Letter rogatory, obsignation and acceptance

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Let it be known to all, that upon the sacred Ucadia day and time <> also known as [<<7 March 2011>>] upon the land known as <>to the State known as <> and the Suburb known as <>, the living flesh known as <>, also known as trust recipient number <>, did appear before Us as a competent living <> having reached majority and did humbly pray with integrity and contrition before the Divine Creator and all Heaven and Earth that We pray and give assurance and testify to the following truths under threat of perjury:

1. We <> and <> did pronounce our competence living status and eligibility to bear witness and call upon Heaven and Earth to give assurance to our testimony to the instrument Pronuntio Restitutum sent to you by <> as we were neither related by blood nor relation and were not party to the form or cause of action; and

2. We were satisfied with the evidence presented to Us that <> was the person claimed to be and that good cause existed for the issuance of the instrument known as Ecclesiastical Deed Poll; and

3. It is Our seals in ink to the left and to the right of <> blood seal upon the Ecclesiastical Deed Poll in honor of the most sacred and solemn act of bearing witness; and

4. We did witness the instrument Ecclesiastical Deed Poll be affixed to the back of an extract of an official document issued by the Clerk of the Court known as an <>; and

5. We did witness the name of the <> and official address be affixed to the bottom of the instrument Ecclesiastical Deed Poll and the same name and address affixed at the front of an envelope into which this instrument was finally placed inside; and

6. We did witness the purchase of a first class mail delivery for the envelope to the name of <> and official address and are willing to testify under oath that we did see the Ecclesiastical Deed Poll and this instrument, the Live Borne Record of <>, a copy of the Letter Rogatory and the Pronuntio Restitutum were placed inside an envelope, sealed and handed to a postal official who accepted it for mailing and provided a receipt and official Certificate of Mailing form postmarked.

Witness #1

Witness #2

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