Lesson Plan 1: Nine Men’s Morris Historical/Cultural Perspective

Evaluation: See attached Rubric Lesson Fifty-nine

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Evaluation: See attached Rubric
Lesson Fifty-nine- The Future of Games (Visual Arts, Computers, Science)

Objective: Students will explore cutting edge and proposed technological and scientific advancements and their impact on society by designing a ‘board game’ for the mid-twenty-first century.

Materials: several Monopoly games, assorted art materials, including scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, air-dried clay, tempera paint, large sheets of manila tag board, and an assortment of found object ‘junk’ such as toilet paper rolls, small plastic bottles etc.


  1. Students will research recent, cutting edge technological and scientific innovations such as virtual reality, cloning, and advancements in robotics and debate the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of their possible future impact on society.

  2. Students will play a game of Monopoly to reacquaint themselves with the rules and procedures for play, strategies employed and the design of the materials needed to play the game and its packaging.

  3. Working in pairs, students will design on paper a version of Monopoly incorporating the innovative advancements researched earlier.

  4. Using an assortment of art materials, teams will produce models of their invented games. Game must include simulation of technological innovations as if they were real, but also remain faithful to the original goals and objectives of the original Monopoly game.

  5. Teams will produce detailed rules and directions for play

  6. Teams will next design the ‘packaging’ of their game complete with the name of the game (Monopoly), name of the corporation that is producing it, a corporate logo, a short ‘blurb’ (advertising marketing pitch), information concerning the number of players and their age appropriateness and exciting visual display.

  7. Students will exchange games and critique each others work. Evaluation sheet is as follows:

    1. Are the directions clear and easy to follow?

Yes______ Somewhat______ Not Really_______ EXPLAIN

    1. Are the rules clear, comprehensive and fair?

Yes______ Somewhat______ Not Really______ EXPLAIN

    1. Is the game itself visually appealing?

Yes______ Somewhat______ Not Really______ EXPLAIN

    1. Is the game faithful to the original game of Monopoly?

Yes______ Somewhat______ Not Really______ EXPLAIN

    1. Does the game use the researched technologies in innovative and imaginative ways?

Yes______ Somewhat______ Not Really______ EXPLAIN
Overall score on a scale of one 1 – 10 with 10 being the highest- ______

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