Literature 12 the middle ages (449-1485)

THE MIDDLE AGES (449-1485)

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THE MIDDLE AGES (449-1485)

  1. THE MEDIEVAL PERIOD (1066-1485)

  • War/political strife (One Hundred Years’ War, War of the Roses)

  • Rise of Christianity and the absolute power of the Church—which becomes the primary stabilizing and organizing principal of society. Society becomes homogenous in culture.

  • belief in DIVINE ORDER (Great Chain of Being)

  • the Code of Chivalry (system of ideals, not necessarily practical: obedience and loyalty to Church and King/Lord/those above, bravery, courtesy, hospitality, justice for all, gallantry toward women, protection of weak and defenseless)

  • Rise of the Medieval ROMANCE (chivalry + love interest + fantasy—think: tales of Arthur), miracle and morality plays (allegories that ‘teach” Christian morals by introducing hero to personifications of Christian moral attributes)

  • Monasteries as centre of craft and education

  • Building of Gothic cathedrals

  • Trades becoming more important than farming. People were able to pay off their lords and leave manors to live in towns. This gave rise to the middle class, or bourgeoisie

  • Origins of democracy (representative government) in the Magna Carta

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