Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

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Lesson Plan 5: T’Yow Fang Zi
Historical/Cultural Perspective: T’yow fang zi (tyow fahng zih), which means hopping house, is a Chinese form of hopscotch. Chinese children love playing games after school and on weekends. Many Chinese children do not have sisters or brothers, as families are encouraged to have only one child (great for discussion on family relationships). Children are considered to be very special because of this. In fact, the one billion Chinese people make up about one fifth of the world’s population. China is the third-largest country on Earth.
Objective: At least 2 students will play the game. SWBAT accurately draw and color a 2 x 4 grid on the ground. SW plays cooperatively, compare/contrast Chinese families having one child with American families having more than one child.
Materials: White and colored chalk, and a small stone for each player.
Procedure: Draw a large rectangle on the sidewalk or yard/playground. Divide it into 2 rows of 4 squares in each, for a total of eight squares. Write “Public House” in the upper left square, than number the rest from 7-1 going from left-to-right on the top row and going right to left on the bottom.

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