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sophmore academy mentor: sherry poot

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sophmore academy mentor: sherry poot

Dear new LSS staff/student,

My name is Sherry Poot and I am a second year transfer. My position in LSS was of a sophomore academy mentor. I was placed with a sophomore that was in academic probation and had done poorly her first year at UCSC. My experience this year at LSS as a sophomore academy has been pleasant and surprising.

I began as a sophomore mentor in Fall 2012. When I first began, I was nervous and anxious to meet my sophomore mentee. My biggest fear was that my student would not want to work alongside with me. When I first my student I was not sure what role I should play. Should I be a strict mentor? A friend? Chill in our meetings? What if she thought I was being too strict, or that I did not care? I knew that during our meetings we were supposed to study and go over study habits and skills that would help my student come out of academic probation. I was just unsure on how to approach it. However, after a few sessions, of where we talked and then studied, my student and I began a peer mentorship.

I had the same student throughout the 2012-2013 academic year. I got the privilege to experience the change of my student. She has become very successful in all of her classes and has succeeded in boosting up her gpa. Although I encountered small challenges in the beginning: not knowing how to approach my student, not knowing if my studying skills would help my students, and now knowing if my student will respect me, my experience was great.

My advice to you is to take things slowly. In the beginning it might be a bit intimidating, but it is worth it in the end. The students are in the program to learn and to get out of academic probation, they are just as nervous as you. The experience is completely worth it. Be prepared to learn alongside with your student. I know I did!


Sherry Poot

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