Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

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Evaluation: See attached rubric
Poor -1 Average-2 Above-3 Excellent-4



No Imagination Product is no more than a copy of the example(s) given and/or discussed in class

Some imagination evident in the use of elements and/or principles of design

Shows thought beyond technique, extends concepts presented in example(s)

Complete departure from example(s)- unique and innovative solution


Low creativity- No innovation in type or use of materials. No original subject-matter ideas

Did enough to demonstrate knowledge of concepts and nothing more

Coupled concepts from previous lessons. Evidence of some experimentation in technique/ materials.

Innovation demonstrated in selection and/or use of materials/ techniques. Unique composition. Evidence of original style.


Little or no effort- did not follow directions

Followed instructions to the letter- nothing above and beyond

Solution demonstrates risk

Solution is above and beyond expected outcomes- shows prodigious time/energy output


Messy use of materials/ improper use of materials. Random concern for technique

Materials used in appropriate manner

Product shows concern for presentation-orderly, neat

‘Polished’ solution. Clean, crisp lines. Impeccable attention to detail

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