Lessons for Ft. Heileman and the Seminole Wars Lesson One Who’s Who?

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Lessons for Ft. Heileman and the Seminole Wars
Lesson One Who’s Who?
1. Go on-line to find information about the men who played a major role in the Second Seminole War:

A. Andrew Jackson

B. Zachary Taylor

C. Micanopy

D. Osceola

Answer these questions for each man listed above:

a. When was he born?

b. Where was he born?

c. What did he do in the Second Seminole War?

d. Did he do anything else important in his life?

e. Is anything named for him?

f. When did he die?

g. Where is he buried?
2. Take it a step further. Other men played important roles in the Second Seminole War. Answer the same questions as above for each of these men:

A. Martin Van Buren

B. Thomas S. Jessup

C. Duncan L. Clinch

D. Francis Dade

E. Alligator, a Seminole leader

F. Jumper, a Seminole leader

G. Billy Bowlegs

H. John Horse

Lesson Two: Where is it?
1. On the satellite map

a. put a check on the St. Johns River

b. circle Lake Okeechobee

c. draw a square showing the Everglades.

2. On the map of counties, circle the counties that have names in the story of the Seminole Wars.

a. Seminole

b. Osceola

c. Okeechobee

d. Glades

e. Dade (Miami-Dade)

Take it a step further.

1. Why is a county in south Florida named for Francis Dade?

2. What happened at the Battle of Lake Okeechobee?

3. Why did the Army chose Garey’s Ferry for the location of Ft. Heileman?

Lesson Three: When did it happen?

1. Below is a timeline of the Seminole War. Go to www.tampabayhistorycenter.org/semwars.htm and write a sentence about the event that happened on the dates written in red.

1815 1820 1825 1830 1835 1840 1845 1850 1855

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