Lesson Plan: Fayette v. Take Two Context of the unit

Higher Order Thinking Questions

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Higher Order Thinking Questions:

  1. Are there limits to freedom of speech? (Evaluation)

  1. Should limits be placed on free speech? (Application, Synthesis in a mock case)

  1. Do limits on freedom of speech jeopardize democracy? (Evaluation)

  1. What rights or securities can be compromised by unabridged free speech? (Analysis)

  1. Should the government regulate, or should the citizenry “self-regulate” forms of free speech available in the marketplace? (Evaluation)

  1. Is there a point where government is obligated to regulate free speech in the public interest? (Application, Analysis)

  1. Should the majority forgo certain forms of free speech in order to protect the rights of a minority? (Evaluation)

  1. Can criminal acts be linked to free speech? (Evaluation)

  1. What First Amendment conflicts are posed by social networking? (Synthesis)

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