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Third Grade

Social Studies

Unit: 12 Lesson: 02

Lesson Synopsis:

In this lesson students explore how involvement of the citizens can influence the democratic process.


History. The student understands how conflict between the American colonies and Great Britain led to American independence. The student is expected to:


Identify and analyze the causes and effects of events prior to and during the American Revolution, including the French and Indian Wars and the Boston Tea Party.


Identify the Founding Fathers and Patriot heroes, including John Adams, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Nathan Hale, Thomas Jefferson, the Sons of Liberty, and George Washington, and their motivations and contributions of during the revolutionary period.


Culture. The student understands the relationship between the arts and the times during which they were created. The student is expected to:


Identify significant examples of art, music, and literature from various periods in U.S. history such as the painting American Progress, "Yankee Doodle," and "Paul Revere's Ride."

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