Lesson Plan: The Halifax Explosion of 1917

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Lesson Plan:
The Halifax Explosion of 1917

Grade Level:



Halifax Explosion


65-75 Minutes

Prior Knowledge Required:

Some basic prior knowledge about the history of Canada, specifically Nova Scotia, would be beneficial but not necessary. An understanding of the combatants in the First World War and the role of Nova Scotia in the war would also be helpful.


The purpose of this lesson is to get students to think critically about the past in terms of what they think they know. This lesson and activity aims to have students realize the value of investigating primary sources and formulating their own opinions based on their findings.

Learning Outcomes for Halifax Explosion Lesson


Develop a broader understanding of the Halifax Explosion and its impact on the surrounding communities.


Have a firm knowledge of the main participants involved such as:

1. The SS Mont Blanc

2. The SS Imo

3. Chief Examining Officer Frederick Evans Wyatt

Be able to critically analyze and understand key elements such as:

1. Sequencing of events in the harbour on the morning of the explosion

2.Basic Maritime Navigation laws of 1918

3. Testimonies of those involved given at the inquiry trial in 1917

4. How the explosion shaped and impacted the surrounding areas.

5. Understanding Nova Scotia’s, and by extension, Canada’s emergence onto the global stage through World War One and the Halifax Explosion.

Lesson Details

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