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Instructional Procedures

Instructional Procedures

Notes for Teacher

ENGAGE – Grievances against the Mexican government

NOTE: 1 Day = 50 minutes

Suggested Day 1 – 30 minutes

  1. Write the word grievance on the board. Students write a list of things that they associate with the word grievance.

  2. Facilitate a discussion based on student responses and clarify the definition for grievance in a historical context.

  1. Display the Texas Declaration of Independence and skim through it, noting grievances. (Students have studied the U.S. Declaration of Independence during Celebrate Freedom Week. The connection can be made between the grievances in the U.S. Declaration and the grievances in the Texas Declaration.)

  1. Organize students into groups of 3 or 4.

  1. Distribute to each group the Handout: Grievances.

  1. Write the definition of the word “grievance” on the board

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