Life in the Americas The Aztecs and the Incas Beginning on page 585 in

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Life in the Americas

The Aztecs and the Incas – Beginning on page 585 in Journey Across Time answer the following questions.


1. According to a legend, where would the Aztecs find somewhere to live? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Where did then find this? _________________________________________________________________________________________

3. What was the capital of the Aztec empire called? ______________________________________________________________

4. How was the king of the Aztec empire chosen? _________________________________________________________________

5. There were four classes (groups) of people. They were: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

6. How could you join the noble class? _____________________________________________________________________________

7. The Aztecs viewed death as __________________________________.

8. Where were victims sacrificed? __________________________________________________________________________________

9. How many people live in Tenochtitlan? _________________________________________________________________________

10. How did the Aztecs grow crops? _______________________________________________________________________________


11. Who was Pachacuti? (pg. 588) _________________________________________________________________________________

12. He required all people speak ______________________________.

13. What was the capital of the Incan empire called? _____________________________________________________________

14. At what age were you expected to begin working? ___________________________________________________________

15. What was Machu Picchu? _______________________________________________________________________________________

The Fall of the Aztec Empire – pg. 594

16. Who were the conquistadors? __________________________________________________________________________________

17. Who was Hernan Cortes? _______________________________________________________________________________________

18. Why were Cortes and his men told to leave Cuba? ____________________________________________________________

19. Where did Cortes and his men go? _____________________________________________________________________________

20. Who was Montezuma II? ________________________________________________________________________________________

How could such a small force conquer a huge warrior empire?

21. “First, Cortes knew how to use Spanish _________________________ and _____________________ to shock the Native Americans.”

22. Second, the Tabascans (another native group) gave Cortes _____________________________. She spoke both her native language and _______________________ (the language of the Aztecs).

23. She helped Cortes form _________________________________.

24. Finally, Cortes had the help of ___________________________ allies - ________________ that carried diseases, such as ___________________________ and ______________________________.

25. Who was Quetzalcoatl? _________________________________________________________________________________________

26. Montezuma thought ____________________ was really Quetzalcoatl.

27. Montezuma decided to _______________________ Cortes and his troops, but Cortes learned of the plan and _____________________________________________________________________.

28. In battle, Montezuma was _____________________________.

29. The Spanish were forced out of the city, but before they could plan another attack _________________________ broke out in Tenochtitlan.

30. Because of the smallpox, the Spanish ________________________ the Aztec capital.

Pizarro Conquers the Inca

31. Who was Francisco Pizarro? ____________________________________________________________________________________

32. Who was Atahualpa? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

33. Atahualpa was invited to a ____________ with Pizarro and took with him _________ bodyguards.

34. When Atahualpa refused to give up his gods, what did Pizarro do? ________________________________________

35. During the battle, Atahualpa was put in ________________ and later tried to buy his _____________________.

36. Atahualpa offered to fill his cell with ____________ and _____________. He did this, but Pizarro still did not let him out of jail.

37. Atahualpa was charged with many ________________ and found guilty by a military court.

38. His punishment was _________________.

39. The ___________________ were then in control of most of South America.

40. How many inhabitants were in this area? _____________________________________________________________________

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