Lesson Plan: Fayette v. Take Two Context of the unit

Lesson Plan: Fayette v. Take Two

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Lesson Plan: Fayette v. Take Two

Student Handouts:

How Far does Free Speech Go?

Analyzing the First Amendment Via Current Events


1. Decision Writing Template

2. Mock Case “Brief”

3. Justice’s Notes Template

4. Ruling Guidelines

5. Some Sources and Cases

9 Wise Men and Women

Name___________________________ Per_____

Justice Antonin Scalia has decided to spend more time with his family in the remaining years of his life. He also doesn’t mind getting three times his pay as a part time legal consultant for a major TV network. President Obama has appointed you to fill his seat on the United States Supreme Court!!!! After some rocky confirmation hearings in the Senate, you were confirmed and are now ready to hear your first Constitutional case.

Your term in office:____________________________________

Your pay:____________________________________________

Constitutional Requirements needed to fill this position:____________________________

Constitutional Issue or Amendment in question:____________________________________

Your ruling: (In favor of plaintiff or defendant)____________________________________


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