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2/9/2016 – TUESDAY – Discuss the Principles of Government which include:

Discuss the Origins of American Government including:

  • the influences on American Government

Magna Carta vs. Constitution comparison activity

Lesson Wrap up

HW: Work on Constitution Packet
2/11/2016 – THURSDAY – Review previous lesson

Continue discussing the Origins of American Government including:

Begin analyzing the parts of the Declaration of Independence

Discuss Articles of Confederation v. the Constitution

VA Plan v. NJ Plan

Federalists v. Anti-Federalists

Lesson wrap up

HW: Work on Constitution Packet
2/15/2016 – MONDAY – ** Constitution Packet due today!!!

Review previous lesson

Student pairs will present their arguments assigned on

The previous lesson to help us discuss the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

& the purpose and outcomes of the Constitutional Convention

Discuss Federalists v. Anti-Federalists

Review the Six Basic Principles of the Constitution

& the Preamble

Overview of Articles I – III of Constitution (mix & match

Class activity)

Discuss the Checks & Balances (by adding to our mix &

Match activity)

Lesson wrap us

2/17/2016 – WEDNESDAY – Review previous lesson

Complete examples of the Check & Balances (if needed)

Overview of Articles IV – VII of Constitution

Discuss Formal amendment process by Conduct research on how the 27

Amendments were proposed & ratified & report research findings

Quiz on ALL of the Amendments to the Constitution

Discuss the informal amendment process

Assign groups to research info on the background &

Supreme Court decision for the following cases:

Marbury v. Madison, McCulloch v. Maryland,

Gibbons v. Ogden

Lesson Wrap up

2/19/2016 – FRIDAY – Review previous day’s lesson

Discuss the Constitutional basis of Federalism using

“the Powers”:

  • delegated powers

  • implied powers

  • inherent powers

  • concurrent powers

  • reserved powers

  • denied or prohibited powers

Discuss Federalism in Practice using Article IV & V

Discuss Advantages & Disadvantages to Federalism
2/23/2016 – TUESDAY – Discuss the Supremacy Clause

Marbury v. Madison presentation

McCulloch v. Maryland & Gibbons v. Ogden presentations

Research Federalism today by finding examples of:

  • Dual Federalism

  • Cooperative Federalism

  • New Federalism

  • Fiscal Federalism

2/25/2016 – THURSDAY – UNIT TEST – Constitutional Underpinnings

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