermon, preached in the audience of His Excellency Caleb Strong, esq., governor, the other members of the executive, and the honorable legislature of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, on the anniversary election, May 29, 1805.

Boston: Young & Minns. 1805

Congregational minister of Duxborough; LC# 40-17970.

Fiche: 48,742
Alvord, John Watson.

Historical address, delivered in the First Congregational church in Stamford, Ct. at the celebration of the second centennial anniversary of the first settlement of the town.

New York, S. Davenport. 1842

Dec. 22d, 1841; LC# rc 1-3303.

Fiche: 41,081
The Amaranth, or Masonic garland.


v.1-Apr; LC# CA-8-2317.

Fiche: A-90,529-A-90,534
[Amedeus, father].

The Right Reverend Dom M. Edmond Obrecht, O.C.S.O., fourth abbot of Our Lady of Gethsemani (1852-1935); with a foreword by His Eminence Dennis cardinal Dougherty [Trappist] Ky., Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani.


LC# 38-31819.

Fiche: 21,162
[American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society].

An address to the anti-slavery Christians of the United States.

New-York, J. A. Gray. 1852

LC# 11-7594.

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