Liberty, Equality, Power: a history of the American People 5/e

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IDs and Sigs. For the following key terms—people, events, concepts, places, titlesfirst, identify and place each in historical time and place and context by answering the “Who? What? When? Where?” questions, and second, analyze the “Why-is-this-important-and/or-significant?” question. Each component—identifying the term and analyzing its significance—is an essential aspect for understanding.
Jim Crow laws

New South

bonanza farms

range war

lint heads

crop lien system


convict leasing system

“Peace Policy”

Turner thesis

FRQs/Short Essay/Review Questions. This final component of the study guide is designed to get you to think critically and collectively about the material in the chapter. You have outlined the chapter for use as an organizational map; you have identified and given the significance of some (very few) people and events of the period; now you will write a number of short (3-4 paragraph) essays that put the material together. For each of the following questions, rewrite (and underline) each question in the form of a thesis statement, and make sure that each paragraph itself begins with a topic sentence, contains appropriate supporting details and examples, and has an effective conclusion that brings everything together.
1. Compare and contrast the federal and state governments’ treatment of the Plains Indians and Mexican Americans in the 19th century.
2. Describe the sod-house frontier and the role of the farmer in settling the West.
3. Compare and contrast the lifestyles and treatment of the Eastern Woodland and Plains Indians.
4. Describe the U.S. government’s policies in dealing with the Plains Indians during the Civil War.
5. Describe the major political issues in presidential politics in the late 19th century.

U.S. History

Mr. Detjen

Source Analysis

Young Factory Worker in the South”

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