Liberty, Equality, Power: a history of the American People 5/e

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U.S. History

Mr. Detjen

Murrin et al., Liberty, Equality, Power: A History of the American People 5/e (Thomson, 2008)
Ch. 18 “A Transformed Nation: The West and the New South, 1865-1900”

Chapter Outline. The following is a basic outline for the chapter, based on section headings in/of the chapter. Your task is to expand upon/amend/add to/enhance this basic foundation with details, examples and supporting evidence for each component of the outline. That is, flesh out the outline in a way that communicates your understanding of the substantive material in the chapter. In the class notes section of your notebook, write out your expanded outline at the beginning of each new respective unit or section so that it serves as the organizational concept map for subsequent class (lecture/discussion) notes on related material.
I. The Homestead Act

II. An Industrializing West

A. Railroads

B. Chinese laborers and Railroads

C. The Golden Spike

D. Railroads and Borderlands Communities

E. Mining

F. Ranching

G. Cattle Drives and the Open Range

H. The Industrialization of Ranching

I. Industrial Cowboys

J. Mexican American

K. Itinerant Laborers

L. Homesteading and Farming

M. The Experience of Homesteading

N. Gender and Western Settlement

III. Conquest and Resistance: American Indians in the Trans-Mississippi West

A. Conflict with the Sioux

B. Suppression of Other Plains Indians
C. The “Peace Policy”

D. The Dawes Severalty Act and Indian Boarding Schools

F. The Ghost Dance

F. Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill: Popular Myths of the West

IV. Industrialization and the New South

A. Race and Industrialization

B. Southern Agriculture

C. Exodusters and Emigrationists

D. Race Relations in the New South

E. The Emergence of an African-American Middle Class

F. The Rise of Jim Crow

V. The Politics of Stalemate

A. Knife-Edge Electoral Balance

B. Civil Service Reform

C. The Tariff Issue

VI. Conclusion

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