Lesson Title Sherman’s March/Grant at Petersburg (Civil War 1864-1865) Teacher

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Lesson Reflection

(What went well in the lesson? What might you do differently the next time you teach it? Evaluate the success of the lesson)

The content narrative went well with the students. They seemed generally interested and asked interesting questions during the lesson (Why didn’t Lee attack Sherman? Why did Sherman never become President?) During the first extension activity, the students came up with some odd rules, which were immediately ruled out by other members of the class. A few had trouble with that portion, but seemed to understand and infer better as the activity went on. Students really enjoyed the musical portion. They seemed to make great inferences on the question prompts, did excellent when recalling the previous material referenced; and a few even said how they liked the song! I might try to find a better version of ‘John Brown’s Body’, the one I had was a little bluesy and didn’t draw the kids in like the song should; whereas the recording I found of ‘Dixie’ went over very well. Students seemed to enjoy the tail end of this lesson very much, and brought them back the next day excited to wrap up the story of the Civil War.

Materials Needed for Lesson

Lesson Materials and Handouts

See attached
Powerpoint - all slides included, use note in the lesson
PDFs - Lyrics Sheet, distribute separately from question sheet
Field Order - distribute and read with students

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