Lesson Title Sherman’s March/Grant at Petersburg (Civil War 1864-1865) Teacher

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Content Solidified

Instructor should go through the key concepts one more time. Ask students; why was Sherman’s victory in Atlanta important? What is total war? Why was Sherman so harsh towards South Carolina? Discuss one more time Sherman’s legacy as a hero or villain, and remind students of the feelings still had by Southerners over this pivotal moment in history.

Independent Practice

You Do”

Students will then be asked a simple question. “So, during these month long marches, what do you think people did all day?” Remind students of the average ages of most soldiers, how they were not much different from they themselves. When students get ‘stumped’ (as may happen) Ask students what they do when walking distances. Guide students towards listening/singing songs. Distribute copies of the lyrics sheet attached to this LP. Instructor should have a version of both ‘John Brown’s Body’ and ‘Dixie’s Land’ queued. Both sides in this war are represented here. Students will be asked first to listen to the lyrics as the instructor reads through them, then asked to listen to a rendition of the song. MAKE SURE your version matches the lyric sheet. Both these songs are available on the Ken Burns’ ‘Civil War’ OST, available through Spotify or iTunes. Students are asked if they would like to sing either in a chorus. It is not recommended to force students to sing, but can prove engaging for students to do so. Students will then answer a few short questions on the two songs, which highlight both previous material (JBB) and previous standards covered (Dixie). This serves to help students understand the people themselves who fought in the Civil War.

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