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Letter of transmission

ASM Ashif

Sr. Lecturer

Department of Business Administration
East West University

Sub: Submission of MIS report for completion of course.

Dear Sir,

In this report of “MIS report on Airtel Bangladesh”, we have tried to implement our learning from this course. We would like to thank you for offering the opportunity to work on this topic. Despite many limitations, we have tried our best to make this report accurate and reliable.

If you have any further enquiry concerning any additional information, we would be very pleased to clarify that. Thank you.


Noor-E-Jannat. ID: 2011-2-10-253


  • One of the most pleasant parts of submitting a report is the opportunity to thank those who have contributed to it. Unfortunately, the list of expression of thanks- no matter how extensive is always incomplete and inadequate. These acknowledgements are no exception.

  • Our first acknowledge goes to the almighty Allah for bestowing us the patience and courage to finish this huge task within its deadline.

  • Acknowledgments must go to the team members, whose unflagging patience and astounding capacity for creative work, and long hours made the project both possible and successful – under the pressure of knocking deadline.

  • We acknowledge Lutfor Rahman, Chief Information Officer, Airtel Bangladesh for giving us his valuable time and providing us important information regarding the Information Technology, Management Information System ,Enterprise Resource planning, and Networking System of Airtel Bangladesh. And for cooperating with us to successfully complete this report.

  • At last, we sincerely acknowledge our debt to, ASM Ashif ,our honorable faculty, for his valuable counseling towards the improvement of the project. Without his encouragement, this would have been impossible.

Objective of the Study

  • To know about the Information Technology of Airtel Bangladesh.

  • To know about the Management Information System of Airtel Bangladesh.

  • To know about the Enterprise Resource planning of Airtel Bangladesh.

  • To know about the Networking System of Airtel Bangladesh.

  • To know about the MIS reports of Airtel Bangladesh.

  • To know about the IT recourses of Airtel Bangladesh.

Company Profile

Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. is a GSM-based cellular operator in Bangladesh. Airtel is the sixth mobile phone carrier to enter the Bangladesh market, and originally launched commercial operations under the brand name "Warid Telecom" on May 10, 2007.Warid Telecom International LLC, an Abu dhabi based consortium, sold a majority 70% stake in the company to India''s Bharti Airtel Limited for US$300 million. Bharti Airtel Limited, commonly known as Airtel, is an Indian multinational telecommunications services company headquartered at New Delhi, India. It operates in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa and the Channel Islands. Airtel is the world's third largest mobile telecommunications company with over 261 million subscribers across 20 countries as of January 2013. Bharti Airtel Limited took management control of the Warid Telecom company and its board, and rebranded the company's services under its own airtel brand from December 20, 2010. The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission approved the deal on Jan 4, 2010. At present 800 employees are working in Airtel Bangladesh.

Organ gram

As Airtel Bangladesh is a private limited company, Head of Bangladesh Airtel is called CEO. All the divisional heads report to CEO except Audit head. Audit head report to central Audit Head. There are eleven separate departments for running organizational functions they are Finance, HR, IT, Engineering, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales, Admin, Logistics, Operation Excellence, CRM Department, and Audit. finance is a division under this division there are few departments. they are :

  • Accounts payables

  • Accounts receivables

  • Finance Budget and Planning

  • Revenue Assurance

  • Treasury

CEO is top level management. Assistant managers are middle level management. And Executive officers are the lower level management.

Christ Tobit is CEO.

Lutfor Rahman (CIO): head of IT

Abhay Seth (CSMO): For sales and marketing

Saad Ahmed (CTO): for technical/ engineering department

SK Muphopadhyay (CFO): Head of finance

Rubaba Dowla (CSO): head of CS

Sugato Halder (acting CHRO): Head of HR

And other are called divisional head.

Organ gram of Airtel Bangladesh

Management Information System in Airtel Bangladesh

In Airtel Bangladesh a separate IT department serves the whole organization. There is a Head of it department who control IT Team. Airtel Bangladesh is a multinational company. It has separate IT department for every region and one single IT department serves a particular region. It has a central IT division for Bangladesh. CIO is head of Department. Head of Operation, Head of Infrastructure, Head of project and budget, head of internal application report to CIO.

c:\users\nishe ahmed\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\kqr6spau\mp900442441[1].jpg

Finance Customer Service Audit Operation Logistics Admin sales & Marketing HR CRM Engineering


IT resource of Airtel Bangladesh

Airtal Bangladesh uses Very advance, world class and sophisticated Information system for increase their efficiency and effectiveness. So they have latest software, hardware and communication technology to support their sophisticated Information System.


IT Department of Airtel Bangladesh is running on Outsourcing model. They have outsources their IT applications to three world famous IT company: IBM, Avaya and COMVIVA.IBM is managing all the applications and infrastructure except call center application and VAS applications. Comviva is managing call center applications and VAS applications. Airtel is equipped with all state of the art applications including Oracle ERP, TABS CRM and billing system, Lotus Notes mailing system and many other applications. Airtel bangladesh uses Oracle ERP for their enterprise resource planning.

At a Glance:

  • Oracle ERP version 11i

  • TABS CRM and Billing system

  • Sales Tracking System

  • Lotus Notes as mailing system,

  • Microsoft• ® Office Suite

  • Maximo ticketing system

  • IBM DB2 data warehouse

  • Cognos Business Intelligence

  • Sales Commissioning system

  • Aricent Mediation System

  • Avaya call Center system

  • Comviva SMS gateway

  • Comviva charging gateway

Customization language used: Java, Dot(.)Net based applications are used.

As IBM, Comviva and Avaya are partner of Airtel, they develop maximum applications by themselves. In some case they purchased application from Oracle, Huawei, Aricent and others. Maximum reports come from Data Warehouse and BI application. This application is used for market analysis, month closing reporting etc.


Airtel Bangladesh uses desktops which are 60% Dell and 40% HP In their office. They also use Lenevo and HP laptops for working outside the office. In some cases, they also use windows based mobile for communicating with their sales partners and coordinating their works outside the office.

At a glance:

  • 750 desktops (60 percent Dell• and 40 percent HP)

  • 560 Lenevo and HP laptops

  • 260 windows based mobile

  • 360 HP brand Printers


Airtel Bangladesh has its own big Intranet System. All the offices of Airtel Bangladesh, Customer Service point and even all its distributors are also connected with this network/intranet. Using this network from all the branches and distributor houses people can access Airtel Applications securely and smoothly.

They use cable, Tower, Radio link, micro web, wi-fi, fiber optic For Communication. They have set up their own tower all over the Bangladesh to get uninterruptable communication system.

Task assigning- Airtel Bangladesh does not link with its employees through emails rather they use task assigning process. Task assignment software is a project or business management tool useful in multiple task management. It is a set of auxiliary tools that are intended to help project or business managers with progress tracking. Task assignment software can be divided into two types: single-user and multi-user.

Internet Service Provider: Mango for internet. Metronet for connectivity.

Backup System and disaster recovery

Airtel Bangladesh using the following backup and disaster recovery.

  • Airtel is using IBM and HP based backup system.

  • They have DR site at Chitagong.

  • Local drive

  • Mirror Server

Enterprise Resource Planning:

Enterprise resource planning system helps businesses become more flexible and productive by coordinating their business processes more closely and integrating groups of processes so they focus on efficient management of recourses and customer service. To integrate the activities of different functional departments a typical ERP system will use multiple components of computer software and hardware. The ERP system is run by the Oracle ERP version 11i in the Airtel Bangladesh. Under the ERP system the organization uses different software’s and hardwires for the different departments of the organization. The description of different software’s used by different departments is given below.

Human Recourse:

Oracle Applications for Human Resources enable Airtel Bangladesh to hire, train, and deploy, assess, motivate and reward its people more effectively than ever before, turning HR into a strategic-level function and key contributor to its success. By automating its administrative duties, providing self-service for non-HR professionals, and managing information more efficiently, HR professionals can devote their energy and creativity to delevering the maximum value for the organization's inveastment in people.

The Oracle HRMS application modules include:

  • OHR(Oracle Human Resources),

  • OP(Oracle Payroll),

  • OTA(Oracle Training Administration), and

  • OTM( Oracle Time Management).

  • Self Servive HR(SSHR)


The Oracle Financials enables Airtel to perform applications includes- General Ledger, Cash Management, Payables, Receivables, Fixed Assets, Treasury, Property Management, Financial Analyser and a self-service expenses function. Therefore Airtel Bangladesh uses modules like -

  • Account Payables(AP)

  • Account receivables(AR)

  • General Ledger(GL)

  • FA(Fixed Assets)

  • Cash Management(CM)

  • Bill Of Material (BIW)

  • Performance Management (PM)

  • Oracle Treasury (XTR )

  • FII - Financials Intelligence

Customer Service Management:

Oracle’s E-Business Suite family of Service Applications provides Airtel Bangladesh with true information-driven customer service. It enables Airtel Bangladesh to meet and exceed customer expectations by empowering them with information that is consistent, accurate, and actionable. Following Modules are used in Airtel Bangladesh:

  • BIX - Call Center Intelligence

  • CCT - Oracle Call Center and Telephony

  • CS - Oracle Service

  • CSC - Customer Care

  • ICX - Oracle Self-Service Web Applications

  • IEO - Call Center Technology

  • IEM - Oracle eMail Center

  • XNS - Oracle Service for Communication



The Oracle CRM (Customer relationship Management) is a set of applications that give Airtel Bangladesh information-driven sales, service, and marketing. Oracle CRM is built on an open, standards-based architecture that streamlines business processes, improves data quality, and allows all Airtel's key divisions to draw from the same source of data. With Oracle CRM , airtel bangladesh owns the single best tool for customer success—accurate information. Following modules are used:

  • ASG - Oracle CRM Gateway for Mobile Service

  • ASO - Oracle Order Capture

  • BIC - Customer Intelligence

  • OKS - Oracle Contracts Service Module

  • JTF - CRM Foundation

  • XNS - Oracle Service for Communications

  • JTS - Oracle CRM Self Service Administration

  • OKI - Oracle Contracts Intelligence

c:\users\user\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.word\crm.png http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/attachments/gadgets-computers-software/584689-airtel-broadband-fair-usage-fu-fraud-more-untitled2.jpg


With the Oracle Logistics module Airtel Bangladesh can plan, manage, and control the flow of product and services within its business. It enables to estimate future planning of demand . It can produce detailed, constraint-based service schedules and core business plans. For these purpose following modules are used:

  • RG - Application Report Generator

  • AMF - Oracle Fulfillment Services

  • BEN - Oracle Advanced Benefits

  • MRP - Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP

  • OPI - Operations Intelligence

Sales and marketing:

Sales and marketing department forecasts the demand of the various packages in the market and analysis the market conditions and analysis the competitor’s strength etc. the following modules are used by Airtel Bangladesh:

  • AMS - Oracle Marketing

  • AS - Oracle Sales

  • BIL - Sales Intelligence

  • BIM - Marketing Intelligence

  • IEC - Oracle Campaign Plus

  • XNC - Oracle Sales for Communications

Some MIS report of Airtel Bangladesh:

Revenue of Airtel Bangladesh in Last three Years

Here is a Sample job recruitment Flow Chart

Airtel posts the requirement of recruitment on the Internet

Reception of Application

Selection of CV

job vacancy

Unqualified Candidates

Incomplete candidates

Qualified Candidates


Yes No

Technical interview


Departmental head Yes No

HR interview/document verification

HR Head Yes No

Medical examination

Yes No

Offer letter

Send Personnel information to Employee database

Give additional training

Here is Sample Providing customer service Flow Chart:

Receive service request for package related information

Provide special offer & services

Information available?

Obtain customer information

and package related information

Route to best agent


Package database

Customer data base

Handling service request for package related information

Route to best agent

Information available?

service request for internet package activation


Obtain customer information

Solve the problem & activate package

Customer data base


Handling service request for internet package activation

Networking System of Airtel Bangladesh: Airtel Bangladesh has taken internet connection from Mango bd. They use cable, Tower, Radio link, micro web, wi-fi, fiber optic For Communication.. They follow BUS and Ring Topology as their internal networking.



Call Center Network Diagram for Airtel Bangladesh:


Some Important Points:

  • Airtel is using central ERP system which is connected to all its operation (Airtel has 17 operation all over the world). Sometimes some connectivity issues arise.

  • Airtel employee gets training from local as well as foreign IBM trainers. It’s a continuous process

  • Airtel is using a lot of application. Almost every year they are converting and migrating few of its application to upgraded version or to new platform.

  • They have recently upgrade their data warehouse and business intelligence application, They brought new mediation system and right now they are upgrading their CRM and billing system.













Airtel customer service center- Gulshan


Lutfor Rahman, Chief Information Officer, Airtel Bangladesh

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