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By Richard B. W. Ing, D.Min., J.D., M.Ph, B.S.


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Until Jesus comes back, there will never be peace on earth and mankind will never be able to fully solve the problems that beset us today - greed, pride, crime, broken marriages, drug addiction, homosexuality, sicknesses, etc., - until we realize that the root of most of our problems is demonic. As the apostle Paul said in Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Spirits of hatred, jealousy, greed for money and power, poverty, murder, violence, witchcraft, hopelessness, and anger run rampant and control large areas of the world. Until we begin to war against them and take back the kingdoms for God, Jesus will not come back. The Bible says that He will sit and reign at the right hand of the Father in heaven until all His enemies are made His footstool. I Co. 15:24-26; Ac. 2:34-35; Heb. 10:12, 13. As Watchman Nee said, saving souls is important, but the greatest glory and responsibility of the Church is to defeat the demonic kingdom so Jesus can come back and usher in the millennium age. (Book - Spirit of Revelation and Knowledge)

It is for this very reason that SPIRITUAL WARFARE MANUAL was written. We ask that you share this Manual with as many Christians as you can. You may reproduce it as many times as you desire so long as it is not for monetary profit. Begin to war against Satan’s kingdom and take back spiritual control of your city for God. Then, we will experience the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen and Jesus can come back!

God bless all of you!
Love in Christ,

Richard B. W. Ing, D.Min., J.D., Ph.M., B.S.

I. God revealed Satan's kingdom in four stages.
II. FIRST STAGE: Old Testament showed just a small part of Satan's kingdom - a SINGLE DEMON here and there. Perhaps mankind was not ready to know about the extent of Satan's kingdom until later, when the saints had the power to cast out devils.
A. Gen. 3 (ONE SERPENT). (Most Bible scholars believe that the serpent was Satan himself, who is called the tempter, old dragon, serpent); Job 1 and 2 (SATAN HIMSELF); I Sa. 16:14, 23 (SINGLE TORMENTING SPIRIT from God sent to torment Saul); I Ki. 22:22 (a lying spirit). ALL SINGLE SPIRITS. No indication of hordes or a kingdom of darkness.
B. We will find out later that the O. T. is a WAR MANUAL. For instance, JOB 41 talks about leviathan, the king of the children of pride. IS. 47 talks about Jezebel or Babylon the Great. These spirits exist today and those chapters describe them and how to fight them.
III. SECOND STAGE. In the New Testament, Jesus immediately EXPOSED the SATANIC KINGDOM.
A. Up to that time, God's people were not known to cast out devils. It was time to expose the demonic kingdom.
B. JESUS CAST OUT MANY DEMONS to heal people. He immediately revealed that not only were there many spirits, they were the cause of mental and physical illnesses, torments, problems. He taught his disciples that demons are to be cast out. Mt. 4:24 (healed those possessed of devils); 8:16 (many possessed with devils); 8:28 (Gadarean man); 9:33 (dumb spirit); 12:22 (blind and dumb); 15:22 (daughter with a devil); Lk. 4:33-36 (man in synagogue with unclean spirit); 6:18 (unclean spirits); 7:21 (cured many of evil spirits); 8:2 (certain women, including Mary Magdalene); 10:17-20 (70 disciples); 11:14 (dumb spirit); Mk. 1:23 (man with unclean spirit); 3:11 (healed many of unclean spirits); 5:13 (Gadarean man); 7:26 (out of daughter of Greek woman). Etc. Satan is real. Not just a story, or to help us conceptualize good and evil. He is a person.
C. Casting out devils was ONE-THIRD OF JESUS' MINISTRY.
D. Jesus showed that the REAL ENEMY of mankind is Satan and his evil servants. I Jn. 3:8. “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”
E. JESUS TAUGHT his disciples and us how to defeat Satan's demons. First the 12 and then the 70. Mt. 10:1 (the 12); 10:8; Mk. 6:7; Lk. 10:17 (the 70). It wasn't for just his disciples. It was for all saints. Mk. 16:17.
F. Jesus made it clear that ALL BELIEVERS should cast out devils. Lk. 10:19 (I give you all power.... exousia. Exousia means the power of the potentate or ruler; while dunamis refers to ordinary spirit power.); Mk. 16:17 (all them that believe). It is a sign of your belief in Jesus. Nothing in the Bible says that it does not exist anymore, only our traditions deny our power.
G. Jesus not only instructed his disciples on how to cast out devils, he defeated Satan and his PRINCIPALITIES on the cross. The victory has been assured. Col. 2:15 (...having spoiled principalities....); Rev. 1:18 (...have the keys of hell and of death....).
D. Jesus gave his disciples and us THE POWER to cast out devils and to EVENTUALLY DEFEAT THE SATANIC KINGDOM. Mt. 16:19; 18:18 (whatsoever you bind on earth....); Mt. 12:29 ( can one enter in to a strongman's house, and spoil his goods....)
E. All Christians are CALLED to cast out devils. Mk. 16:17. It is our responsibility and duty.
F. Out of the Gadarean episode (Mk. 5), we learn that:
1. Evil spirits will cause a person to live in grotesque and evil places – tombs, cemeteries, slums and alleyways.
2. They are UNCLEAN, FOUL. Some smell terrible.
3. They love to have humans torture and HURT THEMSELVES.
4. Multitudes, LEGIONS can inhabit one person.
5. Devil are INTELLIGENT, can communicate, reason, can cause illnesses, both mental and physical, CAN GIVE EXTRAORDINARY STRENGTH.
6. They have NAMES.
7. Desire to be in any FLESH. Better then no flesh.
8. They are afraid of being sent out of the COUNTRY (principality) because they will be torn by other demons in areas that they were not assigned to by Satan. Must pride and jealousy among demons.
9. They KNOW THE WORD OF GOD; they knew Jesus was the Son of God and called him the son of the most high God, even before Jesus’ disciples knew.

10. They are SUBJECT TO JESUS.

11. They COULD NOT STOP a human from running to Jesus. When he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshiped him. Even a possessed person can reason. Another interpretation is that the demons in the man wanted to pretend that they worshipped Jesus so that He would leave them alone.
13. Argued with Jesus even after Jesus commanded them to come out. Will stall for time, try to outtalk and deceive.
IV. THIRD STAGE. The APOSTLES continued the battle. They exposed the satanic kingdom even more. They showed that Satan's kingdom is very well organized.
A. “For we wrestle not....EPH. 6:12. His kingdom is organized into PRINCIPALITIES, POWERS, MIGHTS AND DOMINIONS. Also, Col. 1:16.
B. The Apostles continued to cast out devils. Ac. 19:13 (sons of Sceva); 5:16 (healed every one); 8:7 (Philip).
C. Historical records show that the ANABAPTISTS in the mountains continued to cast out devils in the year 275 A.D. Iraeneus’ Apology to the Roman Senate.
V. FOURTH STAGE. Fifty years after Jesus ascended, John wrote the Book of Revelation. It is the revelation of Jesus Christ. We are living in the Book of Revelation right now. The Book of Revelation reveals SATAN'S ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE. He intends to kill all Christians, destroy all churches (abomination of desolation) and rule the entire world. Rev. 13:7; 12:9; 17, 18.
A. The end times will bring about the greatest battle between God's people and Satan's demonic army. It is inevitable because the Bible says so.
B. It will separate the sheep from the goats. Satan's beast will rule the earth for a short time.
C. But God is RAISING UP HIS ARMY to defeat Satan and his evil demons. The saints will prevail in the end. Da. 7:14; 7:27; 12:1.
D. Mt. 13:24-43. Parable about the WHEAT AND THE TARES. Verse 30 says that the tares and wheat will grow into maturity together. As evil is growing in the world, so are God's people.
E. God’s end time army will sweep the earth, ENGAGE THE FORCES OF EVIL AND DEFEAT THEM. Joel 2; Is. 13; Rev. 12; 19; Jer. 50; Jer. 51; Zep. 31:3; Is. 37:32.
F. Satan will be defeated. Rev. 19, 20. But he will destroy many saints before then. 2 Th. 2:3; Rev. 13:15.
VI. It is the DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY of the saints of God to overthrow the Satanic kingdom and restore the kingdom of God on earth.
A. Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father and will reign there until all of His enemies are put under His feet. We are the feet of Him. I Co. 15:24-26; Ac. 34-35; Mt. 22:44; Mk. 12:36; Lk. 20:42; Ac. 2:34; Heb. 10:12-13.
B. When Jesus returns to earth, He will return in victory with His armies. Rev. 19:14. One will be an army of angels; the other will be men and women redeemed from the earth and made virgins unto God. Rev. 14:1-5.
VII. WATCHMAN NEE. “The highest duty of the church of Christ is to defeat the Satanic kingdom so Jesus can come back and usher in the millennium age.” Book - Spirit of Revelation and Knowledge.
A. Evangelism is necessary and good, but spiritual warfare is essential to the RETURN OF JESUS.
B. Any time we do something like healing, winning souls, we are STRIKING OUT at the Satanic kingdom.
VIII. God is using DIVINE HEALING AND DELIVERANCE to set many heathen free and to bring many to Jesus in these end times. Satan knows that his time is short. Spiritual warfare is being used all over the world to bring about revival.
A. C. PETER WAGNER. Warfare Prayers. Says that notwithstanding Reinhardt Bonnke and Billy Graham, Carlos ANACONDIA of Argentina may well prove to be the most effective evangelist of all time. He holds crusades by casting out devils. CINDY JACOBS and her Generals of Intercession go from city to city to bind up the strongman and bring deliverance to cities and nations.
B. The Church needs to conduct spiritual warfare against Satan’s kingdom in order to bring about revival/harvest.

I. There are two major groups: EARTHBOUND devils and STRONGMEN that rule from the mid-heavens.
II. EARTHBOUND SPIRITS. Earthbound demons roam around and ENTER into humans if they have a right to do so. There are MULTITUDES. Cannot fly, but can run around very rapidly. They range from a FEW INCHES TALL TO 8 FEET in height. They often SMELL BAD (foul) and love to wear STRIPPED CLOTHING and crazy hats. Some appear as dark shadows, some human-like, some animal-like, some half man, half animal (half-goat, half-man, etc.). Many sizes and shapes.
A. LEGENDS AND MYTHS of ancient civilizations are often no more than demons counterfeiting gods and goddesses. They love to be worshiped. The Chinese dragon is none other than Satan. Shinto - snake. Greek, Egyptian - Faun, Pan, Seth, etc.
III. IN THE MID-HEAVENS. The second group rule from the mid-heavens. They are the RULERS or PRINCES and are more powerful. They can fly, but choose to stay in the mid-heavens. Eph. 6:12. Often referred to as STRONGMEN, to the spirits on earth under their command, and they love to give orders. They are attached to earth bound spirits through cords that give power.
A. Earthbound spirits fear and hate the ruler spirits, but will obey. The larger demons are STRONGER than the smaller ones, and rule with an iron hand.
B. Satan's kingdom is ruled through PRIDE AND FEAR, much like the heathen world. But, all demons are united in their hatred for mankind and especially the saints of God.
IV. Our angels are bigger and more powerful.
V. DISEMBODIED SPIRITS. The third class of spirits are not demons, but are also found on the earth. Called disembodied spirits. They are NOT REALLY DEMONS, but many are just as evil and some are just pathetic and tormented. The problem is, they cause problems for humans, haunt places and try to inhabit the bodies of humans. Every PRIMITIVE SOCIETY knows about ghosts.
A. Their presence sometimes causes illness and weakness because the human body cannot take it.
B. They cause strange feelings and thoughts in persons they inhabit.
C. Some are not evil, such as babies that have been aborted, but they cause physical and emotional problems nevertheless. They are unable to leave earth immediately because of circumstances or the machinations of the Spirit of Hades. More later.
VI. PRINCIPALITIES, POWERS, MIGHTS AND DOMINIONS. Satan's kingdom is divided into major divisions called principalities, over which a strongman rules. The strongman is also called RULER OR PRINCE. Eph. 6:12; Col. 2:15.
VII. RULING SPIRITS. Satan places a ruler spirit over every MAJOR AREA, city, town, village, neighborhood, church, family, and person. He has a plan for each one of us, to bring us down.
A. Some boundaries are very clear. PARAGUAY STORY. Where a woman refused to accept a Christian track on one side of the street and readily took it on the other side. On the second side, there was a church that bound up the spirit that ruled over that area.
B. Demons from one area are hated by demons in another area. They will not CROSS LINES. They will punish demons who trespass. They begged Jesus not to send them out of the country. Mk. 5:10.
C. Satan's kingdom is ruled by hate, fear, power, pride, control, jealousy. There is no love in Satan's kingdom. But they are UNITED in their hatred for mankind.
VIII. NEST OF SPIRITS. Ruling spirits never stand by themselves. They always have multitudes of lesser spirits doing their every bidding. They LOVE TO RULE and give orders.
A. Satan's organizational chart looks like a series of PYRAMIDS that overlap at their bases. The ruling spirits are at the top. At the bottom, they overlap with other spirits.
B. For instance, JEZEBEL is also known for her murder, death, pride, etc.
C. It is important to know because you cannot cast out just one spirit. You need to cast out the ENTIRE NEST. Demons always work in packs and groups. For instance, sex spirits involve all manner of sexual uncleanness, including fornication, adultery, masturbation, incest, pornography, rape, bestiality, homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual fantasy, lust, etc.

I. We have all power. Lk. 10:19. EXOUSIA VS. DUNAMIS. The first reference to power is actually the Greek word "exousia", which means "absolute power, the power of the potentate, supreme ruler or king"; the second reference is to ordinary spirit power. Our exousia power is infinitely stronger than the dunamis power of evil spirits.
A. We sit in HEAVENLY PLACES together with Jesus. Eph. 2:6. Far above principalities, powers, mights and dominions and above every name that is named, not only in this world, but in the worlds to come. Eph. 1:21. When our words are anointed by the Holy Spirit, they have the power of the king behind them - the power of God.
II. JESUS SPOILED PRINCIPALITIES. Col. 2:15. Victory is assured. He took away their teeth and their weapons.
A. Now, all Satan can do is try to DECEIVE. First, that he doesn't exist, or that paying attention to him glorifies Satan, or that he is no problem at all, or that he cannot be defeated, or that Christians cannot have demons.
B. If unresisted, Satan has his way. He is the PRINCE OF THIS WORLD (Jn. 12:31; 14:30) because many Christians won't fight back out of ignorance, fear or deception. God's will is not being done on earth. That's why we cannot blame God for babies dying, innocent people hurt, etc. It is our sins that bring curses on us.
III. Jesus took away the KEYS to Hell and Death. Rev. 1:18.
A. The GATES OF HELL shall not prevail against the church. Mt. 16:18; Is. 45:1,2. God promises to tear down the gates of Babylon. Is. 45:2. Babylon rules today. It is Satan's spiritual system.
B. Christians need to knock the gates of hell down, WALK IN and set the captives free. We will talk about gates later.
IV. Jesus has a NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES. Sits far above all principality, might and dominion. Phil. 2:9-11; Eph. 1:21. We sit together with Christ. Eph. 2:6.
V. We have the power to BIND AND LOOSE. Mt. 18:18; 16:19.
A. We ALL have that privilege. Ps. 149:8.
B. Cannot spoil a strongman's house unless you BIND HIM FIRST. Mk. 3:27; Mt. 12:29.
C. It is ORDAINED. Is. 24:21. "And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth."
D. Loose means to SHATTER, BREAK IN PIECES. Satan places bands and chains about the minds and bodies of humans. Mind control. Witchcraft. Eze. 13. Steals the souls of men and women.
VI. Mk. 16:17 These SIGNS shall follow.... they shall cast out devils, etc. If you are a believer, you shall cast out devils.
VII. Satan will fall like LIGHTNING. Lk. 10:18; Rev. 12:9. His time is soon, and he knows it. It was a prophecy through vision. It is yet to come.
A. Lk. 10:18 was a vision that Jesus had for the future when God’s people will bind up and destroy Satan’s rule from the mid-heavens.
B. Satan’s strongmen rule from the mid-heavens. That’s why he is called the “prince of the power of the air” – he rules from the atmosphere around the earth.
VIII. We are His WEAPONS OF WARFARE. Jer. 51:20-24.
A. Rev. 19:14-21 - the FINAL BATTLE.
B. The Army of God includes you.
I. Earlier, we mentioned how Satan divides the earth into areas of control and appoints a powerful spirit to rule over that area.
A. These ruler spirits or strongmen sit on thrones in the mid heavens and rule over the spirits on earth.
II. There are THREE BASIC AREAS OF CONTROL: (1) over large geographic areas (principalities); (2) over persons, churches, families, neighborhoods, etc. (3) over nests of demons within the person.
III. IMPORTANT SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLE. You can't cast out until you first BIND UP THE STRONGMAN. Mk 3:27; Mt. 12:29. Then you can spoil his house.
A. Next, you CUT OFF HIS CORDS. There are cords between the strongman in the heavenlies and those on earth. It gives the earth spirits power. Ps. 2:3; 129:4.
IV. Already talked about the scriptures that give us the power to bind and loose. Mt. 18:18; 16:9; Mk. 3:27. It is a KEY TO THE KINGDOM.
A. God promises to defeat the rulers for us. Is. 24:21. "And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth."
B. Ps. 149:8-9. “ bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron.”
V. The strongman uses many lesser demons - a NEST. The nest in a person also has a ruler spirit, on earth. You need to bind him up also.
A. This ruler spirit is sometimes the gate keeper, but not always.
B. The GATEKEEPER is often the initial spirit that was allowed to come in (such as rejection). Usually because of trauma or sin.
C. If you don't bind up the gatekeeper, and cast him out, he will just open the gates again later and let all the devils back in. The gatekeeper, in a way, is connected with the ORIGINAL SIN, curse, trauma, unforgiveness, etc. Need to handle the root, not just cut off the branches and leaves.
1. The gatekeeper is the spirit that came into the person in the first place. Often, you need to find out how the person was INFESTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Sometimes it is hidden.
VI. Although sometimes not totally necessary, it helps to IDENTIFY THE STRONGMAN. In the mid-heavens, over the person, and in the person.
B. By the FRUITS of the tree. Mt. 7:16. “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” What is the pattern of behavior or events in the person's life?
VII. Evil spirits WORK IN NESTS to accomplish their task. Examples - Schizophrenia, sexual lust.

A. Bind up strongman. Put CHAINS FROM HEAVEN around him. CUT OFF HIS CORDS. As with anything else in the spirit, it works by faith.

B. Kick out the nest SYSTEMATICALLY. This is especially true with Jezebel. She will allow many other spirits to manifest and get kicked out first. You will be busy fighting other spirits and will forget about her while she flees to the inner parts.
1. May have to keep after her for several sessions before you can reach her.
2. Sometimes, you can get to her right away.
3. She goes with a CHARACTERISTIC WAIL. It is the wail of witchcraft.
VIII. Binding the strongman in the mid-heavens is a primary weapon in TAKING CITIES and nations for God.
A. INTERCESSORS will play a large role. Example - Cindy Jacobs’ Generals of Intercession. We all have the duty to intercede and war against the demonic.
B. God is using deliverance and supernatural healing to convince many people of other religions. It will be the subject of later lessons.

I. Historically, FORTIFIED TOWNS were protected by high walls and strong gates. JERICHO, for instance. BABYLON also. II Chr. 8:5; 14:7.
A. Babylon had TWO THICK WALLS and TWO IMPENETRABLE GATES. Held chariot races on the top, between two rows of houses. Considered impregnable.
B. God dried up the RIVERS and TORE THE GATES down. Jer. 50:38; 51:36; Is. 45:1, 2. Cyrus of Persia's armies marched in unopposed.
II. The battle was fought and won or lost at the gates.
A. A walled city was CONTROLLED AT THE GATES. The city elders took turns watching at the gates for spies, enemies and suspicious people. Trade took place at the gates. It was the most crowded place. Beggars congregated there also. Whoever controlled the gates controlled the city.
B. Often, the TOWN MEETING HALL was just above the city gates.
C. Sometimes, the gates were protected by MOATS.
D. Above the gates were parapets from which hot, burning

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