Life, Death and Beyond—the Ascended Masters Perspective Topics for Each Workshop

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Life, Death and Beyond—the Ascended Masters Perspective

Topics for Each Workshop

Part 1

    • Overview of Life and Death

    • Elizabeth Clare Prophet—A Unique Soul

    • A Personal Witness

    • Death is Just the Beginning

Part 2

    • A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven

    • What Is It That Dies?

    • A Spiritual Being with a Physical Body

    • Who You Really Are

    • We Reap What We Sow

    • Becoming One With God in the Ascension

    • There is a Plan

Part 3

    • Dead Again—the Near Death Experience

    • The Life Review

    • Spiritual Overseers—the Karmic Board

    • Angels of Record—the Keeper of the Scrolls and the Recording Angels

    • Return to Earth—A Changed Life

Part 4

    • The Levels of Heaven

    • Is There a Hell?

    • Heaven or the Astral Plane—Where Does the Soul Go

    • The Suicide of a Soul

    • What Happens When We Die?

    • The Crystal Cord is Withdrawn

    • The Heart Flame is Withdrawn

    • Heading Towards the Light

    • Meeting the Master on the Other Side

    • Friends and Relatives on the Other Side

Part 5

    • Attending One’s Own Funeral

    • The Soul Disengages from the Body

    • Spiritual Assistance

    • Returning to God

    • The Ritual of the Ascension

    • This is the Lifetime!

    • Ascending Daily—the Requirements for the Ascension

Part 6

    • What Happens When We Ascend?

    • The Physical Ascension

    • Getting Above and Beyond Our Attachments

    • Attachment to the Body

    • Working With Your Body Elemental

    • Comforting Your Body Elemental

Part 7

    • Heavenly Helpers at the Time of Transition

    • Why We Need Angels and Why Prayer Makes a Difference

    • Archangel Michael and the Blue Lightning Angels

    • Archangel Michael’s Promise

    • The Seraphim of God

    • Violet Flame Angels

    • Angel of the Agony

    • Healing Angels

    • Angel Deva of Healing

Part 8

    • Karma as the X Factor in Transition

    • Work While We Have the Light

    • Prayers for the Departed

    • A Special Retreat for Teenagers Who Have Passed On

    • Forgiveness is a Key

    • Last Rites and Anointing the Body

    • What Happens When Many Souls Pass On

Part 9

    • Burial of the Body

    • Why the Ascended Masters Do Not Recommend Embalming

    • Cremation as the Ascended Master Way

    • The Spiritual Benefits of Cremation

    • Cremation as an Ancient Rite of Purification

    • Moving Onward and Upward

    • The Beings of Fire Who Assist at the Cremation

Part 10

    • Like a Leaf Falling from a Tree

    • The Cremation Service

    • The Call Compels the Answer—The Ascension Service

    • The Astral Plane and the Astral Ka

    • Discarnate Spirits or Entities

    • Devachan, the Realm of Wish Fulfillment

    • Beloved Astrea—An Effective Prayer for Spiritual Work

    • Habits and Addictions

Part 11

    • After the Service is Over

    • Is it Lawful to Communicate with the Departed?

    • The Rescue of Souls

    • A Soul Stuck in the Astral Plane

    • Hell and the Astral Plane Defined

    • Where Do the Dark Ones Go When They Die?

    • Can Souls Be Lost?

    • The Armor of God—The Power of Archangel Michael

Part 12

    • The Other Shore

    • Grief and Mourning

    • Profound Grief

    • When We Don’t Get to Say Goodbye

    • Going on Before

Part 13

    • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep—Rituals before Retiring

    • A Changed Life

    • More about the Heaven World

    • Last Rites

    • Prayer for Committing the Ashes

    • Questions and Answers

Part 14

    • Additional Topics

    • Questions and Answers

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