Letter of Agreement between

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The Episcopal Diocese of Georgia

611 East Bay Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401 | 912.236.4279 | www.gaepiscopal.org

Letter of Agreement between

[Church name] &

The Reverend [Clergy name]
The Reverend [Clergy name] has been called to [_______Episcopal Church] as Rector [or Vicar, or Assistant to the Rector]. This agreement shall continue until dissolved by mutual consent of all parties or by arbitration and decision as provided by the relevant canons of the Diocese of Georgia and the Episcopal Church, USA. The Rector [or Vicar, or Assistant to the Rector] will be responsible for working with the laity of [_________ Episcopal Church] and the Bishop to build up the Body of Christ in this parish (or mission). He [or she] will be responsible to the Bishop for conformity with the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Episcopal Church.
As Rector [or Vicar, or Assistant to the Rector] he [or she] shall:

  1. Be competent in his [or her] preaching and teaching.

  2. Modify his [or her] leadership style to fit the current needs of the church; to match his [or her] leadership style to a group's competence for a task, its maturity in faith and practice, and its level of commitment.

  3. Nurture the church's life and ministry through an orthodox theology and a commitment to the core mission of the church, which is renewing people in their primary missional task and equipping them for their apostolate in the world.

  4. Demonstrate congruence between her [or his] belief and behavior, and between the public and private dimensions of life, while coping with the typical stages of a relationship between clergy and lay leaders.

  5. As a priest, understand and be comfortable with being both symbol and person.

  6. Have a disciplined spiritual life that includes: daily prayer and study of the Scriptures, regular continuing education, and the stewardship of personal health.

In addition to the responsibilities of a priest found in the ordination rite in the Book of Common Prayer, he [or she] will provide specific leadership in helping [__________ Episcopal Church] toward proclaiming the Gospel, serving the lost and left-out, and being excellent stewards of our gifts from God. Particularly around the following goals:

[Here are described any specific goals pertaining to the above responsibilities that need special mention as to the priest’s leadership role in this particular congregation.]
Times of Work and Leave

  1. Her [or his] work includes not only the ministries of this parish [or mission], but also ministry in the community, the Diocese and the wider church and world. Recognizing the irregular hours of church life, her [or his] scheduled week will consist of approximately 5 and ½ days. No more than three evenings/week are expected. She [or he] is expected to preserve one continuous 24-hour period each week solely for personal and family time.

  2. She [or he] will have the following periods of leave at full compensation: National Holidays (to be taken so as not to interfere with worship for major occasions). The following list is in accordance with the Federal Calendar: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

  3. Four weeks annual vacation including four Sundays. No days will be carried forward to succeeding years.

  4. Professional Development Leave (Continuing Education) at the rate of two weeks per year, including one Sunday.

  5. Two weeks per year of service to [_______Episcopal Church] for Sabbatical Leave, to be available after the third year, and a cumulative total of 12 weeks through the 6th year. Sabbatical arrangements shall be made in full consultation with the Vestry to insure benefits for both the parish [or mission] and priest. Compensation for each week of Sabbatical Leave taken will be the equivalent of one week’s salary plus church pension fund, health benefits and housing.

His [or her] monthly cash salary will be as shown on the attached Compensation Plan for [___Episcopal Church] based on guidelines in the Diocese of Georgia. Salary will be paid on the last day of each month. The Vestry will review his [or her] salary annually.

  1. The parish [or mission] will reimburse travel expenses at the current IRS standard rate. He [or she] will submit travel claims on a monthly basis.

  2. The parish [or mission] will reimburse other expenses related to his [her] ministry with the submission of appropriate receipts.

  3. The parish [or mission] will provide funds for his [or her] continuing education as provided in the attached Compensation Plan.

Discretionary Fund
In accordance with the Canons of the Episcopal Church, a discretionary fund is to be established, under the Rector’s [Vicar’s, or assistant to the Rector’s] sole control, from offerings made for that purpose. This fund will be audited each year with all the other funds of the parish [or mission].
Supplementary Compensation
The Rector [or Vicar or Assistant Rector] shall not charge fees for performing any rites of the Church (e.g. baptisms, marriages, funerals) for members of [________Episcopal Church]. She [or he] may, however, receive income from other sources, as approved by the Vestry, such as honoraria for professional services performed on personal time for persons or groups unrelated to the parish [or mission], or for sermons, books, or articles published outside the parish [or mission].

Mutual Ministry Review
The Rector [or Vicar] and Vestry will establish a regular and ongoing time of mutual reflection and review of their work and ministry together. Annually, they will engage in a disciplined and intentional Mutual Ministry Review using a form established by the Diocese of Georgia.
Diocesan Training Requirements

As a new priest to the Diocese of Georgia, the Rector will be provided a clergy coach. This coach will be for the benefit of the rector and his ministry and shall not report on the content of these coaching sessions in any way to others, including the Bishop and diocesan staff. Additionally, the rector commits to attending both the Conflict Management and EQ-HR training at Honey Creek within the first 24 months, with a gap at least a 12 month gap between the workshops. The rector agrees to start training through the Church Development Institute within the first 24 months (Starting CDI with a parish team within the first 3 years is also acceptable, as a parish team is preferred).

Use of Church Buildings
In addition to use and control of the Parish buildings for the discharge of the duties of the Rector's [or vicar’s] office, as provided by Canon Law, the Rector [or vicar] shall have the right to grant use of the buildings to individuals or groups from outside the Parish.
Other Agreements

(1) The parish [or mission] will pay all moving expenses. The Rector [or Vicar, or

Assistant to the Rector] is required to obtain three estimates for these expenses and present them to the Vestry.

(2) The Rector (or Vicar, or Assistant Rector] shall begin on ________________.

All pay and benefits shall become effective as of that time.

(3) This Letter of Agreement, signed by the Rector, Wardens, and the Bishop shall be

kept on file in the church office, with copies provided to all signees.

(4) In the event of the Rector’s [or Vicar’s, or Assistant to the Rector’s] death, [_____ Episcopal Church] agrees to continue to pay the cash salary and appropriate insurance benefits to the surviving dependents, if any, for a period of six months.

(5) This letter may be revised only by mutual agreement at the time of the annual ministry review, except that compensation and expenses shall be mutually agreed upon in a separate budget process in concurrence with Diocesan guidelines.


Rector (or Vicar, or Assistant to the Rector)


Senior Warden

_____________________________________ __________________

Bishop of Georgia Date

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