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writing tutor: samantha santamaria

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writing tutor: samantha santamaria

Dear fellow Writing Tutor,

Congratulations on obtaining your new position as a tutor with Learning Support Services! Throughout your time as a tutor, you will learn a lot about your tutees, as well as yourself. Keep in mind that as you begin transitioning into your new position, you will be challenged in many different ways. Therefore, I would like to offer you some advice that I hope will make your transition go smoother.

1. You will have days when you are either incredibly stressed, tired, or hungry and, on days like these, you will find that you have a hard time listening to your tuteeʼs comments or questions. When this happens, practice active listening. Do whatever you can to be an active listener: take notes, chew gum, repeat your tuteeʼs sentences back to yourself in your head. Just as it is important for a tutee to actively participate in a tutoring session, itʼs equally important for you as a tutor to actively participate as well.

2. Remember: You are not typically much older than your tutees. Remind yourself that you, like your tutee, are a student. Although I think that it is important to uphold a pedagogical structure in your tutoring sessions, I also believe that itʼs equally important to relate to your tutee. Help them understand that you are also learning as a student and your position as their tutor does not make you superior. Be empathetic to their needs and be aware of their insecurities as writers

3. Always, always, always, be patient. Expect that you will need to clarify or reiterate a majority of what you say. Understand that, for most students, writing is hard and intimidating. So take the time to thoughtfully ask questions and answer your tuteeʼs questions to make sure that he or she understands. Your patience can greatly affect the effectiveness of your tutoring sessions.

I hope that these tips will help you as you begin your journey into the teaching realm here at UCSC. Again, congratulations on obtaining your new position as a tutor!

Good Luck!

Samantha Santamaria

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